Not Everything is Possible to God

God is God — cannot be more cannot be less. (James 1:17) Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. The Greek word used is ‘parallage’̄ which means transmutation or change. mutation mu·ta·tion [myoo táysh’n] (plural […]

The Truth is the Truth — if it is the Whole Truth

I have watched a segment of the famous “Oprah” talk show (see video below), and my curiosity and attention was caught when some of the audience seems to have ‘cornered’ the host when they insisted that the only way to heaven is through the Lord Jesus Christ. What they are saying is ‘a’ truth. (John […]

To A Beloved Brother in the Crusade Against False Prophets

Dear Brother Tim Kurek, In this dispensation, seldom can I find preachers or religious leaders with the same line of thinking as me. This happened during the time of Paul the Apostle. (Philippians 2:20-21) For I have no man likeminded, who will naturally care for your state. For all seek their own, not the things […]

Calling the Attention of the Princes of Fools

Recent news broad casted globally through international News Channels and the internet, highlighted, among others, the filing of a law suit against God by the longest-serving state senator of Nebraska, Ernie Chambers, seeking for an injunction that God stop “fearsome floods, horrendous hurricanes, terrifying tornadoes, and the likes.” Another is an infamous comment of a […]

The Truth… The Whole Truth… and Nothing but the Truth

It is seemingly impossible to unify or unite opinions and beliefs of people regarding almost every area of life. There are apparent evidences to prove this kind of disunity. Divisions, sectarianism, warring factions, are widespread all over the entire planet. The cause: (James 3:16, 15) For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and […]

The Dilemma of a Faithful Husband Who Is A Misled Child of God

Dear Bro. Eli, I’m one of the million followers of your popular radio and TV program for more than 15 years if I’m not mistaken. I’m a born again Christian for 19years on September 29 to be exact; and my wife, too, is a volunteer in the ‘tellering’ ministry; We are workers in one of […]

A Healthy and Wise Appetizer For My Readers

As I have said, my taste buds were also deceived. I want to open this topic with a confession, as an appetizer for my readers. The Apostle Paul sometimes also talks about himself. (2 Timothy 1:13) Who was before a blasphemer, and a persecutor, and injurious: but I obtained mercy, because I did it ignorantly […]