The Idea Behind The Doctrine Of Bloc Voting

The doctrine of voting in bloc for a politician is unique to the Iglesia ni Manalo. (Iglesia Ni Cristo is a misnomer for a group who do not believe in the deity of Christ.)

Fanatics who were misled by this false belief, vote as one, in fear of excommunication from the alleged one-and-only “true church” outside of which nobody will be saved.

This blatantly cruel judgment being passed to all people outside their church by Manalo and his cohorts is definitely not Biblical! The Manalo’s and his yes men have no right whatsoever to judge anybody outside of their church. Granting, (but not accepting) that their church is the true church, it is against the Bible to judge those who are outside.

I Corinthians 5:13 (Modern King James Version)

But God judges those who are outside. Therefore put out from you the evil one.

The Apostle Paul taught the true church in Corinth not to judge those who are outside but those who are in the church and do not live the Christian way of life.

I Corinthians 5:11-12 (Modern King James Version)

But now I have written to you not to associate intimately, if any man called a brother and is either a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such a one not to eat.

For what is it to me to also judge those who are outside? Do you not judge those who are inside?

Only God has the power to judge everyone, even those outside the true church! And God, by His grace and mercy, may save even people who have no faith or those outside the true church.

I Timothy 4:10

For therefore we both labor and suffer reproach, because we trust in the living God, who is the Savior of all men, especially of those that believe.

Especially of those that believe means there is a chance of salvation to those who were not able to believe because of circumstances not of their control.

II Peter 2:21

For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.

Romans 2:13-14

(For not the hearers of the law are just before God, but the doers of the law shall be justified.

For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves:

These verses sum up to one merciful conclusion: people who have not known the truth may be saved by God’s grace if they have done the good things contained in the law without the benefit of hearing it.

The doctrine of bloc voting is a subtle form of intimidation and coercion of this un-Christian church founded by Manalo and not by Christ! It is against the constitution of the Republic of the Philippines.


Section 261. Prohibited Acts. – The following shall be guilty of an election offense:

(d) Coercion of subordinates. –

(1) Any public officer, or any officer of any public or private corporation or association, or any head, superior, or administrator of any religious organization, or any employer or land-owner who coerces or intimidates or compels, or in any manner influence, directly or indirectly, any of his subordinates or members or parishioners or employees or house helpers, tenants, overseers, farm helpers, tillers, or lease holders to aid, campaign or vote for or against any candidate or any aspirant for the nomination or selection of candidates.

(2) Any public officer or any officer of any commercial, industrial, agricultural, economic or social enterprise or public or private corporation or association, or any head, superior or administrator of any religious organization, or any employer or landowner who dismisses or threatens to dismiss, punishes or threatens to punish be reducing his salary, wage or compensation, or by demotion, transfer, suspension, separation, excommunication, ejectment, or causing him annoyance in the performance of his job or in his membership, any subordinate member or affiliate, parishioner, employee or house helper, tenant, overseer, farm helper, tiller, or lease holder, for disobeying or not complying with any of the acts ordered by the former to aid, campaign or vote for or against any candidate, or any aspirant for the nomination or selection of candidates.

(e) Threats, intimidation, terrorism, use of fraudulent device or other forms of coercion. – Any person who, directly or indirectly, threatens, intimidates or actually causes, inflicts or produces any violence, injury, punishment, damage, loss or disadvantage upon any person or persons or that of the immediate members of his family, his honor or property, or uses any fraudulent device or scheme to compel or induce the registration or refraining from registration of any voter, or the participation in a campaign or refraining or desistance from any campaign, or the casting of any vote or omission to vote, or any promise of such registration, campaign, vote, or omission therefrom.

(f) Coercion of election officials and employees. – Any person who, directly or indirectly, threatens, intimidates, terrorizes or coerces any election official or employee in the performance of his election functions or duties.

Section 264. Penalties. – Any person found guilty of any election offense under this Code shall be punished with imprisonment of not less than one year but not more than six years and shall not be subject to probation. In addition, the guilty party shall be sentenced to suffer disqualification to hold public office and deprivation of the right of suffrage. If he is a foreigner, he shall be sentenced to deportation which shall be enforced after the prison term has been served. Any political party found guilty shall be sentenced to pay a fine of not less than ten thousand pesos, which shall be imposed upon such party after criminal action has been instituted in which their corresponding officials have been found guilty.

In case of prisoner or prisoners illegally released from any penitentiary or jail during the prohibited period as provided in Section 261, paragraph (n) of this Code, the director of prisons, provincial warden, keeper of the jail or prison, or persons who are required by law to keep said prisoner in their custody shall, if convicted by a competent court, be sentenced to suffer the penalty of prision mayor in its maximum period if the prisoner or prisoners so illegally released commit any act of intimidation, terrorism of interference in the election.

Any person found guilty of the offense of failure to register or failure to vote shall, upon conviction, be fined one hundred pesos. In addition, he shall suffer disqualification to run for public office in the next succeeding election following his conviction or be appointed to a public office for a period of one year following his conviction.

Their article of incorporation proves that their church was founded by Manalo and company, and not by Christ!

There is no doctrine that obliges any member of the true Christian church to vote for any politician. The doctrine of unity taught by Christ and the apostles does not include unity in giving your “yes” or support for people outside the true church, which according to Manalo are all destined to hell!

I Corinthians 1:10

Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.

They misinterpreted that the clause “in the same judgment” includes voting in a political exercise for a person outside their church who is of the devil, and if they will not vote for such person chosen by their leader, the member who disobeyed (who is supposed to go to heaven) will be excommunicated (thrown to hell) just because of someone who is destined to hell!

Coercion and intimidation by the leaders of the Iglesia ni Manalo is very evident in this Pasugo!  Members are “obliged” to vote as their leader wish!

This is certainly wrong because the unity in judgment being mentioned by the apostle Paul does not include earthly or worldly affairs.

Romans 12:2

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

II Timothy 2:3-4 (Modern King James Version)

Therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

No one who wars tangles with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who chose him to be a soldier.

But what had inspired Manalo and cohorts to formulate this un-Christian doctrine of using members’ votes to entice politicians to seek for his endorsement?

32 thoughts on “The Idea Behind The Doctrine Of Bloc Voting

  1. The Church of Manalo is using the words of God unrighteously.

    1Timothy 1:8 But we know that the law is good if a man uses it lawfully,

    Ministers of Manalo including Manalo is not worthy to be called ministers of Christ.

    1Timothy 1:7 desiring to be teachers of the law, neither understanding what they say nor that which they affirm.

  2. another perfect blog from sensible preacher of our time.

    maybe politicians learned their lessons already regarding win-win promises of INM.

    as what Bro. Eli said on his twitter after the May 2010 election, INM preferred to be playing-safe in choosing their endorsement…but still failed on vice-presidency. It also well-said in his blog, “Mathemamatics…” If they only knew how to count.

    I just hope members of INM open their eyes, if not totally blinded, and learned to accept this simple truth.

  3. Because of INC’s political wiliness during presidential election (by way of its mythical bloc-voting or swing vote that swings only to predetermined winner based on popular surveys), it has gained the notoriety of being the most influential religion in government other than the Roman Catholics.

    The highest respect afforded to them by every Philippine President serves as their license to trample upon the rights of its opponent especially of those religious detractors who do not subscribe to their unbiblical belief that Jesus Christ is not divine.

    The INC do not actually care about the law for they can be above the law if it so desired to use political blackmail as means to achieve its end which it usually does anyway. Unless the world learn to embrace the spiritual truth, the INC would continue taking advantage of the world. Totally worldly, wily and wicked… that phrase sums up the INC.

  4. Mr. Eli Soriano,
    You are a very brave man to speaks boldly against the false teachings of a very influential religious group iglesya ni cristo of the manalos.
    May God keep you safe always. Keep up the good works….

  5. This founder of this church which is felix manalo said he was the last messenger.And when he died his son eranio manalo took of his post and again said he is the last messenger. And again when eranio manalo died his son eduardo manalo took his post and claim he is the last messenger.You judge are they not after the money of their organization? Same as a dectator in the goverment they don’t want to lost power they want only wealth. And some of their member are not thinking they stay remain in that organization for what?
    They are not teaching their member to be a good christian beside they don’t allow them to read the Bible why ? because they maybe discover something that their founder knew nothing about the Bible.

  6. with regards to bloc voting, and the claim of the incm that they have over 6 Million member voters, i think that everyone should be informed that alagad party only garnered more or less 215 thousand votes.
    alagad party was included in the list of candidates the incm published that they will support with bloc voting.
    with this regards, they will need to excommunicate more or less 5.7M of their members or they are just lying about telling electoral candidates that they have 6M member voters.

  7. both INC of Manalo and Quiboloy claimed to have 6 million registered members… is it just coincidental that they both like the number 6? hehehe… 😀

    • nope, incm is very inconsistent about their numbers, sometimes they are 10 million, then 5, then 2 then 5 again… sigh… they did not even mention how many of those are not rejistered voters

    • And incidentally Old manuscripts says its 616 not 666 and 616 is accepted by most of modern bible scholars . Coincidence you decide {insert derisive laughter here}

      Probably the mods (Alvin M.) wont allow this post cause you modz love doing injustice anyway. Same happened to post ive made, on Eli’s injustice blog, coincidence again. Probably modz know how i have debunked the post of its fanatic members.

  8. Members of church of Manalo doesn,t really have unity in voting… The truth is, they are being forced by Manalo!!! that we can say is dictatorship!!! Hindi sila nagkakaisa, pinagkakaisahan sila!!!

    Bro. Eli taught us to vote according to what is written in the bible in JOB 34:4:

    “Let us choose for ourselves what is right, let us know among ourselves what is good”

    Therfore, God gave us individually the power to choose what is right.

  9. This is not actually a religious group if you analyze them by their activities.

    It is more of a fraternity with leanings on existentialism, using doctrines knitted together to cement their existence on earth.

    But many fools believe them! Poor people!

  10. What 6milion INC?

    Arlyn dela Cruz, a news reporter, has already started the myth that there are over 8million INC in 2009 yet!

    What’s her religion? Iglesia ni Cristo!

    What do they get out of their insisting on numbers?

    I think it is because they have included all unbelievers in their group, including those to be born yet. They have already pledged those.

  11. all the politician who believed that they won because of this bloc voting scheme become corrupt politician… hope they favor things accordingly.

  12. Truly that they’re dictating whom to vote . I was once a member of this religious MAFIA,they have a death squad that when you excommunicated w/h them and you speak the truth about their evil doings,you will be eliminated just what they have done to Bro.Marcos Mataro .

  13. the ADD has wrong interpretation in INCs or the bibles teachings. He connecting the teachings of INC to Soriano’s wrong interpretation, resulting the misinterpretation to the readers.

    • To rmanan,
      “misinterpretation”…? pls show the correct interpretation. go to you’re leader and solicit to them, see to it that it is correct….

  14. @rmanan: that’s easy to say. i can also say that manalo has no knowledge of the Bible at all. or that the teachings of manalo are against the doctrines of the Bible.
    it should be better if there’s a proof of the claim. for example, why don’t manalo, with his billions, start a program like “itanong mo kay manalo, biblia ang sasagot” so we can test his teachings by asking him live on television or internet? manalo is financially capable of starting one, so why not? then the answer is clear, he is not capable spiritually.. clearly, he doesn’t have any knowledge of the Bible at all.

    • ahaha. that’s one thing ive always observe to Mr. Soriano’s members. always comparing how preacher’s preach god’s words. Like this very funny comment^^

      I always see like this,

      “why dont manalo:”

      preach on t.v like our preacher does?
      have a site or blog like our preacher have?
      have a program in t.v like our preacher have?
      answers questions like our preacher does?

      and many more..

      that’s why i pity those members with this kind of philosophy.
      Its like they do not go school or attain even in grade school.

      Does an INTELLIGENT person would compare even such small thing,
      like comparing how preachers preach? or because other preachers dont do what their preacher does, means other preachers are FALSE and coward?


      ask to yourself.
      Go to school.

      • “ahaha. that’s one thing ive always observe to Mr. Soriano’s members. always comparing how preacher’s preach god’s words. Like this very funny comment^^”
        —yup, it’s funny how ignorant and stupid people seems to find it laughable at things they don’t comprehend.

        I always see like this, “why dont manalo:” preach on t.v like our preacher does? have a site or blog like our preacher have? have a program in t.v like our preacher have? answers questions like our preacher does? and many more..
        —so, why not?

        that’s why i pity those members with this kind of philosophy. Its like they do not go school or attain even in grade school.
        —keep your pity to yourself, you need it. seems your talking about yourself having attained something in school yet being so ignorant (i’m using the word ignorant, yet there is a preferred word for you, just not using it, you might lose your dignity — if you still have it though).

        Does an INTELLIGENT person would compare even such small thing,
        like comparing how preachers preach? or because other preachers dont do what their preacher does, means other preachers are FALSE and coward?
        —ok, time to wake you up from stupidity. trying to impose a rethorical question, yet ending up very idiotic. intelligent people really compare things. Ecc 7:27. i’m not saying i’m intelligent and all. i may have not been able to attain your degree. but wow! really, mind your reasoning, you’re quite littering your stupidy and ignorance.

        ask to yourself.
        —huh? why don’t you try it to yourself and ask, ‘are you on drugs or something?’

        Go to school.
        —i’m actually thinking of going to school, but seeing how stupid you became, i came to wonder what school you went. i need to avoid that. you need to study more. comparing your so called ‘intelligence’ to someone who did not study is such a laugh.

        —i really, really wanna describe your ‘ignorance’ or ‘stupidity’, but man, you might not be able to digest what i have to say.. i just have to impart what the archangel said in Jude 9..

      • even in grade school there are comparison,how could you identify big and small, good and bad, beautiful and ugly etc. if there are no comparison. Sad to say Bro.Eli is unique and because of uniqueness there are also comparison

  15. Even INC District Ministers criticized Manalo last May elections when he chose PNOY:

    FIFTY-FOUR Visayas and Mindanao district ministers of the Iglesia ni Cristo have called for a conscience vote over the recent anointment of LP standard bearer Noynoy Aquino.

    The move would break the bloc voting history of the Philippine church founded in 1914.

    Ministers from Southern Philippines will ask their members to vote according to their conscience and not the recently released list of politicians endorsed by the INC.

    A ranking minister representing the INC’s Conference of Southern Philippines said the church is split over the unfair decision of their leader. He said that had a consensus been done, Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo would have favored the candidacy of former Defense Minister Gilberto “Gobo” Teodoro instead.

    The INC is divided into 107 ecclesiastical districts that further subdivide into local congregations headed by church ministers.

    The Conference of Southern Philippines covers 1.2 million INC members in Visayas and Mindanao.

    Meanwhile, Central Luzon church elders from Tarlac, in particular, pointed out that the Aquinos have disapproved of Ka Erdie’s (late father of the present church head) vision of an INC chapel in Hacienda Luisita.

    A number of those killed and injured in the November 2004 Hacienda Luisita massacre were members of the Iglesia.

    The Campaigns & Images Group reports that as many as 54 district leaders of the INC support the candidacy of the ruling party’s presidential bet, Gibo Teodoro, but Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo had called for a bigger advisory assembly that diluted the impact of their position in reaching the final decision.

    • another ignorance.

      so funny. That news always makes me laugh, also because it is now one of ADD MEMBERS use to attack the church.

      One thing:
      If it really happens, im sure its a very, very big news HUH?
      why it isnt published large and major newpaper companies like inquirer and etc. or even news in t.v like abs cbn and etc?

      Small things the INC does, it is always a big news to media, so this very big issue/news, why didnt showed up to other newspapers? How can you find it a REALIABLE SOURCE if a big news like that only publish from that company?

      Hear about Richard G. vs. Pep issue?
      even a big online media had mistakes, by not verifying their source if the news were really true or not.

      My opinion:
      If it really happened, Goodbye division ministers!

  16. the source that was provided by the most recent Commentor of this blog simply shows how impartial and divided the said mafia religion is.its adherents are not that many.but it is indeed very astounding how most of the country’s renowned politicians become insanely subservient to its whims and caprices. hopefully,may the eyes of its fanatics be opened once and for all.

  17. Hey jp,

    By the way, im not the one you called “stupid and ignorant”, maybe you, members of Mr. Soriano’s founded organization, and Mr. Soriano himself.


    Its just makes me wonder as others and his members praise him as being intelligent and whatsoever, why such a simple fact he cannot speak?

    I just taught he is telling truths? and Facts?
    What kind of preacher is Mr. Soriano is?

    Im not surprised, because he doesnt even finished his studies!

    Why then an INTELLIGENT preacher lie by saying Iglesia ni Manalo/Iglesia ni Cristo ni Manalo and whatsoever, in the fact that there is no existed name of that church here on earth?

    The fact that what he mean is the Iglesia ni Cristo, why saying lies? Is the words Iglesia, ni, Cristo, hard to pronounce?

    Or proving that Mr. Soriano is really a liar, deceiver and the one you called “STUPID AND IGNORANT” especially it is clear under the sun that the name of the church was Iglesia ni Cristo and not what he and his followers created lies?

    No. jp, I PITY YOU.

    If Mr. Soriano reading this, please, your using the bible, and the name of God, PLEASE TELL SIMPLE TRUTHS AND FACTS!!!!!!!!!

    • OK then mr/ms/mrs GRADUATE. Since you have diverted the point of discussion into your stupidy and ignorance, well then let’s delve into that.

      “By the way, im not the one you called “stupid and ignorant”, maybe you, members of Mr. Soriano’s founded organization, and Mr. Soriano himself.”
      –> i’m definitely pertaining to you. you are just so stupid enough to realize it.

      “Its just makes me wonder as others and his members praise him as being intelligent and whatsoever, why such a simple fact he cannot speak?”
      –> and there’s more to your stupidity and ignorance. i didn’t know you are deaf too! anyway, since you are wondering, i guess you’ll be wondering all your life. maybe you can stop wondering if you read Romans 13:7, granting you can read too.

      I just taught he is telling truths? and Facts? What kind of preacher is Mr. Soriano is?
      –> you are some kind of retard blabbering something? you teach what? poor student of yours. hey why don’t you teach yourself first? oh, poor you, you don’t have anything good to teach yourself too. i bet if you listen closely, you’ll learn from Mr Soriano. oh yeah, you’re deaf too! where’d you graduate again?

      “Im not surprised, because he doesnt even finished his studies!”
      –> yup, and undergraduate whom the late manalo feared to face in a debate til his death. now that’s the surprise.

      “Why then an INTELLIGENT preacher… (blah blah blah)”
      –> granting without accepting that you really have the capacity to think and understand, if you really think about it, Mr Soriano is speaking the truth. It truly is a blasphemy to the Lord Jesus Christ to use His Name in place of the church of manalo. You see (granting you can), it is indicated in the registration of manalo’s church, that it’s a sole corporation under manalo’s name. and as such, he is truly the owner. any establishment, and profit pertaining his organization is in his ownership.
      one more reason is that, manalo’s church is also a den of murderers (like those that took place in their chapel grounds where they tortured 5 students and dump to the Pasig river {supreme court annotation}, also the news last year that a whole family being butchered in their own chapel grounds… not to mention their brutality to other people not of their members like those in newspapers showing a police officer being beaten, also a man decapitated and roasted by 3 iglesia ni manalo members, someone being gunned down by a inm minister who cannot answer a question from the victim, etc)… so iglesia ni manalo being called Iglesia Ni Cristo is a blasphemy. (one of the meaning of blasphemy is “lie” in case you don’t know mr/ms/mrs graduate)
      and you, with your high education, have been deceived co’z you didn’t know what was written in Romans 1:25.

      “No. jp, I PITY YOU.”
      –> granting you do have pity, save it for yourself. i already got the pity of someone much greater, understandable and sensible than a stupid graduate like you.

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