In The Name Of Naming Names

Bro. Eli, Are there special names named by parents to their baby that has deep meaning from the Bible. Or does God instruct us what to name after the baby when we become parents to them? Peamifatie Dear Peamfatie, Human society now has gone so far from the original ways of the Creator. (Malachi […]

Limbo: A Catholic Invented Doctrine

Good afternoon, Bro. Eli, I’m a Catholic.  I just would like to be enlightened on what verse(s) in the Bible can you find the place where the soul of dead people go until such time that the day of judgment comes.  Is it true that if a person dies suddenly his/her soul still haunts the […]

Modern Knowledge in the Primitive Book of Real Brainy People

Marshall Brain’s (author of allegation that the Bible is full of anti-scientific nonsense is completely baseless and stupid. But we must not be surprised to find people like him who do not only doubt but, are denying the truth written in the Holy Book. The Bible tells us so. (Matthew 19:11) “But he said […]

Ignorant of His Own Ignorance

Dear William,   In your comment to my earlier post “The Church of God is Needed for Salvation,” you asserted without proof that it is not the physical body of Christ that delivered the Church. I am posting what you wrote in the red letters that follow: “THE SPIRIT IS THAT WHICH MAKES ALIVE, THE […]

This Is What Friends Are For

From: Ana Email: How can we maintain a friendship according to the bible?   Dear Ana, In this world, the only thing permanent is change (thus, the saying goes). Maintaining friendship with anybody entails a lot of guts, patience, and understanding. It is almost impossible to have a permanent friend in human society today. […]

Too Fast to Get Furious

Bro. Eli, I would like to ask how I can eliminate my attitude of being so furious and angry immediately whenever I encounter some difficulties. Kindly help me I know my actions are not acceptable but I can’t help it since I was a child.     From: Restlyn Email:     Dear Restlyn, […]

For Reasons Right or Wrong, Jesus Christ is Being Preached About

Another idiotic claim of Atheists is that Jesus is imaginary. They even say they can prove it in less than five minutes. Many a times, I have encountered people who lie and deny the truth. But this man is a gross liar, reckless, and therefore, brainless. There are people named Santos (a Spanish word for […]