If I Were A Senator

A senator in my country formulates and proposes laws to be implemented by the executive department of the government.

If I were a senator, I would turn to the Bible in formulating laws for the amelioration of my poor and depressed countrymen.  The first law I would propose is for the provision of free access to all media for all candidates in an elective position in government.


Let me explain this in detail.

Corruption is the main cause of poverty in my country, which is formerly considered one (if not the) richest country in Southeast Asia.  In fact, the Philippines is the first country in that part of the world to have its own airline.

Philippine Airlines is the national airline of the Philippines. It is the first commercial airline in Asia and the oldest of those currently in operation. With its corporate headquarters in Makati City, Philippine Airlines flies both domestic and international flights. As of December 2006, it claims to serve twenty-one domestic airports and thirty-two foreign cities. Its main hub is Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport in the city of Parañaque with all its passenger flights involving Manila in Centennial Terminal 2. It has been awarded a 3-star rating by Skytrax.


The Philippines was the largest producer of rice, coconut, and copra in that region, and was the number one supplier of sugar in the USA sometime in the past.  From being a rich country, the Philippines is now internationally tagged as a country of domestic helpers.  Seventy percent of our people are living below the poverty line.  These are all because of corruption!

From being exporter to importer of grains

Twenty years ago, the Philippines was a net exporter of rice grains. During the Marcos administration, the country was still able to export a portion of its total produce while leaving the country with sufficient supply.


Although in the early 1980s the Philippines belonged to the top four world exporters of raw sugar, the country currently is not mentioned among the top ten. Before the crisis, the Philippine sugar industry was responsible for 8 per cent of the Country's total foreign exchange earnings. This percentage decreased to 1.4 per cent in 1984.


Corruption starts at election.

Before a scheduled election during the campaign period, a candidate or a politician seeks the help of people to pay for airtime in radio and television and spaces in the print media.  Persons, juridical or individual, with criminal minds, begin to influence the would-be official if elected.  Some look at this as an investment for a “monkey business.”

Even religious groups are participants in this malicious and vicious cycle of corruption.  Once elected, the official is expected to pay back the favor given in the form of cash or material considerations, or operations that advance one’s power.  The last includes influencing the members of a religious group to vote for the candidate in what is infamously called “bloc voting.” This, in turn, influences the elected official in matters of appointments and contracts which would benefit the religious group or its leaders. Imagine doing business with government without even the benefit of public bidding and a written contract!  This is very much like what surfaced very recently in the LTO (Land Transportation Office).

Inquirer Opinion/ Columns

Driver’s license printer has no contract with LTO

By Neal Cruz
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 22:58:00 09/23/2010

TRANSPORTATION SECRETARY JOSE “Ping” de Jesus did right in canceling the bidding, scheduled for today, for the production of new drivers’ licenses. The fact alone that the Land Transportation Office (LTO) seems in a hurry to bid out the project (to favored bidders, according to critics) is a giveaway.

There are many mysteries going on at the LTO and De Jesus should look closely into its affairs. For one, it appears that the LTO is the private preserve of the Iglesia ni Cristo. Most contracts are awarded by the LTO to members of the INC. In fact, the present LTO chief, Assistant Transportation Secretary Virgie Torres, is a well-known INC member. The owner of the present printer of drivers’ licenses, Amalgamated Motors Inc. (Ampi), is Filemon Cuevas, a senior member of the INC.

By virtue of this bloc-voting practice, an influential religious leader may call upon a sitting president (by phone) to influence the decision of a magistrate or a judge either to dismiss or to judge on a case in favor of them and to the detriment of an innocent litigant.

Exo. 23:8

And thou shalt take no gift: for the gift blindeth the wise, and perverteth the words of the righteous.

Many more forms and consequences of corruption follow.  The result?  According to a survey, THE MOST CORRUPT GOVERNMENT AND PRESIDENT IN ASIA.

GMA (Gloria Macapagal Arroyo) found most corrupt president
Palace says media is to blame for survey results

Malaya / December 12, 2007 / BY REGINA BENGCO

ALMOST one of two Filipinos believe that President is the “most corrupt (president) in the history of the Philippines,”

a survey conducted from Oct. 20 to 31 by Pulse Asia showed…

Making a law to give free airtime and spaces for a politician to present his platform of government to the public may reduce, if not eradicate, this root of corruption.

Television and radio stations earn in every sort of commercials.  It can be considered as truly a public service which is their “advertised advocacy” if they give candidates ample time to discuss issues and debate on them freely for the public to have a better choice of officials.  In fact, it is the constitutional right of the populace “to know”.  Minimize the expenses of a candidate and we are going to minimize also the ROI and the haste of greedy investors in an election!

20 thoughts on “If I Were A Senator

  1. This is a very informative and factual article. But, most importantly, a very helpful one, especially for Senators who are in their seats of power now. This could guide them.

    In aid of legislation, Bro. Eli correctly referred to the Bible as a source of knowledge in formulating laws. It is a reference that is considered perfect and time tested since the beginning of civilization.

    Indeed, many are really so thankful to God for having Bro. Eli, sharing his rare knowledge to all humanity. Keep up the good works!

    Many are just here to support you in their own little way. They are always looking up to you as AN INSPIRATION.

    Though, you don’t know them in person, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that, they are one in Spirit with you, and very much willing to help and support you in every way.

    Go on Bro. Eli, continue to spread the Words of God with all your might. God is there for you always. In fact, the Spirit of the Most High is manifest in your life and in your works.

    God bless you more and give you all the desires of your heart.

  2. First of all, I like this blog.

    On November 2, the US will held its interim election. Senators and Congressmen will be elected again. Some will win, others will lose.

    While in the Philippines the election is the start of fraud, in the US the election this year will show the true definition of Americanness.

    According to the author of this beautiful blog, while Obama is trying to reach out to everyone, from the blacks whom he honored, who helped build the White House to every citizens who can avail of the Health Care; on the other end of the rope here comes some Tea Party who is more inclined to be ethnic rather than civic minded citizens, who wanted to return America to their own league.
    They do not like Obama. He is not with in their meaning of Americanness.

    There is also Sarah Palin who defined the true American as those who are in the small towns as the real Americans.
    This coming election will show what is the real definition of Americanness.

    So far different from the Philippines. While the Americans are trying to define and redefine who they really are, the Filipinos are meek and mild, not to mention turning their backs in issues that need to be addressed, in selecting their political figures in the government.

    Graft and corruption become the culture of the country. What a shame!

    Thanks be to God.

  3. I think the senators can also say that they based their legislation. Remember the Preamble… we the sovereign Filipino people, imploring the aid of the almighty God…

    In fact, every senator in this country will declare that they are pro-God, and that they live their lives according to the tenets of the Bible.

    The former president have her pictures on daily papers showing that she is godly. It appeared even on tabloids that the solemnly prayed whenever she attended a mass.

    I wonder what are first five bills that Mr Soriano would sponsor if he were a senator? I think people are interested to know.

  4. simple idea but great in purpose of helping people in dumping corruption of officials in the trashcan. i wonder if those lawmakers have been taught of that. i guess not.

  5. “If I were a senator, I would turn to the Bible in formulating laws for the amelioration of my poor and depressed countrymen.” – Bro. Eli

    Bro. Eli hit the nail on its head with this well thought out article that should serve as a guide for current leadership not to repeat the mistakes of its unpopular and detested predecessor.

    If only that would be the case then a senator could effectively serve the purpose for which he is being elected and the Philippines would not be having “Indecent Political Affairs and Injustices to Remember”. http://www.scribd.com/doc/38075341/Indecent-Political-Affair-and-Injustices-to-Remember

  6. I agree! It will be much better if everything will be transparent to the entire nation. This is a good idea to eliminate corruption(s). I hope lawmakers will think about this very good and timely suggestion. It is high time to put an end to the arrogance of some self-believed, self-proclaimed and imposing religious leaders and their cahoots.

  7. They can do that if they want senate and congress, it’s gonna be a fare battle between the riches politician to the poorest öne.the problem is,the radio and TV station will do that they not? except one UHF CHANNEL and that was UNTV 37.

  8. I agree brother Eli.

    In our province (particularly in Bulacan) candidates for SK chairman do some vote buying. Some candidate gave 2000 Pesos per head! Some even offer an overnight with free accommodations on a resort. Wow! That’s a lot of money… imagine if this “SK Chairman” candidate won, someday he will be our Mayor… then Governor… then Senator… then President!… Hopeless… 😦

    I wonder how much is the salary of a Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman… whew!

    • Politics in our country does really harm the innocent minds of our youth. Imagine, at an early age they’re already trained to be corrupt.

      The sad thing too is that, it is no other than, but their parents whom they’ve seen what they’re doing.

      Graft and corruption is rooted in our country and I no longer agree with Dr. Jose Rizal that our children are the hope and the future of our country.

      Given this situation now, that even our very young children, if asked what will they be, when they get older and one said, “I want to be a Mayor.”

      When asked why he would choose to be a Mayor, he answered straightforwardly in this way, “because a Mayor has a lot of money.”

      With this kind of thinking, we can already picture what will it be like, to be the Filipinos of tomorrow.

  9. To God be the Glory once again. Brother Eli has a huge point when it comes to that proposition. Indeed, giving the candidates free airtime and space on TV/Radio/etc, would limit their expenses in campaigning. Having less expenses to pay, the money that they allotted for campaigning may be put into much better use, and besides, if they don’t suffer an early deficit only on campaigning, then they wouldn’t have to steal from the government right?

    Well, Amen to that.

  10. Bro Eli,

    I wish you’re one of a senator or much better if you could be a President.

    I don’t know how I can express my feeling and thoughts at all.

    I know it sounds weird, but one thing I know, I was blind, now I can see.

    John 9:25
    He answered and said, Whether he be a sinner or no, I know not: one thing I know, that, whereas I was blind, NOW I SEE.

    To God be the glory.

    • Amen to this: I was once blind, now I can see. In my moments of lax, I felt ashamed, for I have known the truth, yet, I stumble every now and then. I felt shamed to God and to our Ministers.

      In the world where I am, comfort is just an arm length, opportunity abounds and….I just pray to God to be with me always in my path towards eternity.

      Thanks be to God.

  11. The corruption in the Philippines is a tradition , but official never realized that what they corrupted will not add days to their lives , they cannot take it when they died , those officials will vanished in this world taking nothing . I oftenly smile and find a relief that in God`s time justice will prevail . No matter how rich you are in this world or how famous you are , you will return to dust !!! Whether youl ike it or not … Ha Ha ha !!!

  12. My wish is that where ever we are mcgi and our loveones may our LORD GOD will guide us all.
    Iam happy if some brilliant people can open by accidental in this website and ask bro.Eli.

  13. Verily, Bro. Eli is right. I share with him the same position on the issue of free access to media especially when the interest of the Filipino people is on the line. It will somehow keep the people on cue on which candidate has the most credible and sincere stand on how to fix various issues and help reduce the cost of their campaign operations to curb tendencies of stealing from public coffers. Or, there must be a sort of public financing in terms of cultivating public awareness on the respective political agenda of each candidate running for office.

    Therefore, if I were a senator or a congressman, I will introduce legislative measures that will require broadcast and print media outfits in accomodating ads of political candidates provided that these candidates have a clear outline of his or her platform for governance and a strong and well organized political party that will help ensure not only his bid for any public office but also prevent or reduce the intervention of “influence peddlers” like the Iglesia ni Manalo, CBCP, among others, in advancing their sinister agenda.

    We all know that the number one problem plaguing our country today is poverty. But the number cause that makes this social illness exist is CORRUPTION. And the number one source of this moral evil is the prevalence of FALSE PREACHERS, looming amidst all these social and economic crises. So, let’s deal with the roots. Let’s cut them out.

  14. Peace be with you Bro Eli, and all fellow bloggers. Your ideas and ways are all fair and just Bro Eli, yet the system should follow suit in the changes that you want to implement. Presently, if you were a senator, the more persecutions and injustices will done to you, and your followers.

    It will take maybe a miracle to overhaul the system, the bloc voting, padrino system, guns-gold-goons will not be eradicated just like that, The political dynasties, the corrupt politicians, and the leaders of the ‘fake’ churches will do all that they can to maintain their influence and hold on the increasing number of currupt government officials. Through deceit and lies, the inc ni manalo has infiltrated almost all government agencies (especially during the term of gloria arroyo), the3 executive, judiociary, and the legislative, calling the shots in delicate situations, always of course in their favor and in pursuance of their greed and personal enrichment ambitions.

    It is not a lost cause anyway, if really Bro Eli, you or any of teh brethrens will be a senator, it can signal the start of a just, fair, and honest governance, under the guidance of God Almighty. Yes, Bro Eli, with your biblical style of spreading God’ truth, there is plenty of hope in a senate that will help ignite the hunger for God’s truth, peace, and justice. We will pray for that reality, and work for it if need be in the very near future.


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