The Knowledge Of Counting Is Wisdom

The Manalo’s have learned their lessons during the past nine decades the hard way. In the early history of politics in the Philippines, when the Republic was still young, and when politicians needed the support of as many groups as possible, Manalo claiming to have 4 million members, was the object of attention among those who were seeking for elective office, specifically during the elections in 1949. Then Senate President Jose Avelino, was the choice of Felix Manalo against then incumbent President Elpidio Quirino and former President Jose P. Laurel, whose presidencies did not please Manalo. Apparently, the Iglesia ni Cristo ni Manalo was not enjoying the support of the incumbent administration.

In an interview with the Philippine Free Press, Manalo firmly expressed his support for the rival of the former and incumbent Presidents respectively, even using censorable language against then President Quirino. But what was perceived to be a winning choice from an “alleged angel” from the Far East did not become a reality. Jose Avelino lost and Quirino won the presidency! Quirino got 1,803,808 votes while Avelino got only 419,890 votes with the INCM solid votes, from members (according to their claim) numbering to 4 million, when the entire Philippine population was only about 19,674,000.

Claiming to have 5 million members as early as 1966, (in their Pasugo, July 1966, p. 6, cited above) the choice of Manalo for the presidency lost in the May 11, 1992 elections. President Fidel V. Ramos won with 5,342,521 votes and Cojuangco, whom Manalo had chosen, got only 4,116,000 votes, inclusive of the votes of Catholics, Protestants and Cojuangco’s men in his vast business empire.

After the 1992 elections they have learned their lessons! Never again did they endorse a candidate months before the election. They would wait for the results of reliable surveys and three or two days before the elections, they would endorse the candidate who appears to be number one in the survey, to make it appear that, if the candidate wins, it was they who made him won.

Time and again, it was proven by facts and figures, that the claims of the Iglesia ni Cristo ni Manalo about the number of their members are lies!

President Noynoy Aquino (whom they endorsed less than a week before the election and is number one in the pre-election survey) won against his closest rival, former President Joseph Estrada, with a margin of 6 million votes, while his running mate for Vice President, Senator Mar Roxas (whom they also endorsed), was defeated by Mayor, now Vice President, Jejomar Binay, proving that it was not their votes who made President Noynoy to be the president of the Philippines!

Anybody wants to know the truth? A little arithmetic will help!

Revelation 13:18

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Knowing how to count is wisdom!

May the eyes of Philippine politicians see the truth.

God Bless the Philippines!

24 thoughts on “The Knowledge Of Counting Is Wisdom

  1. Mathematics is my favorite subject in school. But i never thought that it would be very helful in discerning the true religion from false one by just counting and analyzing. Only Bro. Eli do this sensible analization mathematically. Other religious denominations or non-believers may be many in numbers, but no one of them opened my eyes on this spiritual reality. I thank God for giving us Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel. To God be the glory always.

  2. In that case, a simple logic in arithmetic will undeniably refute the claim of the INCM regarding their solid vote.

    Apparently, they just ride on popularity of the candidates based on surveys. Thus, they do endorsements few days before the election to gain a credit for their own once the candidate will win. And then they will brainwash their members and politicians that because of their solid votes why these political aspirants have won. That is a dirty tactic!

    And it’s insane to believe the claim of INCM that their solid vote can win a presidentiable. Because if they can place a candidate into a government position, then they should have put Mar Roxas into being a Vice-President since they have endorsed him. Or all their endorsements should have won?! Are they the only voters in a Philippine election??? It’s darn to believe so!

    INCM couldn’t have a solid vote of 5 million. Perhaps, I rather believe that they have a solid number of “666” as they are candidates into hell for lying to the public and to their members about their real number of votes.

    • if all of the Pilipinos vote for Binay except INC, can Mar win? think of it.Though we are not for the candidates, we are for the unity which you don’t have.

      • @ rmanan : I don’t see any logical sense in your question.. Presumably, INC did not vote for Binay because Manalo endorsed Mar and as you claim that you have unity… The victory of Binay over Mar only proves that the solid vote of INC has actually no power to install a candidate into office.

  3. Wow.. a truly religious mafia. INCM has even darker secrets. I knew a story from my late grandfather who always told us the truth for he belongs to a well-known INC clan in Pampanga (contractors for kapilyas). He personally witnessed how cruel the Manalos are that’s why he excommunicated himself from the group despite his parent’s and siblings’ advice not do so. The members of this group are so fanatic that they are willing to die and to kill for their so-called angels without even knowing their real being. Poor member..

  4. now i see …. how the INCM is well-experienced in “dagdag bawas” tactics
    which are used in time of elections..
    how can we trust this religion who doesn’t even know how to count..

  5. I finally found a frank and real preacher in the person of Bro Eli Soriano, who was sent by GOd to reveal the truth of the Gospel and expose the deceptive and misleading teachings of false preacher claiming to be christians. In the time past, I reach to point where I almost lost hope, making up mind, that all religion are the same and without disparity, since all preachers are using the Bible as their method and reference of Instruction, but Thanks God, through his mercy, I was able to hear Bro Eli preaching in TV exposing all the corruption in religion, I was once blind but now enlightened listening to Bro Eli’s expos’e. I perceive & conclude that Bro Eli is a Man of God and a prophet

    • sad to say that his teachings are not biblical and just mystifying the teachings of INC. (i have some questions about ur org. can you pls. give me ur email add or if not i’ll give it first )

  6. I am from Tandang Sora, I still remeber 10 – 15yrs ago how the INC of manalo create traffic in t.sora after their ceremony….and for filipinos it is a big come on to see if you have the numbers…show of force.but only to realize that because the time and oend of their ceremony would always be in the rush hours where people from their offices and school would jam the street. and security groups of INCof manalo would go out on the street and stop the traffic to give favor to their fellow member…and T.Sora is a very narrow street…even if thats the case….before I left Philippines 2009, there would only be traffic jam if accidents occur or any other incidents but not anymore in INC of manalos grounds, but their security forces (scan) still go out of the street but no or less vehicles are coming out, and jeepneys dont bother to stop anymore because no one will ride anyway…(ask the quirino hway route drivers).

    Whe manalo died….they anticipated that members will flood the street that they have to close the street from about 1//8 miles from philcoa and 1/2 mile past Luzon ave. from the disneyland ( thats how residents of t.sora call it). creating a bottle neck to traffic. but reality its all blank spaces, and people that goes inside to view the body of manalo are not their members ( they are members of uzi – same people who came to see FPJ). whats Funny is that the press people of abs-cbn set up their crew and camera shots on the bottle neck of traffic to make it look like heavy traffic because of members flocking disneyland…but for us residents…its just an ordinary day, nothing special because we knew whats happening…

    We the residents of t.sora also knew what they did with the muslim residents in culiat ( muslim compound ) to grab their lands….good thing UP students and Human rights activist fought for them, and killings where stop ( i think). Did it reach the headlines…NO!!! but we the residents in the area know…..just sharing a glimpse of how it is to live beside disneyland…

    • Thanks Victor for sharing. Even their members are ashamed to show up when their manalo died. Why would they care anyway? Their deceased false preacher and his successor couldn’t care less for them as well.

  7. Its really noteworthy about the INC way of their claims and how they clout their members to vote for the choice of the above key relegious leaders – not a democaratic way in spirit being practice…

  8. I have been watching and listening to bro eli for atleat 5 to 6 years and i can say that he is only the one that opened up my eyes to the truth…..very comprehensive xa….but now that i find the truth with him di ako makapenetrate with them cause of some personal issues…i feel im not rightfull…gusto ko sya makausap in person i really badly needing a help …sana mabasa nya ito….my status kasi is confidential mahirap explain….sana makakuha ako ng positive response…bro eli!!!

  9. maybe INCM got surprised in the last automated election that’s why their announcement of members is just 4 million, while last 2007 election, it was 10million as they said. they failed to make certain politicians win the election, proving their numbers is not that much

  10. When God counted the stars in the beginning and named them one by one, He is showing us an example to account and to be accountable for the things around us. Be it material or spiritual.

    We count how many times we sinned; and we should stop sinning at the moment we realized we are doing it with intentions; for God will make us accountable for the latter.

    Psalm 147:4 (King James Version)

    4He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names.

    For there is wisdom in counting.

  11. May the peace and blessings of the Almighty be upo you Bro Eli, Bro Danie, KNPs/TPs, workers, brethrens in the Church, and fellow bloggers. We all know the deceit of the inc ni manalo in bloating their member’s list. We know that it is part of their money-making business where candidates dole amounts in the guise of religious contributions but which are actually “vote buying”; and of course to gain influence so that when a candidate wins, he is made to believe that it was through the inc ni manalo. Even in their own ranks, many members of the inc ni manalo no longer follow their leaders whom to vote.

    What we should do is to help Bro Eli and Bro Daniel expose the inc ni manalo lies and make the politicians and candidates understand the inc ni manalo lies. It is one way of eradicating corruption in the government long manipulated by the manalistas.

    Mabuhay and we always support and pray for you Bro Eli, Bro Daniel.

  12. you are rigth..members of iglesia ni manalo no longer follow thier leaders whom to happens again and again even in BGY ELECTION…candidate is proud becouse of endorsement of inc ni manalo where can be change at the last mins. becouse of big sums..they are good in arithmetic (inc ni manalo) when collecting money

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