The Claim that There is No God is an Escape from All Realities (Part 2)

Although there are hidden and camouflaged evil in every society, it is generally the norm in human society to condemn evil. The teachings of God in the bible are against all evil. To deny the existence of God is to favor evil. The slogan “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life” implies that there is a struggle deep inside the heart of the formulators of such a slogan.  However they are trying to shrug it off, because they want to find a way of escape from feeling guilty in their heart due to all the evil they are doing.

(ROMANS 2:15) Which show the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another;) (KJV)

The formulators of such slogans are trying to escape all these realities because they are not real people:

1. The reality that there is a Creator of everything that exist;

(ACTS 17:24) God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands; (KJV)

2. The reality that everything that exists was planned and created for a purpose. (The harmony in the natural and physical universe cannot logically be the product of an accident or a Big Bang)

(ROMANS 1:19) Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath showed it unto them. (KJV)

(ROMANS 1:20) For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: (KJV)

(JOB 34:13) Who has given the earth as a deposit with Him? Or who has set the whole world in order? (MKJV)

(PROVERBS 8:29) when he assigned to the sea its limit, so that the waters might not transgress his command, when he marked out the foundations of the earth, (RSV)

3. The reality that the Bible speaks of scientific truth even before they were discovered by human science because such declaration came from an existing God.

(ISAIAH 40:22) It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in: (KJV)

(JOB 26:7) He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing. (KJV)

4. The reality that present-day happenings were predicted in the bible thousands and hundreds of years ago before by an existing God.

(ISAIAH 46:9) Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me, (KJV)

(ISAIAH 46:10) Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure: (KJV)

(MATTHEW 24:3) And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world? (KJV)

(MATTHEW 24:4) And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. (KJV)

(MATTHEW 24:5) For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. (KJV)

(MATTHEW 24:6) And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. (KJV)

(MATTHEW 24:7) For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. (KJV)

(MATTHEW 24:8) All these are the beginning of sorrows. (KJV)

5. And, the reality of their very existence that the prophecy of the coming of “scoffers” is being fulfilled in their person!

(II PETER 3:3) Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, (KJV)

Throughout the history of man, those who believed and served God with all their hearts were the greatest men that this world had ever seen. They were the best public servants, the best heroes, the best mentors, the best leaders, and the best neighbors — NONE OF THESE BEST MEN IS AN ATHEIST!

98 thoughts on “The Claim that There is No God is an Escape from All Realities (Part 2)

    • To Danny: If you believed that God doesn’t exist, then who created mankind or anything in this world or the universe.? Although I have not seen God, I knnew He created me by listening to Bro. Eli’s explanation about God from the Holy Bible. If you don’t believed that God created you, then who? Satan? Animals? Plants? Bacteria? Galing ka ba sa unggoy? Anak ba ng aso? Anak ka ba ng bacteria or virus? I am sure the baby in the picture was not a son or daughter of an animal kasi mukhang tao siya,

      • To Leo : Do you go to school? If you do then do you know the subject science and logic? Maybe you don’t know the theory of evolution. Sad to know that most of the people in the Philippines are clinging into the false promises and exaggerated claims of religion. These people threw away their capability of critical thinking or maybe they didn’t even have the capability in the first place.

      • Stop acting like a dumbass shit! It’s quite clear that people like you, Danny, doesn’t know anything about evolution or any scientific facts. I’m sure that you don’t know anything about the fifteen billion year expansion of the universe from its initial particle soup moments following the big bang through to molecule coalescion, galaxy and planetary formation and eventually life. The only thing that you’re good at, is listening to those people who are PRETENDING to know what is real, and what is fiction.

    • if you want to know the truth pls ask only.or just not making an argument without basis this site only for listeners not making scoof

  1. I have nothing more to say… words I can’t express deep in my heart is overwhelming!!! I thank God because there is still a man like you, an honest man guided by the Holy Spirit in these perilous times were we can gain wisdom, hope, and deepening our faith in God. Above all this is showing us the existence and real meaning of Love!
    Bro. Eli miss na po namin kayo, mula po dito sa Pampanga. Long live and good health to you Bro. Eli!!!

  2. AMEN.
    There is God and that is the truth. It is written in the Bible as what Bro. Eli Soriano taught us. WE SHOULD LIVE IN REALITY, IF THERE IS NO GOD HOW CAN BE SOMEONE LIKE YOU EXISTING?..
    What Bro Eli has read in the Bible is true.
    No one could escape that reality..
    Indeed, Bro. Eli is only preacher in our time who can open our eyes in the words of God.
    Thanks be to God!!!!

  3. NONE OF THESE BEST MEN IS AN ATHEIST-This is for you Danny!

    Bro Eli had already shown many evidences that these people (atheist) according to the bible in Romans 1:28-32:

    “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:
    Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.”(see Part 1 of this blog of Bro Eli)

    See? Once, these people believed that there is God but they did not like to retain God in their knowledge.. thats why they do such things w/c are wicked in the eyes of the Lord, they do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder and so on…..

    ….and they become haters of God, see?

    I suggest to Danny who first posted his comment in this new blog of Bro Eli to read this passage in the bible.

    Rev 3:18 Therefore, I advise you to buy from me gold purified in fire so that you may be rich, white clothes to wear so that you may keep the shame of your nakedness from showing, and ointment to put on your eyes so that you may see.

    Good Day Everyone! Thanks God he sent a man like no body but a wiseman Bro Eli

  4. To Danny,

    When you wake up, kindly read this:

    I’m convinced that you’re sleeping because you didn’t see the glaring arguments Bro. Eli presented here.

    And by the way, what is so bad about a sermon? Possibly, when you used to have a religion, all your preacher did was to claim and claim things in his sermon and not have any good arguments in it. But if so, then the more you should be able to recognize a good argument and a good sermon when you see one? Shouldn’t you?

    I pray that you will wake up one day, biblically speaking.

  5. Basic Arguments:

    1. How awful and despicable to know that mountains, rock and crocodiles are far more intelligent and realistic than most atheists as the former know and even worship God.

    2. How pathetic the atheistic belief is which historically stem from God-exists doctrine.

    3. If there is no God there could absolutely no atheist.

    4. They’re just saying that there probably is no God which could statiscally lead to the existence of God while We say absolutely there is God.

    5. Atheists comprise only of 30% while monotheists are 70%. 70% could never be wrong.

    • @Roberto

      I’ll comment with your basic arguments:

      1. Do you honestly believe that the crocodiles are more intelligent than humans? Did you see any crocodiles/rocks/mountains worship your God lately?

      2. Atheist did not stem from God-Exist doctrine. We all started as atheist when we were kids/babies until your mama told you about jesus. At some point in your life you don’t know/believe anything about your religion. Then, you’re an atheist back then are you not?

      3. If there is no God, if there is no religion, then WE are ALL atheist. Coz we don’t believe there is. Right?

      4. “There is probably no God” is different to “There is probably a God”. The former most likely leads to “There is no God”.

      5. Not because the majority believes an idea makes it true. Long ago, most people (99%) believes that the Earth is flat until Magellan circled the globe. Long ago, the majority laughs at Gallileo when he said the Sun is the center on the Solar System not the Earth.

      They are so wrong now.

  6. Nominal “christians” only listen to what they like and to whom they like.

    They are neither here nor there.

    They will just moon walk – pick up gingerly what suits them.

    How will you know who do this? Through the many reasonings of why the refuse the counsel of the wise.

    In short, they give one word to shut up talk: they want their ears tickled with proclaimed liberty to sin.

  7. I also thought for a moment that he will post arguments based on reason and logic and facts. What he [Bro. Eli] have are just quotes from an antiquated book and ‘faith’ [no offense meant].

    Now let’s see:
    1.) 1. The reality that there is a Creator of everything that exist; :
    Reality? You have not proved that this Creator exist. Establish first that a Creator exist.

    ‘Everything’ that exist was planned and created for a purpose. That includes your God. What is God’s purpose? Who created God? If no one created God then he cant exist [accdg. to your premise].

    2.The reality that everything that exists was planned and created for a purpose. (The harmony in the natural and physical universe cannot logically be the product of an accident or a Big Bang) :
    So how do you think the universe came into being? Genesis? Btw, there are two creation stories in the Genesis. W/c one is it? The Genesis myth is not based on critical thinking. It was not a result of experiments, critical thinking, observation. Magic lang. Right? And other religion also have their own creation stories. And the believers of these religions also have ‘faith’. Can we conclude that their creation stories are true? W/c stories are true?

    3.The reality that the Bible speaks of scientific truth even before they were discovered by human science because such declaration came from an existing God. :
    Is the earth flat? According to the bible, the earth is flat. Also, lahat ba ng insects lumilipad? How about Genesis 1: how can the plants grow without the sun? [hmm magic again]

    4.The reality that present-day happenings were predicted in the bible thousands and hundreds of years ago before by an existing God. :
    Did the bible predicted the viruses? Internet? Dinosaurs? These ‘prophecies’ are very vague.

    5.And, the reality of their very existence that the prophecy of the coming of “scoffers” is being fulfilled in their person! :
    Again vague prophecies.

    @The last paragraph:
    What about the Crusades? 9/11? They were also men of God right? and also look at the corrupt politicians we have today.

    Thank You

    • Jobogok,…you deceived yourself….GOD is the Creator and not created….HE is existed that is why you exist….without HIM you are nothing jobogok……

  8. @Danny, the first commenter:

    The title of this blog post is clear: THE CLAIM THAT THERE IS NO GOD IS AN ESCAPE FROM ALL REALITIES

    The subject is clear. What makes a trash talker like you to think that this article will cover all the anti-atheists arguments? Maybe it’s time for you to wake up and do a google search for the subject matter that you want. Or search this blog site or visit

    I don’t blame you if your reading comprehension has been ruined, or if you lack sound judgement. You’re an atheist right?

  9. @Danny and all the atheists

    I do believe that you are not using mind to think. Did you even bother to read and understand the posts?

    I agree with ADDherent, nagtutulug-tulugan ka lang… We are sorry for that…

  10. @Jerry:
    Do you even know the meaning of reality? Can you identify reality from fantasy?

    Also do you still believe we came from Adan and Eve? If you do, then its time to update yourself to Science. [Not Creation Science or Pseudoscience eh coz they are not real science].

  11. what about a sermon if there you will be enlightened..i pity mr.danny for his comments, sorry but i cant call it a reasoning, but i a mere full doubts and arguments on what they believes.
    I just see doubt in their hearts, and they do not want to believe anything but their own lies.
    Until now, there are lots of questioning in their minds because they have harden their hearts and do evil things.

    I thank God that nobody does this explanation but by a faithful and ardent man in the person of Bro.Eli Soriano…

  12. To Danny ( The first comment post aboveherein )
    ” Yawn, wake me up when you actually provide arguments. All I see is a sermon. ”

    Sermon and arguments is almost the same. It’s actually, you cannot resist to reply all the arguments post by Bro. Eli. For your information, in the battle between believers and non-believers, you must lay down your best arguments. To convince wise people. ANd for such that kind of argument of yours is the fact that you are guilty not to resist anymore replies against very wise argument of bro. eli.

  13. to jobo,
    all atheist ended up asking questions, they still dont accept the fact that everything in this world, especially all the creations, are being created by ONE who is Powerful and Intelligent Creator, and that is God. You believe in things which is seen, because of your ‘to see is to believe’ philosophy, and you will only believe if it is being explained by science or any other situations resulting from experiments, critical thinking, observation. But, the fact that the science only study the principles and intelligence of such existed creation proves that the intelligence of the Creator is first laid down before the intelligence of man, and the gap of mans intelligence is very far, far away from God. Have you seen an airplane? of course you do, but don’t you know that the principle of an airplane is being copied by man from a bird? When they study the principle of the bird on how it flies, then later on they invented airplane. How about cameras? Don’t you know that the principle of how the camera is working is being copied again by man on one of God’s creation, and that is from our eyes?? And such many other things where I cannot laid down one by one. So, if you use your logical mind, you can say that EVEN BEFORE MAN, THERE IS AN EXISTING INTELLIGENCE IN ALL THE CREATIONS WHEREIN MAN DISCOVERED ONLY WHEN THEY STUDY, AND I WOULD SAY, THERE ARE THINGS THAT MAN COULDN’T EXPLAIN. And all the atheist out there, I’ll ask you, is this only a mere co-incidence? Or a product of accident? Or it is safe to conclude that there is someone out there who is Powerful and Very far Intelligent than man? Is the existence of sun an accident? Wherein if there is no sun, then we will die because we need the heat of it, right? Is the creator of the sun think of it already even before man exists? Is the existence of air an accident? Or probably the creator of the air thought that man needs air in order to live? Look at your teeth, whats the purpose of that, it will grind the food that you eat so that when it enters your stomach, it will be easily digested, right? Will it be beneficial for man? Of course. And that is through the explanation of science. IS THESE ACCIDENT?? OR BEING PLANNED BY A VERY INTELLIGENT ARCHITECT? PLEASE ANSWER WITH YOUR CONSCIENCE. They just discovered the importance and usefulness of such creations if they only study. That is man, we are only a student, and we only study, HOW WOULD A STUDENT BE INTELLIGENT THAN THE TEACHER?? IF MAN IS THE TEACHER, THEN HE WILL NOT STUDY BECAUSE HE KNOWS ALL THINGS, BUT, THE FACT REMAINS THAT EVEN A SINGLE STRAND OF HAIR, MAN HAS NO ABILITY TO CREATE. Atheist are intelligent (earthly intelligence) but I wish that your principle not only ended up asking, why is this? Why is that? But I pity to all of you, that the questions you have made in your heart, drives you to conclude that there is no God. That is illogical. You might ask, If there is a God, why don’t I see Him so I’ll believe? Then I’ll ask you, do you really want to look for an answer? If yes, then you can ask why we don’t see Him, or study His will. It is illogical to judge first or conclude, you must first ask. ITANONG MO KAY SORIANO!! Then after you ask, and when you seem that believing in God is not illogical.. Then you are on your right mind with a right principle, not living in hypocrisy and rebellious heart that often questions the integrity of THE MAKER.

  14. Faith is not being exempted in believing in God, atheist have no faith (good faith). They rely on things which are seen, if you shown to them what they want to see, then that is, for them, a valid proof/evidence that God exists. But, there are things in this world which we must use our faith in order to believe. There are things unseen but you are forced to believe. And there are things that man cannot make, and man cannot reached by his knowledge. The atheist character is like a child that questions his parents even to the things that beyond his boundary or beyond his level, and he will believe if it will explained totally, else, he will not believe. But, a loving parent to his child doesn’t explain all things to his child because it is not of his capacity or maybe it will harm his child. If God explains to you all of these things, do you think you could input these in your little tiny head? It’s part of God’s love not to explain all because first of all, man CANNOT understand totally every little detail of His creation, BUT ONE THING IS FOR SURE AND CAN BE FELT AND UNDERSTOOD BY MAN’S CONSCIENCE, THAT ALMIGHTY CREATOR EXISTS, Is it necessary for Him to explain to you face to face for you to believe? Then if this is so, faith doesn’t exist because you already see Him. I’ll tell you a simple example, in what way do you like to believe that you have a father? By just standing at your front? Is that all? Or you would like to believe that you have a father because of his responsible works for you? Sometimes, a man cannot accept his father because of his devilish act toward his son, he doesn’t believe that he has a father. Observe yourself, on how He created you, YOUR FACULTIES ARE THE SAME AS MINE EVEN THOUGH WE DON’T MEET, WHICH MEANS THAT THE IDEA ON HOW YOU ARE CREATED IS THE SAME AS MINE, IS IT SAFER TO CONCLUDE THAT WE HAVE ONE CREATOR?? And by studying your body, you will discover one by one how God love man by HIS WORKS. What God wants for us is to believe in His works rather than seeing Him, and that’s faith, believing in what you never literally see. But… but…. We can see Him time comes. God teaches us in every aspect of life. The proof that He exists, lies, I believe, in your conscience, and in your humble observation, don’t fool yourselves atheist!!
    To bro Eli, we miss you very much!! May God take good care of you….!

  15. thanks for enlightening us with your God-given wisdom, bro. eli… few in this world can understand you because not everyone was given that gift… more power, bro. eli… may you be blessed more by the Lord above…

  16. Speaking of evidence and arguments, has anyone ever wondered…

    At the end of the day, why do atheists talk about God so much? I thought he doesn’t exist.

    -(Correct one, pls. delete all the rest, also this part)-

  17. Faith is not evidence @ Jun Paras

    Oh and we don’t talk about god everytime @ Thorvald. In my case, I give more time thinking of things that affects my objective realities like society and politics. When it comes to abstract ideas, I prefer philosophy over theology.

    Have a nice day everyone.

    John the Atheist

    • What has your philosophy, as you preferred, have to logically justify about human compassion then? Can it even justify it? GIVE SOLID AND CONVINCING ARGUMENTS AND NOT JUST BRAG HERE. I CHALLENGE YOU!

  18. Pinoy atheist? Anyway, atheism is another -ism invented by men to dissolve the truth which is borne by christianism (the christian doctrine). Atheists ostentatiously display about their so-called “scientific” knowledge. In fact, they require the christians “objective” evidence. Why should I or the brethren provide these “fools” objective evidence when we are the subject of their “mockery”? The wish of one of their atheistic comedian was granted already but not according to what he proposed. Sabi panga niya, “if there is a God… blah, blah, blah, RIP NA KASI SYA. “And another man among them already commented regarding bro. eli’s comments on Richard Dawkins.

    Mga kapatid at kapanalig, kahit enemies of faith, pakitingin:

  19. to john the atheist:

    did you fully comprehend mr. jun paras’ comments? what evidence do you want? physical evidence? do you want us to provide you a photo picture of God Almighty smiling at you? on that case we cannot provide you one.

  20. Entonces27- The root word “ism” is not made to dissolve the truth which is borne by christianism (christian-ism?). Anyway, ism just means “a believer of a certain…whatever”. The ism in atheism doesn’t signify “a belief of”…the important word in atheism is the prefix “a” which means “without”.

    An atheist (or in your word “the fool”) doesn’t require believers (or theists) an objective evidence. Remember there is such a thing known as direct and inderrect evidence. What we expect from a believer like you are…logical and rational facts that you can present.

    Again, faith is not an evidence (direct or inderect) it is an assumption.

    Oh…I think Prof. Dawkins is too busy on his schedule to even comment on Eliseo’s rants. Prof. Dawkin is a very busy man.

    To dimitri
    Mr. Paras’ comments? What’s it all about? Ahhhh the airplane and intelligent design. Hmmmmmm…conscience? The concept of concience is too relative to become a proof of the existence of a singular god. Culture dictates conscience.

    Now the idea of a disembodied mind is cool…if you’re into science fiction. But unfortunately, no believer can still prove the existence of a mind independent with a material brain.

    Do you want to give me a picture of god? You can’t take a picture of something that doesn’t exist.

    Have a nice day.

    John the Atheist

    P.S. In case this wan’t post, I already place your comments and my answers in my blog.


  21. What Bro. Eli wrote in the article proves the authenticity of the Bible as the basis to believe that there is God. Statements written in the Bible can be proven true by science, history, logic and physical evidences as well. How stubborn are those who resist to believe that there is God.

  22. @pinoy atheist,
    I don’t expect you to have faith as evidence, because like I said, you have no faith (a logical and good faith). But I never said that faith is an evidence, faith is A PART of an evidence that God really exists. What kind of faith? A scientific and logical faith. You have also your faith, but your faith of not believing in God is only a result of your somewhat rebellious comments and questions like “If there is God, why is there evil in this world”, “Bible is not an evidence, it contradicts each other, and full of factual errors”, “I don’t believe in God, because I never see Him”, “Why do other religions kill while they’re confessing that they are of God?”… These questions and comments drives you to conclude that there is no God. But, did your belief regarding God and the bible undergone deep and logical cross-examination? Do you really study the bible? Do you really study God’s will? Or you just conclude it in that way as you feel? For you to say that a thing is lacking something, you must know what is complete, right? So what’s your basis? You don’t believe in life after death, but you have no belief what will happen after death, right? You dont believe in God, but you have no explanation on how we are created, right? (If you belive that we are created)Your faith is very illogical and brings no hope to people. Our difference, I think, is that we, as a Christian, don’t just judge according to what we like to feel, but we study His will. We are not stupid to conclude that there is no God because we can’t see Him. That’s stupidity. Because if I will follow that stupid principle (to see is to believe), then I will not belive that I have a mind, that love exist, or I am born by my mother, etc.. because these things are not visible by our human eye, stupidity huh? But we believe in these things because of faith, or we actually feel these things. Even though you shout whole day in your backyard, “GOD, PLEASE SHOW US YOURSELF! SO I’LL BELIEVE, ELSE, I WILL NOT BELIEVE YOU!” do you think He will follow what you want? I don’t think so. Because God knows every heart of mankind. It is no need for Him to show up for you to believe, because if you deeply ask your conscience, and your conscience never lies, GOD REALLY EXISTS. Do you saw a broken statue of a man with no hands and feet? Now, ask yourself, did that statue that you saw is being made by man? If your answer is “NO, IT JUST POPS OUT THERE…” then you must go to the very nearest mental hospital, you are really out of your mind. But if your answer is “OF COURSE YES, IT IS BEING MADE BY MAN”.. then my second question is, do you see how it is done? or do you saw the maker of that statue? probably NO, but you still believe that it is being made, right? Then, IF THAT BROKEN STATUE OF A MAN WITH NO HANDS AND FEET, IS BEING MADE BY SOMEONE ELSE EVEN THOUGH YOU YOU DON’T SEE THE MAKER, HOW ABOUT MAN THAT IS FAR GREATER AND GLORIOUS THAN THE STATUE? WE JUST POPS OUT IN THIS WORLD? DO YOU GET MY POINT? And that is faith, I hope you pinoy atheist include a logical faith as an evidence. So that in one day, you are in your right track of being a man. Don’t fool yourselves atheist!!!

  23. I’d like to believe that atheist are very intellectual people but come on… I mean, it is a well known fact that man invented computers, right?; super computers, thinking machines… if man can make such complex and intricately assembled machine then how much more of the vast universe is created by a powerful being who has far superior intellect and wisdom compared to man?! Isn’t but logical to think that this vast and more complex( than to a computer) universe and everything in it moves as it should because somebody made it so? Think for a while atheists… how can the stars, the moons , planets, galaxies move in an intricately precise order so as not to collide with each other be a product of an accident but not of a magnificent creation of a Supreme Being? Are atheist too proud to accept that there is someone far superior (in every aspect)than man? Since man had only been here what, a few thousand years, and you guys think you’re the only ones capable of reason , intellect, wisdom and even love? Yes, LOVE. Don’t you guys know that this whole existence, everything was created is based on THAT principle?No? of course, I forgot you don’t believe in God. A pity really, you’d lived and die holding to a very much flawed belief, a belief molded by pride and inanity under the guise of science and logic but in truth vile and hypocrisy. Sana bago pa man mahuli ang lahat, maliwanagan ang isip nyo at makita ang katotohanan.

  24. John the Atheist: Dear Mr. Paras.
    A part of a thing is a part of the whole Mr. Paras. If you said that faith is a part of the evidence that god exist then that is synonimous in saying that faith is an evidence.

    Now let us talk about this faith you are promoting Mr. Paras…Religious faith. You claim that this faith is both logical good faith? Anyway, religious faith is neither logical nor good. You see, when we talk about religious faith, you don’t emply logic to it. Example: I may say that Jesus walk on water…and I have faith that Jesus is really capable of doing that. Am I employing logic to this belief? No. If I will then I will began to doubt the issues of supernatural miracles. That’s why religious faith is not logical.

    In the issue of the Bible. Well again if I use eh…deep and logical cross-examination in studying the Bible, I might become skeptical with the claim. I might even do the same thing that Thomas Jefferson did in his Bible; Rip all those pages that deals with supernatural miracles and events. If I will do that then all is left in the Bible are begat, begat, begat.

    Logic can never become a part of religious faith and holy scriptures.

    Now why ask me about life after death? May I ask you Mr. Paras…have you ever wondered what was life before life? If there’s nothing to talk about before I was born then why would I bother on things after I was dead. Doesn’t seem to sound logical, does it?

    If you will read my post (or if it was already delated)…I never said that I never believe because of empirical reasons so don’t put words in my mouth @ Mr. paras. That’s stupidity in your part. I don’t believe because of logical reasons. So I guess you’re making a stawman here. Making stawman argument is stupid. Now let see…hmmmm just like Soriano’s argument, yours also fell short of proving that atheism is an unreasonable position. That’s what I’m waiting for and that’s why I read your posts. Until you haven’t given me a good reason, then your “argument” is a little bit ehhhh…poor and shabby.

    Oh and that last rant about a statute…hehehe…That’s an example of false analogy. Remember that a statute is man-made so I guess your analogy is quite poor if you are trying to compare a man-made object from something natural.

    Did we just “pop out from nothing”? Well…If you guys insist that we are made ex nihilo, then technically we came from nothing. But atheistically speaking, how can you be sure that “nothing” is always a default position?

    (BTW: If you didn’t post this…well it’s already on my blog.)

    Have a nice day.
    John the Atheist

  25. To Genedie,
    Remember that sometimes common sense is not good sense. Now your example suggest that computers are made…how about us? The problem with this is that computers are man-made objects.

    If you will use your head, the computer example is really not a very good example. You see Genedie, a computer is made by finite beings. Base on your analogy, are the gods finite? Also, each parts are made by different beings, so is the human parts made by different gods? So that’s what happened with false analogies.

    Logically speaking we cannot compare nature from man-made objects so…yes an atheist will never even use your kind of reasoning @ Genedie.

    The movement of the stars and the orbits of other heavenly bodies can be explained without resorting to the supernatural. That’s what the science of astronomy and physics are for. Remember, not all knowledge require supernatural explanation. There is still the realm of physical sciences @ Genedie. A good example is the formation of snowflakes and the geometrical pattern of a sunflower. These are natural phenomena and will always form naturally without an aid of gods or demons. What is just happening to you @ Genedie is that you are just assuming design. Nature is really quite chaotic.

    So…let see since the rest of Genedie is an assumption of being self-righteous. It really doesn’t deserve an explanation. In the issue of LOVE…well for an atheist, love is still possible without the need for a god. Humanity and this grand universe surrounds you to be loved.

    Do I regret being an atheist? Now why will I regret a life of pure intrigue…Hahaha!

    Until next time,
    John the Atheist

    (BTW: If you didn’t post this…well it’s already on my blog.)

    • @Jobo
      Your understanding of the word “existence” is a fantacy!Theoretically, asking and concluding “Who created God? If no one created God then he cant exist” when God created everything is illogical. God is not created because he is the creator. He is not a creature. I believe that you believe in the cause and effect theory. If you apply this belief, it would lead you to unending cause. This unending cause we believe is God. Now, that unending cause is infinite, therefore it is not fathomable by beings which are finite, and that includes you and us. I am not surprised if you do not understand this. I’s sorry to say this but you just “Escape the reality”.
      On your statement,’Everything’ that exist was planned and created for a purpose. That includes your God.
      Did even ask yourself, Who planned and who created? Logically, you are mocking yourself, you see? Do not reduce yourself into a subject of your mind. You are a subject of God and not of your own mind. You where planned and created by God. A computer, for example, is only a subject of the mind of man. That is the reason why the computer was made. Man’s mind meant it for a purpose. Therefore, it is only a subject of the mind conbined with knowledge, so it came to be.
      Thank you

    • Pinoy Atheist

      I have a question for you just answer this, who made the Galaxy, Heavens and earth and the things there in?

  26. Atheists always asked theists to prove that there is a God which theists are always doing. Why don’t atheists prove that there is no God and lay their arguments instead?

  27. @pinoy atheist,
    you have just said that,
    “An atheist (or in your word “the fool”) doesn’t require believers (or theists) an objective evidence. Remember there is such a thing known as direct and inderrect evidence. What we expect from a believer like you are…logical and rational facts that you can present.”
    So you are after logical and rational facts that can be presented for you to believe? Do you ask yourselves that you have also logical and rational facts that you can present to us in order for us to believe that God doesn’t exists? Just like I said, atheist only ended up asking questions and doubts but if you will undergone cross examination regarding your principle, then I think you cannot stand firm on your belief. We have laid down our side that through logical thinking, God does exists. Because God, is being characterized in the Bible as THE CREATOR. If you don’t believe that everything in this ever-glorious universe was created, or being planned by a very powerful Creator, because you have intentionally blind-folded your hearts, then what is your explanation? Can you give us your side for us to compare whom is handling the true logical and rational facts? CLAIMING IS ONE THING, BUT PROVING IS ANOTHER THING. I observed in your comments, mostly of you atheist, is that you are playing safe, don’t just comments and look for loop holes for what we believe in, you must lay-down your belief, YOU MUST STAND FIRM THAT GOD DOESN’T EXISTS, WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOUR SIDE, YOUR LINE OF REASONING, if you don’t mind. Then we must compare each other side, who has a logical reasoning. I’m waiting for your answer.
    By the way, I just want to clear some things, I don’t agree that culture is a part of faith that I’m trying to imply. I’m talking about a scientific and logical faith. Most faith in this world are nonsense. And these faith cannot be used as evidence, sometimes it is against the law of man especially in the law of God. thanks….

  28. To all atheists….

    I raise this question:

    The blood circulating in your body without the aid of any machine, at a precise time and speed for you to exist….
    The way the Earth was distant and revolve around the sun at exact measurement and time…

    And so on and so forth for things that cannot be explained by men…

    Don’t you ALL think that there is WISDOM behind all these things???

    Salamat po sa Dios!

    We missed you Bro Eli!!!!!!!!

    • Every religious person says the exact same thing as you, Dom. They think of all these phenomenons and can’t possibly handle thinking about it, so they resort to the easiest answer. Some amazing being who defies time and space itself created everything! What answer could possibly be more simple for they reason everything is the way it is? The thing about Atheists is that we have the mind capacity to think past that simple explanation and onto other more reasonable, logical answers.

  29. @pinoy the atheist,
    I’m just wondering, you are looking for some logical reasons, but you doesn’t include faith and conscience as an evidence. Do you know what is the meaning of logical reasoning? The best logical reasoning lies primarily on one’s conscience. For example, is it logical to steal for you to be rich? or to rape a girl? or to kill? Of course its very illogical, a man who’ll say that these are logical is out of his stupid mind. But how do we know that it is illogical? Do we need to research for some law books or engineering books for it to say that it is so? Or we simply ask our conscience? If you study our law, it is based primarily on good conscience, we are prohibited to kill, to steal, to rape… etc.
    An animal, even though not having a mind the same as we are, but if you observe them, they’re doing some logical things beside the fact that they are not being instructed step by step, they know how to do good. Its their nature to take good care of their siblings. So what’s my point? Dont exclude conscience if you want to study reality.

  30. Pinoy Atheist:

    you said
    “Example: I may say that Jesus walk on water…and I have faith that Jesus is really capable of doing that. Am I employing logic to this belief? No. If I will then I will began to doubt the issues of supernatural miracles. That’s why religious faith is not logical.”

    dude, what if i tell you that a water strider can walk on water? that according to an episode of ripley’s believe it or not, tagalized by michael v., it states that a woman, through intense concentration can float on water for hours. if they can do it, jesus can too. it was just made known that water striders walk on a thin layer on the water’s surface for them to be able to do the trick. through proper concentration and exercise, we can do the ‘floating’ trick while we swim with our loved ones. even blaise pascal said that if god doesn’t exist, we are just following a path to nowhere, but in reality there is a goal that everyone should seek, that there is meaning to everyone’s existence be it a living thing or not, seen and unseen, faomable or unfathomable. these are just few of many facts that proves the existence of god. but if you atheists are really that hard-headed and hard-hearted, fine. let’s see who gets the last laugh, but i am threatening you, repent or you’ll be sorry.

    anyway, good luck and best regards.

  31. Reading this article gives me a thrilling excitement and unexplainable joy! I have recently have conversations with Agnostics and Atheists and they disclaim the existence of God. It’s so sad in their part that they were deceived by their philosophy but thanks be to God for He sent preachers to serve as instruments in saving these souls whenever possible. Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel had wisdom that can cast down imaginations and can conquer every thought to the obedience of Christ.

    MORE POWER Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel!!!

    May God always be with you!!!


  32. To John the Atheist,
    you entirely missed my point there, john. The fact that man CAN CREATE THINGS then so more of an INFINITE BEING beyond the boundaries of time and space CAN CREATE a finite existence. It’s not hard to understand that but you intentionally put it out of context. “Nature” as you call it was created and ( mind you they are definite and exactly) designed to run as it should, to say casually that it’s chaotic is misleading, unfounded and downright nonsense. You talk and sounded like you already know and had proven the origin of this whole existence, of how this universe came to be, but as jun paras had said you never really laid down your belief. Surely, I’m hoping you have more than the Big Bang theory in your sleeves (and your Chaos theory as well).

  33. To Pinoy Atheist,Jobo and Danny….I have a single question which I hope you can answer…..Bro.Eli cited scientific verses like for example Isa.40:22….This verse says that the earth is round or circle….very scientific,my question is,how did Prophet Isaiah know that the earth is round?The verse has been lone written before the discovery of the shape of the earth…..where did he get this idea?I’ll be waiting for your answers…..

  34. Pinoy atheist… wouldn’t claim your smarter than Isaac Newton,He said,”there are more correct information in the bible than in any other profane history”.The ultimate conclusion is….this man must have red and search the bible and arrived to a very good conclusion…..Ill be waiting to disproof this statement made by an intelligent being…..I red your postings but I didn’t find anything that is useful,sane,reasonable,etc to believe that God doesn’t exist…..but what I found were all crap…..

  35. to pinoy atheist:

    Ang galing ng logic mo pinoy atheist! does it follow that if something that we cannot take a picture literally means it doesn’t exist? let me ask you. can you take a picture of wind passing to your ears? now if you cannot take a picture of that tell me if wind doesn’t exist.

  36. to pinoy atheist:

    you said: (I don’t believe because of logical reasons) as what you have countered mr. paras comment. but your prefer philosophy over theology. and logical reasoning is part of philosophy right? how can you reconcile that? are you now trying to escape logical arguments laid down by the believers especially mr. jun paras arguments?

  37. what i hate about this atheist is they keep on posting their arguments with kind of logical reason behind but was not able to give their own strong basis of what they believe,so that we can compare whos reliable. it was like saying why are you happy then giving you a lot of doubts to be happy… what mr.soriano said is an explanation of simple but reflective way of saying there is God.ask your concience and keep it simple or live in complicate heluva life.if you want explanations to all those things around you,yull never be happy in your life. peace out!!

  38. all things in order + theres a superior architect=God
    arguments question + no explanation + argements again + doubts= atheist
    ok ill get a high blood with you atheist…ill prefer to keep it simple and IN ORDER…

  39. @pinoy the atheist,
    You said religious faith is neither logical nor good. Wow! what a misleading belief. Do you know totally the meaning of religion? Or all you know about it is Jesus walking on water? Are your mind is set to supernatural miracle when it comes to religion? Thats why I’m asking you, Does your belief undergone deep and logical cross-examination or you just believe it as you feel? You must study your belief, pinoy the atheist, so that you will discover from yourselves that your “faith” comes from a “fool”-ish mind. You can ask some questions to bro.eli if you want, he’s always open to all people asking questions and having doubts.
    Fair judgement comes from deep learning of one’s belief, if you quickly judge according to what you see or what you feel, then your totally wrong!! For example, fever, most people has a negative thoughts about fever because it’ll bring man into uncomfortable condition, but when they study it, they found out that our body must have a temperature that is totally high in order to cast out the virus that enters our body, because virus dies in high temp. See what is the benefit of fever? So we can say that most people have an incorrent view regarding fever, until they study. That’s what we want from you guys, study first before you judge. Because a man who doesn’t want to be fooled, is never been fooled by his thorough study, so he will come up with a firm principle and living a hopeful life. So before you say that RELIGIOUS FAITH IS NEITHER LOGICAL NOR GOOD, investigate first. I may say that its obvious you have not learned religion based on your WEAK STATEMENT.
    One thing, I’m not trying to compare man-made from supernatural, I’m just laying down a logical way of thinking, that, if you could say that a statue is being made, how about us which is far glorious than it? We don’t just pop out from nothing beside the fact that we have A VERY COMPLICATED FACULTIES. I’m not quickly trying to imply that there is God. But first, I want you to believe, that we are created.
    Lastly, nature is chaotic??? As Genedie have said, its a lot of nonsense. Remember that you have lived because of these “chaotic??” nature as you’ve said.

  40. To all Atheist:

    Just prepare yourselves when judgment comes!
    ultimately we are arguing between “TRUE” and “FALSE”.

    and the truth is…

    For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

  41. Hey, Atheists…

    Can anyone of you or any of whom you know that is highly intelectual can
    make at least one KUTO (lice)?


  42. “…All i see is a sermon.” –Danny (02/25/09)

    What you call sermon, are factual, biblical truths to those who have an open mind to analyze “both sides of the coin” (so to speak). Bro. Eli [through biblical verses he quoted] provided very strong arguments against the belief that there is no God, and at the same time [further] proving and exhalting the one true God — the creator of everything.

    All glory be to God, bro. Eli for giving us a “reader” in these end days, and for continously strengthening you — that you remain steadfast in the faith you have received. Peace be with you!

  43. To Jobo:

    Good day.

    Can you please specifically point the VERSES that you claim are ” contradictions, factual errors, absurdities and inconsistencies”?

    And we will prove to you, Biblically also, that THERE ARE NO ” contradictions, factual errors, absurdities and inconsistencies”? in the Book


    As it is clearly stated in the Book of Daniel 12:4, 9-10

    4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

    9 And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.

    10 Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.


    Salamat po sa Dios.


  44. to Jobo (2/26/09)

    You make a lot of attempts to try to dispute the facts that Bro. Eli stated without really first analysing the details of the different points you enumerated.

    Let’s see…
    1. “Everything that exist was planned and created for a purpose. That includes your God… Who created God? If no one created God then he can’t exist.”
    –You’ve wrongly interpreted Bro. Eli’s statement. He said:”everything that exist was planned and CREATED…” — i hope you notice the word “created” — meaning there was a creator of everything that exist. Someone (or something) CREATED everything that exist… there is a CREATOR of everything that exist.. and that is the God that christians believe in.

    2. “So how do you think the universe came into being?”
    — Let me ask you. Is it more logical to believe that everything that exists are the product of accident..? that the perfect symbiosis (or the interrelationships between the different living things) happened by accident…? that the different gases making up our atmosphere combined at just the right proportion (to enable life to exist) happened by accident..? that the earth was placed in its exact location in relation to the sun by accident..? Even man’s scientific knowledge confirms that if the proportion of these atmospheric gases were a lot different (for example, there was a lot more Nitrogen, or Hydrogen in the atmosphere), then life would not exist? And again, if the earth was a little closer or farther from the sun, then life (as we know it would not exist) — it would be too cold or too hot for life to flourish.

    3. The reality that the Bible speaks of scientific truth even before they were discovered by human science…
    — Let me quote again one of the verses Bro. Eli mentioned: “He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing.(Job26:7 -KJV) Job wrote this thousands of years before human science confirmed that the earth “floats” in space — “hangeth upon nothing”. It is safe to say, that this truth which Job wrote did not come from his own wisdom, but was taught to him by someone whose knowledge far exceeds that of man.. again, that is God.

    4. “Did the bible predict the viruses? Internet..”
    — First, you must consider this: the words “virus” or “internet” were merely coined by man. So, while these exact words may not be found in the bible, its meaning (or its occurrence) is in the bible. What do i mean? For example, the word “ampalaya” (or bitter gourd) is not in the bible, but in Exo.12:8 (as well as in Num.9:11) there is mention of “bitter herbs”. So, is “internet” in the bible? — “…even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and KNOWLEDGE SHALL BE INCREASED.” (Dan.12:4) –The internet, as well the other inventions of men prove that indeed man’s knowledge has increased.

    So, while different religious groups may have differing notions about God, one thing we just can’t ignore is that: all things that exist (visible and invisible) are just too exact.. too “orderly” to be just products of accident. There has got to be a designer… an architect… an “organizer” which put things in its exact state.

  45. Oops.. sorry to make another post (so soon). I was just reading Jobo’s post (on Feb.27, 2009) where he said “do you still believe we came from Adam and Eve?”.. and i just can’t help but make a comment.

    Jobo, do you (instead) believe that humans evolved from monkeys? If the evolution theory is true.. why has it “stopped”? If monkeys evolved into humans, why hasn’t humans evolved into something else? Have you personally seen evolution “in action”? Have you seen (for example) a cat evolved into a “cat with wings” (for example)? Sounds stupid right? Well, that’s how the evolution theory is… it’s stupid.

  46. I believe that there is a God.. I don’t even need to read this article to re-affirm to myself that there is a God. Going through some of the reactions, I am surprised to find out that there really, are people who are trying to refute this undeniable fact. Let’s start on this premise; (leave science and the Bible out for 1 second) Take Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth, for instance. How can one possibly think or believe that people can create something like that? People cannot even reach the top of this magnificent mountain. How do we expect to even build it. Even if all of humanity would work as one to try, our efforts will be all in vain. That is just the highest point on Earth. What about, the Earth itself? The moon orbiting around it? The stars that are all over around it? The Sun that sustains the Galaxy? Do we even dare to think that we people can create all these things? Actually, we don’t need to go as far as light years away just to seek for proof that there is a God, “The Magnificent Creator.” Just look around us.. We see nature, the trees, the animals, from the smallest one-celled creature to the greatest Blue Whale. We, man cannot create these things.

    Instead of trying to disprove this undeniable fact, it is high time that we acknowledge the presence of our Creator, repent from our “un-believing ways”, and humble ourselves before Him and follow His commandments. For that is the purpose of our existence: Ecclesiastes 12:13 – “This is the conclusion of the matter. Fear God and obey his commandments. For this is the whole duty of man.” To You Father be all the glory! Thank you for everything.

  47. This post is very definitive yet comprehensive in its articulation of the dubious beliefs by atheists and people who professed to have no religion at all.

    No matter how far and wide atheists claim they are against religion, but what’s already happening is that they are already defending their faith or religion.

    They hardly can prove that they are not slowly establishing a religion for people with no religion or non-believers. If they really do not care about religion or people who are practicing their religious beliefs, why then do they need to embark on a pan-London campaign that there is no God? Simply crazy, isn’t it?

    And with each campaign that they will embark on, obviously they are like an expectant father to his pregnant wife who is about to deliver a baby; and, in their case, they expect to give birth to converts or people who are like them also – atheists, freethinkers or non-believers of an almighty Creator.

    In business math, since cash is invested for the campaign, they expect some earnings or people who will join them. Soon, what do we have now?

    In the midst of a long great recession and looming global food crises, there is also the rise of atheists or non-believers who can justify their wicked deeds and ways. Worst, a grand anarchy or social disorder may just be lurking in the corners, just waiting to emerge when time comes.

    This will be a long and tedious battle against these forces of evil. Gladly, I found this post and discovered that there is still one in the billion who speaks about these Truths. Thanks Bro. Soriano for this undeniable blog.

    Surely, this is enlightening.

  48. to pinoy atheist;

    i believe in your logic. you are a great analyst and lay your arguments as if you all knew them by heart. but sometimes i wonder if you are really setting each logic apart for scrutiny or just closing your mind to what is laid in front of you.

    you believe in the pattern of the snowflakes and the sunflowers but came back at saying nature is chaotic. if nature really was chaotic how can those patterns and designs exist. you always bragged about science as if science in its finality could prove the non existence of a reigning god. would you believe if i say even science was created by our god?

    scientists could not even cure the common cold. surgeons had advanced in their trades, but more deadly diseases still comes daring their craft to the test. rich countries spent millions to leave their foot marks in another planet but until now, their travel to the moon is still under question. doctors were still dumbfounded why human cells stop at a certain point in time to regenerate allowing men to grow old and die as if someone or something is controlling them. they cant even give life to a corpse.

    anyway, i agree with you when you said we can not take the picture of god. no man made camera could capture his greatness. he is so big my friend. we are just grains of sand compared to him.

  49. @Danny and all atheist,

    You always want to escape all realities, but you cannot escape in this punishment if you not stop believing and proofing for nothing…

    But the fearful, and unbelieving, and abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

  50. @topic:
    Amen bro. Eli..
    the message was peaceful in mind… ^_^

    and the slogan “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life” is not peaceful in mind.. because they wanted to escape from all realities. From the guilty feeling in their heart due to all the evil they are doing.. it is really, not peaceful…


    @atheists esp. john the atheist
    Who sets the law of physics? the law of astronomy? the law of gravity? the boyle’s law? law of motion? albert einstein’s famous equation e=mc^2?

    you see, scientists do not “create” those laws that they “discover”… they just found out that nature was following certain laws like the gravity discovered by Isaac Newton; base on the law of gravity, the earth’s gravitation pull is 9.8 m/s^2. But, did Isaac Newton create these laws? definitely not!.. He just discover it..

    by example, citizen follows city law sets by government officials. also, a program follows commands set by a programmer. same as what you said, @ john the atheist, about the science of astronomy and physics.. it also follows certain law but who sets these laws??

    asking again,
    Who sets the law of physics? the law of gravity? the law of astronomy? and such?
    is it God who sets these law??

  51. “And the fool saith to his heart: ‘There is no God'”.

    Abstract stuff, philosophy, politics, science… why do we know such things?
    How CAN we think? Why do we think? Where do our complexities greater than mere amoebas, come from (and amoebas are such complex beings, i tell you..)?

    If you’re an atheist, please look at the mirror one day, into your eyes, see the complexity of the ridges of your pupils, how they dilate and contract, how your eyebrows show your expression, how perfectly your nose is placed onto your face..

    then tell yourself.. ‘i came from the primordial soup, which evolved and crawled to the ground, then became a fish, then became a reptile, then became a bird, then became a mammal, then became a primate.. and here i am now’

    let’s see who is FOOLISH…

    i was a graduate of Biology, evolution is very scientific.. but guess what?
    even my professors who taught evolution believe in God, ironic eh?

    a human being’s complexity: his ability to perceive, to think, to decide, to have faith, to sing, to dance, to write, to appreciate beauty, to make beautiful things, to laugh, to cry… to love.. those are just some of the proofs of HIS existence..

  52. to pinoy atheist:

    statute were not always man made mr atheist. actually, man made statutes were derived from nature or from science. there are hidden rules in the universe that governed the movement of the stars. have you ever wondered why we exactly experience time, how we came to endure the same pattern of weather every year. how would the earth revolve around the sun by itself. observe the millions of heavenly bodies in the galaxy. how would they float in space without bumping each other. there is a certain force in them that react simultaneously in rhythm. you will always rant that it just happened the way it is. well, keep on ranting, anyway. thats your choice.

    how about your body mr atheist. have you also wondered why deep in your sleep, your internal organs still function in synchronized manner 100 per cent cleaning all your fluids, digesting what you eat, and eliminating all the dirty toxins you devoured so you can wake up in the morning truly refreshed. you may shout again, they just existed.

  53. I was watching Forensic Science on tru tv the other night the case was about about the leaders of the Society American Atheist Headquartered in Texas.The show featured how Mrs.Murray and her two children were ghastly killed.The authorities investigated and found out that the group had more than 60 million dollars worth of assets and the killers were non other than the people who chose not to believe in God,the people who deny the existence of God.Former members of the society were convicted and charged with murder.

    The group as the investigation proved was wealthy and popular.Had this people followed God I’m sure they wouldn’t have ended in prison.American Atheist now is closed and some members went out and ceased supporting the group.

    If we only open our eyes,it is clear,Bro.Eli with God’s help explained profoundly in this topic why we should all put our trust in someone who is higher,more powerful,wiser,etc.than us.The choice is yours!

  54. I am truly grateful for this knowledge! I could not have known this through any other false preachers who are AGAINST THE TRUTH. The light is brightly shining and I’m tremendously awake! ANYONE WHO CANNOT SEE THE VALUE OF THIS MESSAGE IS FOOLISH AND AN ENEMY OF GOD.Thanks be to God, Bro. Eli!

  55. @Jobo
    In fairness to you because you are unbelieving, i will not condemn your understanding of the terms you use and of your line of questioning. But i will base my questions on your statements which are doubtful.

    1.)”Who created God? ”
    – God is the creator so he is not being created.
    2.)”The reality that everything that exists was planned and created for a purpose.”
    – Who planned and created?
    3.)So how do you think the universe came into being?
    – Does it really matter what people think, who was not there when the univers came into being? Or it would make sense to ask the one who created about the things he created?
    4.)Is the earth flat? According to the bible, the earth is flat.
    -By the way, wala sa biblia that the earth is flat. I read it so I can say.
    5.)Lahat ba ng insects lumilipad?
    -How is this question related to the topic??
    6.)how can the plants grow without the sun?
    -Who made the sun? The answer is God, kasi creator siya di ba?
    7.)Did the bible predicted the viruses? Internet? Dinosaurs?
    -This things came to be and was predicted without your knowing kasi hindi niya naman kailangan magpaalam at sabihin pa sa iyo ng gagawin niya. He is God.
    8.)These ‘prophecies’ are very vague.
    -vague lang ito sa iyo, hindi sa iba
    9.)What about the Crusades? 9/11? They were also men of God right? and also look at the corrupt politicians we have today.
    -If God let these things, who are we to question Him?
    Sawayin ka nawa ng Panginoon!

    Salamat sa Dios sa kanyang kagandahangloob na hindi masayod!!!

  56. To all Athiest,
    How do we define reality?
    If God is not real, therefore none about Him is real.
    Then what are those which are of God?
    One thing that is of God is his words, the words of God.
    Let as test the words of God.
    If the words of God are not true, then he is not true.
    So what are those words of God that we are going to test?
    Ask Bro Eli Soriano..
    ..the bible answers!

  57. 1.The point where all logical reasoning ends is an threshold begining point for all faiths!
    2.One needs to be even more and truely honest to accept the truth and discard the creches (supports for disadvantaged people) of all beliefs; to rely on self-to rely on people around and above all to be dependable to all those who we encounter.
    3.One cannot be a secular and also a believer at the same time-concurrently. Secular credentials demand not the denials of belief but to accomodate all belivers, with their different faiths, having the rational truth seeking mind alive.
    4.Atheism is not a negation but an affirmation of the truth and truth seeking path.
    5 It is more so difficult to be high on morality without the bait of heavens for good deeds and a hell for bad deeds. To be on the side of truth demands true adherance to social moral norms, without the fear of a hell and without the temptation of heavens. The pleasure and fear psychosis in a life cycle and the fear of unknown have created beliefs.
    6.It is an immature, irresponsible and careless to say that when one is not a believer he/she is favouring a devil! The devil to does not exist for an atheist! Atheists do not worship the devils!! These are concepts and beliefs.
    7. Do not drag animals and mountains in to this agument. They cannot answer! Animals are the most innocent, they live in the present, donot prostrate or pray,but most of them are ‘prey’ to majority believers man(un!)kind. They haven’t built temples yet and not fighting amongst themselves on religious matters atleast. (Rationality can be learnt from them!)
    8. Charvak, Sankhya, Sushrut, Kanad gave utmost convincing theoris on the myth of existance of a concept called god. (Their convincing thoughts were the philosophical foundations of Gautam Buddha.) They reasoned out that faith can be helpful in finding peace to desperate people but accepting the truth that there is no god IS LIBERATING THE SELF; A TRUE SALVATION leading to ETERNAL BLISS.
    9. Man’s best creation till date is the concept called god.
    10. “Satyamev Jayate” (Truth shall prevail).

  58. Bro eli a man who has a good heart…..He does not think of himself what he thinks was the SALVATION of every human being Souls………Bro eli “I LUV U” so much thanks be to GOD for letting me know you,a man of dignity,commitment & more specially of good Heart…..Bro eli wherever you are in the part of the GLOBE just always remember there are many BRETHREN who loves and cares for you….And im one of that…..Tnx be to GOD…

  59. I hope I’m not disturbing anyone with my comments. I’m not christian, but I really think we should communicate on our beliefs and come to an understanding. I don’t want to turn anyone into a doubter, or something like that. I’m just curious in the christian viewpoint.

    “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life” implies that there is a struggle deep inside the heart of the formulators of such a slogan.”

    you’re making an assumption about the people who wrote the sign, in fact I think they were trying to help the people who are struggling with the idea. there is a pressure on a lot of people to join one group or another. I’ve seen these signs around my area as well, and it’s seem to spark a lot of anger. but it gets us talking and that’s always a good thing.


    again, you’re making an assumption. if there was a great man in history who wasn’t a Christian, that shouldn’t detract from your beliefs. we shouldn’t be claiming certain people as ours or as yours. in fact a lot of our great minds were atheists. but there were a lot who were religious as well.

    I would love to have an actual conversation with you someday Bro. Eli, if you have facebook just search for my name. =D

  60. to anant,
    all I can say is that you are speaking in behalf of yourself. If you say that “Man’s best creation till date is the concept called god”, then logically you are pointing out that you believe in concept of creation, but you make it to the limit upon man’s ability to create, but do you try to sit down and ask yourself about the concept of creation of mankind? Granting without accepting that you don’t believe in God, and you don’t believe that we are created, so what is the possible logical explanation on how we are existed? I’ll wait for your answer and I will also answer in return then lets compare who’s carrying the most sensible and logical belief. I will base my belief on the Bible, and you, as usual, use your mind to fool yourself. For it is written, Romans 1:18-20,
    18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; 19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. 20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:
    You know in your heart that you are helpless in believing that there is God, but instead you try to find ways in rejecting it by your insane reasoning because you want to follow what you want, you want to be free as a bird. And that principle, is the principle of the enemy of God, which is the devil. Even though you don’t believe in the devil as your tounge says, but your act shadows your heart that you are after the devil. Poor, poor, poor atheists…

  61. ATHEIST,


  62. Atheists benefit from Theists. They are nothing in this world without the Believers. Without the Believers, atheists would be alone in the corner where no one to talk to and talk about.

    Being Atheist is so embarrassing . I’m so grateful to be in the side of the Believers!

    To God be the glory!

  63. Without quoting the bible , prove their is a god? You treat the book as if it is 100% true when you have no proof of it, you just believe it to be.

    So many statements on your blog are wrong, Hitler believed in god/jesus , He hated the jews, a lot christans don’t like the jews because they killed Jesus. Our modern day Neo Natzis hate the jews for this reason

    Your story about hitler killing people because he was athiest is wrong. In fact, if he had been athiest he probably would not have killed so many people.

    If you believe in god, why did you run from the charges in the philippines? Why not go to court and let your faith in god see you to being proven innocent? Or do you not have faith?

  64. Well seriously Bro.Eli should just die and go walk with god.

    If atheists are wrong then so be it. Look, if believing that billions of souls are burning for eternity in hell gives you hopes and happiness then continue being happy with that you uncompassionate bastard. I rather join the bbq in hell with my love one than go heaven singing along with all the christians who can still be happy knowing full well that billions are suffering.

    All of you should go heaven asap and stop wasting our resources on Earth. You guys will be happier down there than here.

  65. @ Da Xiang

    • @ Clinton

      Well it is not a curse, is a bless for him to go heaven to walk with God. Would he prefers to be it here or down in the heaven?

      And if you are not happy knowing atheist and jews will be having BBQ in hell then what makes you think that you will have eternally happiness in heaven since you are not happy with the previously mentioned?

      PS: The caps lock key is below the tab key and above the right shift key.

  66. bleh is trying to defend hitler. How come hitler believed Jesus? Jesus our Lord, commanded Christians not to avenge violence with violence “21Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.” If Hitler hated the Jewish people for what they had done to Jesus Christ and Hitler believed in Jesus. Do you think Hitler will do his gruesome onslaught, massacre to these Jewish think again. Hitler is a murderer just like his father John 8:44 ” 44Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” Where in the world you get your idea that Hitler believed in God of the Bible? think again bleh.

  67. To All Atheists:You are no better than any other great and dignified person that contributed much in this world we live in..who are you compared to einstein,bacon,isaac newton,galileo etc.,who believe in the existence of God.The exquisite order displayed by our scientific understanding of the physical world calls for the divine.Atheism is just the result of insufficient depth of philosophy.Observe the constitution of your body and see how they works.Atheism is rather in the lives than in the heart of a man.Hope you consider this,we have nothing against you just observe what bro.eli is telling.A little bit of philosophy will inclineth a man’s mind to atheism,but depth in philosophy will bring out a man’s mind to doubt!!!

  68. RE: Comment by gershanieniel:
    “Where in the world you get your idea that Hitler believed in God of the Bible? think again bleh.”

    The evidence shows that:

    Hitler was born and baptized into Catholicism

    His Jewish antisemitism came from his Christian background.

    His early personal notes shows his interest in religion and Biblical views.

    He believed that the Bible represented the history of mankind.

    His Nazi party platform (their version of a constitution) included a section on Positive Christianity, and he never removed it.

    He confessed his Christianity.

    He tried to establish a united Reich German Church.

    Hitler allowed the destruction of Jewish synagogues and temples, but not Christian churches.

    He encouraged Nazis to worship in Christian churches.

    He spoke of his Christian beliefs in his speeches and proclamations.

    His contemporaries, friends, Protestant ministers and Catholics priests, including the Vatican, thought of Hitler as a Christian.

    The Catholic Church never excommunicated Hitler. He died a Catholic.

    From Adolf Hitler, speech, April 12 1922, published in “New Order”

    “And if there is anything which could demonstrate that we are acting rightly, it is the distress that daily grows. For as a Christian I have also a duty to my own people. And when I look on my people I see them work and work and toil and labor, and at the end of the week they have only for their wages wretchedness and misery. When I go out in the morning and see these men standing in their queues and look into their pinched faces, then I believe I would be no Christian, but a very devil, if I felt no pity for them, if I did not, as did our Lord two thousand years ago, turn against those by whom today this poor people are plundered and exploited.”

    You can also find his views in his book Mein Kampf where Hitler wrote: “I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord..” As a boy, Hitler attended to the Catholic church and experienced the anti-Semitic attitude of his culture. In his book, Mein Kampf, Hitler reveals himself as a fanatical believer in God and country.

    To ignore the evidence of Hitler’s Christianity demonstrates how power of belief can obscure the facts.

    • Catholicism is not Christianism. Theres a big difference between the two. Christians are not Idol worshipper like Hitler whom you said allowed to worship alleged Christian Churches. Never that a man who believed in Christ will murder people because of his faith. Christians were murdered because of faith they dont do the killing. You have a lot of learnings to do just like me. Let us learn from Bro.Eli his teachings are sensical, bible based and truthful and for that THANKS BE TO GOD!!

  69. When it comes to the creation of the universe both the scientific explanation and the religious explanation are just theories. No one really knows.

    The only difference is that – religious people take their facts from a piece of literature – the bible.

    The aetheists take their facts from scientific conjecture.

    The difference being – the bible claims its statement to be 100% correct.

    Whilst science – gives itself the chance be wrong and try to to find factual answers through logical mean.

    We all believe what we want to believe. You have every right to do so.

    I believe in GOD.

    But not the god that is in the BIBLE – not the ‘humanized’ version of God full of wrath, anger and ego.

    God is TRUTH.

    And TRUTH is born into you, programmed into you even if you were born in an island with no BIBLE in sight.

    We are all part of god. God is part of us.

    Only Truth can set you free, give you peace and enlighten you.

    Any institution who says otherwise are misguided.

    The only way to the truth is through questions that lead to answers and not merely accepting that which is thrust upon you.

    For if what is thrust upon you is the TRUTH. Then you will always always come back to it.

    Ask the right questions, discover the facts, discover the TRUTH.

    Discover GOD.

  70. Hitler did not believe in the God of the Bible. He played to the Christian beliefs of the German people in an effort to turn them against Jews and towards himself. As for God, Hitler declared before a mass audience, “There is no God but Germany itself.” As a child, he was forced to go to church by his parents, but he refused the sacraments and stopped going to church in his adulthood.
    If you are trying to paint a picture of Hitler as a God-fearing Christian, consider this: Hitler also wrote in his texts that he had a plan to drill to the center of the earth (the core perhaps), where he would build a palace from which to rule all earth. Hitler was nothing but a insane murderer, plain and simple.

  71. “Throughout the history of man, those who believed and served God with all their hearts were the greatest men that this world had ever seen. They were the best public servants, the best heroes, the best mentors, the best leaders, and the best neighbors — NONE OF THESE BEST MEN IS AN ATHEIST!”

    Yeah great leaders such as George “El Diablo” Bush and best heroes just like the previous christians who started the inquisitions and crusades…. But With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.
    Let me tell you that these words that came from brother louie’s, ohw, i mean brother Eli’s mouth is an uneducated guess. There are lots of great philanthropists out there like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates and i’m 100% percent that these guys helped more people than Brother Ely did! there are also some good atheist leaders like Mikhail Gorbachev and Giuseppe Garibaldi and some non-christian leaders like mahatma gandhi! And think of this Brod eli, marjority of nobel prize winners are atheists, the marjority of scientists are atheists, the owner of biggest american charities are atheists, most intellectuals are atheists, some of the most successful actors and actresses are atheists and 23.4% of college professors are atheists or agnostics and most of them are the best professors. So without the help of these atheists illiteracy rates per capita would increase since there will be lesser intelligent creatures who teaches students in academies, teen pregnancy rate will increase because most chrsitians does not use condoms, STD infections will increase, and so on. and take a look at a the list below to see why atheists are not failures!

    Somalia – 0% atheist
    Tanzania – 0.5% atheist
    Yemen – 0.2% atheist
    Western Sahara – 0% atheist
    Philippines – 0.1% atheist
    Romania- 0.1% atheist
    Pakistan – 0.2% atheist
    Cambodia – 0.4% atheist
    Iran – 0.6% atheist
    Are these countries rich enough or peaceful enough to be the home for the best persons there are?? HELL NO!!!!

    but let’s take a look at the countries with high percentage of atheist
    Sweden – 85% atheist
    Denmark – 80% atheist
    Japan – 65% atheist
    France – 60% atheist
    Germany – 49% atheist
    Russia – 48% atheist
    These countries are obviously rich and peaceful! So these countries are the home of the best men there are…

    Sorry Brother Eli, but you failed! I think it would be better if you’ll do some research first before you start blabbering about things that you are not completely aware of Because not all people will believe in your words! I would rather worship “The Flying Spaghetti Monster” than your God, why?? Because The “FSM” is cool! May his noodly appendage touch you! nyahahahahaha!!!

    and before i go, remember this “Only the smartest and the bravest are willing to question the existence of a narcissistic, whimsical, psychopath you cal GOD!!!

  72. Let’s listen to some more people who never amounted to anything simply because they weren’t Christians.

    All natural institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian, or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.
    -Thomas Paine

    “I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires.”
    -Susan B. Anthony

    And the day will come, when the mystical generation of Jesus, by the Supreme Being as His Father, in the womb of a virgin, will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva, in the brain of Jupiter.
    -Thomas Jefferson

    “I have never seen the slightest scientific proof of the religious ideas of heaven and hell, of future life for individuals, or of a personal God. So far as religion of the day is concerned, it is a damned fake… Religion is all bunk.”
    — Thomas Edison

    “Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet.”
    -Napoleon Bonaparte

    “Nothing can be more contrary to religion and the clergy than reason and common sense.”
    -Voltaire (Philosophical Dictionary, 1764)

    “The sense of spiritual relief, which comes from rejecting the idea of God as a supernatural being, is enormous.”
    -Sir Julian Huxley

    “If I were not an atheist, I would believe in a God who would choose to save people on the basis of the totality of their lives and not the pattern of their words. I think he would prefer an honest and righteous atheist to a TV preacher whose every word is God, God, God, and whose every deed is foul, foul, foul.”
    — Isaac Asimov

    The Government of the United States is in no sense founded on the Christian religion.’
    – John Adams, 2nd President of the United States

    “What has been Christianity’s fruits? Superstition, Bigotry and Persecution.”
    — James Madison, 4th President of the United States

    “The church says the earth is flat, but I know that it is round, for I have seen the shadow on the moon, and I have more faith in a shadow than in the church.”
    -Ferdinand Magellan

    “The word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honourable, but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish.”
    -Albert Einstein

    The Bible is not my book, and Christianity is not my religion. I could never give assent to the long, complicated statements of Christian dogma.
    -Abraham Lincoln-16th President of the United States

    I have seldom met an intelligent person whose views were not narrowed and distorted by religion.
    -James Buchanan-15th President of the United States

  73. TO twitchofthedeathnerve23 and to THE JUST:

    I pity you ALL ATHEISTS, for there are many like you in this world that Bro Eli prays to be saved from the wrath of God. But in the light of the revelations shown to us by Bro. Eli in this endtimes, ALL the creatures you mentioned and the specific people or group of people they refer to as “Christians” are in reality FAKE, UNBIBLICAL CHRISTIANS WORSHIPPING FALSE gods. No wonder they behaved the way they did. Nowhere else in this world but only inside the Church Of God you can find genuine Christians by heart worshipping the REAL ALMIGHTY GOD and doing His will. God-willing, we’ll meet each other on the JUDGEMENT DAY while you are on the queue and you will surely realize then what you atheists are up to.

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