The Claim That There Is No God Is An Escape From All Realities

According to the latest available statistics there are about 15-30% of the world populations that are either agnostic or atheists. Atheist and agnostics are defined as:

ag•nos•tic [ag nóstik]
(plural ag•nos•tics)
1. somebody denying God’s existence is provable: somebody who believes that it is impossible to know whether or not God exists
2. somebody denying something is knowable: somebody who doubts that a question has one correct answer or that something can be completely understood
I’m an agnostic concerning space aliens.
[Mid-19th century. < a-2 + gnostic]
-ag•nos•tic, adjective
-ag•nos•ti•cal•ly, adverb
Microsoft® Encarta® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

a•the•ist [áythee ist]
(plural a•the•ists)
unbeliever in God or deities: somebody who does not believe in God or deities
Microsoft® Encarta® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

While it is true that there are evil that throughout the history of humanity were done by some people who “allegedly” are believers in the existence of God, the worst of evil were done by those who denied the existence of God Psalms 53:1:

“The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good.”

This was the observation of the psalmist David. The same observation was written by another Biblical writer many hundreds of years after David.

In Romans 3:10-18, the apostle Paul categorically stated:

“As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one: There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God. They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one. Their throat is an open sepulcher; with their tongues they have used deceit; the poison of asps is under their lips:
Whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness: Their feet are swift to shed blood: Destruction and misery are in their ways: And the way of peace have they not known:
There is no fear of God before their eyes.”

In I Timothy 6:10, the apostle Paul explained that the love of money is a root of all evil:

“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil: which some reaching after have been led astray from the faith, and have pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” (ASV)

But Paul was consistent in saying that all evil comes not only from the love of money but by not acknowledging the existence of God. Romans 1:28-32:

“And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:
Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.”

The Godless Hitler murdered millions of innocent Jews. While other tyrants confess that they know God, their acts of cruelty and injustice denies their claim. Titus 1:16:

“They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.”

Polpot (an atheist, leader of the Cambodian communist movement known as the Khmer Rouge)
-has killed probably at least 1.5 million people and it may have been as 3 million

Joseph Stalin (an atheist, General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union’s Central Committee)
-a tyrant who murdered millions of people. He began a series of ‘purges’ in which millions of people died. The purges are known as the Great Terror.
– The Soviet dictator said, “You know, they are fooling us, there is no God… all this talk about God is sheer nonsense.” – (E. Yaroslavsky, Landmarks in the Life of Stalin)

Adolf Hitler (Nazi leader, no religious inclination)
-responsible for the murder of some 6 million Jews during the World War II


Will the belief in the true God bring evil to humanity?

He said:
“Thou shalt not kill.” ( Exo.20:13)
“Thou shalt not commit adultery.” (Exo.20:14)
“Honor thy father and thy mother…” (Exo.20:12)
“Thou shalt no steal.” (Exo.20:15)
“Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;” (Ephe.5:25)

Believing in the God who commands all these things will make the human society more humane. There is wisdom and prudence to believe in God as all areas of logic dictates than to deny His existence. Denying God is denying the principle of science and logic that nothing happens without a cause. Romans 1:19-20:

“Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath showed it unto them. For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:”

The wonders of the created universe prove the existence of the Most Magnificent Creator. Denying God is denying the dictate of human conscience that there is somebody greater than him. Romans 2:14-15:

“For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves: Which show the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another; )”

The inability of a man to attain the stature that he perfectly wants to be, proves the fact that he was created by somebody higher in power than him; while understanding the purpose of the Creator, allowing the presence of infirmities in his being, will make him realize how great his Creator is.

Romans 9:20-21:
“Nay but, O man, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus? Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honor, and another unto dishonor?”

II Corinthians 12:7-10:

“And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure. For this thing I besought the Lord thrice, that it might depart from me. And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.”



(to be continued…)

143 thoughts on “The Claim That There Is No God Is An Escape From All Realities

  1. I agree… I saw the message on buses saying


    Good thing we have a preacher sent by God in this perilous times, so that we may be forewarned what would happen if we enoy our earthly life and not believe in God..

    As the tagalog proverb says, “Una ang sarap bago ang hirap.”

    King James Version
    I John 2:15-16
    “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.
    For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.”

    We love you Brother Eli!

  2. These agnostics and atheists should better realize how a particular entity such as a single-celled animal existed out from nothing. There are always causes why there is existence. I could not bear in my mind how I would have existed from literally nothing. Absurd belief they have.

    Thank GOD for Bro. Eli.

  3. That’s it? Biblical platitudes and guilt-by-association with despots (BTW, Hitler was a Catholic Christian)? Phew, for a moment I thought you were actually gonna present evidence and reason.

    • Evidence and reason? Evidence of Gods existence is everywhere. We are not God, therefore we do not possess the knowledge, wisdom, or power that he has or he used to create all things seen and unseen. What if, for example God himself spoke the words to invoke the big bang to happen. Would you still appose God? I’m not saying he did, But what if he did? What we do know, is that God Spoke in times past to those worthy of his w ords. The events are within the historical records held within the Bible. Records of those who experienced and heard the events, spoke of them to generations. Coinciding with our own historical records. God continued his work by speaking to the hearts of man whom eventually built the bible we now use. Although originally written in the language of Hebrew ..It needed to be translated. This effort opened the door to additions to the bible not in the original text. Yes there are verses in the bible which should be ignored. But If you know that upfront, and you know God does not lie. The bible can teach everything we need to know in our lives about Him, His son Jesus Christ, the church, family, sex, and a myriad of other questions can all be answered. Our Brother Eli Soriano was moved by God to be his messenger of our time. You cannot hear anything he teaches in any other church. He teaches the word of God and nothing but the word of God. He’ll stand against anyone, pastor or not. He will not be defeated. Luke 21:15
      For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.

  4. My personal experience is when I was still a catholic and was at the height of my career and making a good living, I was restless. I was afraid of something I can’t put my finger on. I was not at peace with myself. Things happen, and I come to know the Church of God International – through Brother Eliseo Soriano. I pursue the faith I discover; it is not easy, I have to make choices, but I am not afraid, because I know I am with God. How do I know? I am not restless anymore, nor afraid. I know where I am going and most of all I am at peace with myself. This is my testimony tha God exists.

    • To Jocelyn:
      I am not impressed with your so-called divine experience with your preacher and with your God. I have encountered many people of different religion exposing their beliefs and experiences with their gods and how did it change their lives for the better. First of all, you cannot prove the veracity of your God through merely relating your “personal” experience and emotion with your god. If your argument sound, it must be universally valid. Many people say the same things as yo do but with different gods. So it seems you are very likely hallucinated.

      • At first when I heard conversion from bad to better, just like Sis Jocelyn Bautista experienced, thought it was just lame excuses only or pretending that changes occur. Actually I did it in front of my bornagain fellows during they so called “patunay”. I pretend something amazing is happened to me by saying this and that, etc.I myself felt that hypocrisy. But my thinking changed when I stepped in the fold and experience the true God in the Bible. Hard to explain in words but I am sure I am not pretending anymore.

        For you Joef, why not give it a try, listen first and tell the difference of Bro. Eli’s preaching from other religion you are mentioning about.

  5. Brother Eli have laid out strong evidence and reason that God really exist:

    “Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath showed it unto them. For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:”

    The wonders of the created universe prove the existence of the Most Magnificent Creator. Denying God is denying the dictate of human conscience that there is somebody greater than him. Romans 2:14-15.”

    I really think Mr. Danny should read the next post by Brother Eli for you to be fully enlightened on this topic.

  6. Now I understand why you said, “Hitler has no religious inclination”. Although Hitler was raised by Roman Catholic parents when he grew up he made an attack against Catholicism. He also had a general plan, even before the rise of the Nazis to power, to destroy Christianity. And in addition to not attending Mass or receiving the sacraments, he even favored aspects of Protestantism. There were also a time that he expressed admiration for the Muslim military tradition and directed Himmler to initiate Muslim SS Divisions as a matter of policy.

    Internet is a free encyclopedia. Lets make use of it when we are skeptical of things we read.

  7. Their campaign would never deny the fact that they exist because there is God, loving God. I affirm that Bro. Eli is blessed by God to shout for the Truth that these people tries to deny.

  8. Their campaign would never deny the fact that they exist because there is God, loving God. I affirm that Bro. Eli is blessed by God to shout for the Truth that these people deny.

  9. Yesterday I was with the conversation with my old friend named Tom Curan, hes from USA, he’s an atheist sinced birth, hes now 20 yrs old, Hes father was a Science Professor also an atheist. He says he only heard that the bible and all its contents including story of Jesus were all fiction and he can’t remember when was the last time he read some pages in the bible. But he believe there’s no God.

    This great article or blog “THE CLAIM THAT THERE IS NO GOD IS AN ESCAPE FROM ALL REALITIES” is very timely, i recommend my friend atheist to read this very good and convincing to anyone who is in doubt that there is God up there watching us.

    Thanks Bro Eli, we are always waiting for all new blog from your God-given knowledge that only a good man he sent can have.

    Take Care Always

  10. It is true that to say there there probably is no God is an escape from reality. I can not imagine how these people who believe in this principle ignore the many manifestations of the existence of a God Almighty. These are people who think greatly of themselves and believe that they can do everything thus ignore God. How arrogant! But the reality is that these people can not do good as dictated by God, can not make themselves conform to the definition of a man as created by God for His purpose and can not change their evil ways. Thus they give up, exasperated and just say there is no God so that they can continue with what they call as enjoying life. Little do they know that the breath they have came from God. Well, wake up! To the people who believe in the fantasy, don’t wait for judgment day when you will come before God and be punished for ignoring Him while you are on earth. For those who are inclined to believe this principle that there is no God, think a thousand times, the world and everything on it is not just an accident, there is a mighty being doing everything from the heavens above. Search and ponder. You can start by studying all religions but it will all boil down to one true church and that is THE CHURCH OF GOD in the bible. But don’t take my word for it, you are free to explore and examine. This is your job. To accept the principle that there is no God is a sign of defeat, LOSERS!

  11. @Eldon
    How a particular entity such as a single-celled animal existed out from nothing?–>We dont know.

    Now if everything must have a cause, then who caused your God? If nothing caused your God then he cant exist. Oh let’s say that your God is exempted. Then what about the place where God created the universe [he must be in some place(be it beyond space and time) when he created the universe right? Who created that ‘place’? God? If God created that ‘place’ then where was god when he created that ‘place’ and who created that place/location where he created the place where he made the universe? and so on…

    • Humans are the most advanced mechanisms known to man – we are self-aware, we are capable of regulating body heat, we can turn food into usable energy, we can fix ourselves (healing), reproduce, think, grow, love, etc… and our brain’s operate on principles associated with a quantum computer…. which we aren’t even able to explain via mathematical models – let alone design one. So we must ask ourselves this question: Is something as complex/functional as the human body simply the product of random chance and time? Short answer – No!

      In regards to the complexity argument (every watch has a watch maker) – Atheist claim it fails for the following reason: If humans must be designed, due to our complexity, then how can God be omnipotent…wouldn’t he need a designer as well?

      Here’s the answers: In order to successfully apply the complexity argument, the system must be analyzed so it can be defined. Humans, cars, watches, etc can all be defined as complex/functioning mechanisms – and logic dictates that machines do NOT create themselves.

      God, however, can NOT be analyzed/defined; we can NOT say he is any type of mechanism, therefore, no conclusions can be made – God is outside the scope of our understanding. It should be noted that it’s NOT “unscientific” to suggest that certain aspects of reality are beyond scientific explanation. In fact, just the opposite is true….

      According to Stephen Hawkings, “the laws of physics break down at the point of singularity because there was NO time and NO space… it looks like the entire universe came from nothing.” In other words, the origins of the universe fall outside the scope of our understanding (similar to God).

      If it’s “logical” to assume that there is NO God – can anyone point to a single scientific fact to support that claim? Answer – NO!

      If science can NOT be used to disprove God, then why do atheist always reference it to back up their claims? When pushed, they typically break by saying, “well, one day, we’ll figure it all out”… in other words, they are acting on “blind faith” … hmm, and I thought atheism wasn’t supposed to be a ‘belief’ system?

      Science is simply a tool that allows us to understand the world that we live in… nothing more.

      A child could believe that a car, for example, operates by “magical forces,” However, later in life he could use science to understand how it functions…. this “understanding” does NOT, however, suggest in anyway whatsoever that the car did NOT have a creator. In fact, it does just the opposite.

      Again, the same analogy can be used on humans (which are far more complex than cars) … we can analyze/define ourselves and therefore, draw a logical conclusion i.e. we were designed.

      Another stupid rebuttal to the intelligent design argument:
      “Well, humans, unlike cars, are “organic,” and therefore, are somehow dismissed from needing a creator(because we are “natural”)… In other words, the fact that organic systems have the unique ability to adapt to their environment proves we do NOT require a designer.

      This, of course, is absurd …. Being “organic” only suggest a better/more sophisticated mechanism. The ability for organic life forms to adapt to their environment only illustrates more sophistication – why does a better mechanism exclude it from having a designer – wouldn’t it do just the opposite?

      • In reply to Gene, from January 8, 2010:

        I’ve often promised myself not to return here… I’m drawn to good discussion too easily.

        I love your description of man. However, you mention something that can’t be represented by mathematical models, either the human brain or quantum computers (I can’t easily tell… your sentence was ambiguous; curse english!). I’ll address both. Quantum processes are readily described mathematically. Just because indeterminacy is involved does not mean it cannot be described. Statistics work really well here. As for the human mind, indeed, we have no mathematical models that accurately describe it. This is because it is very messy in there, not just because it’s organic, but because it’s knotted. Neurons go from everywhere to everywhere with some, but little, pattern. This inhibits understanding at any more than a superficial level, at least until we can image the brain at higher resolutions.

        (In my opinion, this mess is an argument against an omnipotent/omniscient creator, or really, a competent creator at all. Why would it be such a mess? Again, though, this is my opinion and an admittedly weak argument.)

        Your argument about the creator’s creator, etc, is valid. Extrauniversal things need not obey trivial causality, and I have often used this argument myself.

        It is, however, an unscientific argument. To say something is beyond scientific understanding is not part of science, since saying such gives us no insights. It’s not an invalid claim, it’s just not a scientific claim. So, I do take minor issue with that.

        As to where my evidence is for no God, I won’t trot out the standard response involving the “burden of proof.” It’s been said enough here. What I will say is, I see no direct evidence for or against God. My mentality, my philosophy, is to not say either way. I don’t know, and I’m awaiting more evidence. I do see, however, direct evidence against most of the religious accounts, so I discard those. Evolution mightily contradicts most religious histories, and I believe evolution is true, because I’ve seen more proof of it than of the other histories.

        Atheists who claim they can disprove the existence of God are out of there depth, as God as used normally is a vague term that usually encompasses something extrauniversal. Even the rigors of mathematics cannot help in extrauniversal matters. Here, again, I agree with you.

        As for science, it is true it is a tool for understanding our world, nothing more. But this is no small thing… the world is beautiful. Understanding how it works, how simple it really is, when you get down to it, intensifies this beauty tenfold. (On a personal note, I think scientific discovery is an essential joy in life. I remember when I first learned special relativity. The feeling was… numinous.)

        Your car analogy breaks down, here, because cars cannot reproduce on their own. Even amino acids and other simple organics can reproduce with only reactant, not a factory. Once you reach higher organisms, cars lack internal genetic code, and the ability to mate and mutate. These are all absolutely essential to an evolving system, and leaving them out easily proves your point.

        Experimental evidence shows, at least, that evolution works on small scales effectively. You need only look at viral mutations, or bacteria, to see this at work. It’s not at all a stretch to imagine, in the millions of years of life on this planet, that something even as complex as us could evolve through the mechanisms of mutation and fitness. Additionally, fossil records (as well as visual evidence from living organisms) suggest traits that change gradually over time, and branch out into new species.

        Now take whatever chance you think this has of happening, however small, and multiply by the billions of billions of planets. This number is no longer trivial. In fact, it is likely above 1, giving it an absolute chance of happening.

        I’m not an evolutionary biologist, but already, to me, the preponderance of evidence is clear.

        This history is, to me, the one most directly supported by observation. My philosophy prevents me from believing anything else. It’s not that I don’t want a designer, it’s just that a designer is not supported by anything more than apparent complexity, which is just as easily explained evolutionarily, and evolution explains much more than just that.

        I’m glad you posted this, Gene. Your arguments hold significantly more weight than most who believe these things.


    What evidence and reason will you accept when your mind is closed??? You are one of the propagators of that damned principle, I believe. Well, pity you, because you can not even present facts that there is no God, and your rebuttal to the many facts presented was so typical of a loser…

    BTW you stink very much like the pastors on the streets, even publishing that you accept donations for your organization of freethinkers kuno. You are a scam, even if you say that you have no religion and that you don’t have a god, well you have a god, i.e., the god of this world. You are so much like him, pretending that there is no God, but in truth you are turned into a follower of this god who claims that there is no God. This principle is not your idea, it is the idea of some damned creature and that you just followed. Well, poor follower. Very poor indeed because you ask for alms, no matter how high tech the manner is (PayPal pa ha), it is still alms… for the poor. Tsk, tsk, tsk…

  13. @the post.
    Yes, many of the atrocities were carried out by atheists. But they did not perpetrate their atrocities because of their atheism. Atheism is simply the lack of belief in god. I mean these killings were not the result of societies that became too attached to critical thinking, or too demanding of evidence right? Btw, Hitler was a Christian.

    Also look at 9/11 and The Crusades. These two were clearly done in the name of a god. And look at the corrupt politicians we have in this country [Phil] they attend mass yet they are still corrupt. And also look at the population of the prisons here in our country.

    Lastly, believing in god, or in an [unproven] afterlife and heaven and hell is an escape to the sad reality that there is nothing in stored for us. That is the very reason why the primitive man created the idea of afterlife/heaven.

  14. @danny > i guess you’re not reading it well. it’s not “that’s it”, it clearly says here “to be continued”.

    btw, did hitler told you that he was a catholic christian? or did you ask his parents? were you an acquaintance of him or some sort? n_n

    if you really have some valid counter-arguments, why don’t you just point it out already?

  15. God bless you Bro.eli,we’ve understand the real meaning of life,and found our true friend and brother,take care of yourself po, ilove you po

  16. FYI: Hitler was a former catholic member, and rejected this religion and eventually is not associated with any ‘Christian’ affiliation. He merely sounded as if he had GOD in him. But then, this was only used to lure the German people. Hitler actually rejected Catholicism. So, what has been written in the article is factual.

  17. In every dispensation there must be a Messenger sent by God to preach good tidings of salvation. These unbelievers of God even ignoring His existence were adding too much confusion to the human society just what they said ‘enjoy life , there’s no God’. So, people tends to do whatever they like? This is really alarming and a big lie !!!
    Thanks be to God Bro Eli came to the rescue. Preaching the TRUE GOSPEL to let the people know His righteousness. Two thumbs up 🙂

  18. The ‘burden of proof’ lies upon the claimer. Since theists claim that there is a god, then theists must show proof/evidence. If theists claim that there is an afterlife/heaven, then show it to us. If you cant show us strong and valid proof that God exist then atheism stands.

    Now, the Bible as proof/evidence[or Argument from Scripture] is not a good proof. In fact that is a very weak argument. The Bible cannot prove the existence of God. There are contradictions, factual errors, absurdities and inconsistencies in it plus with unknown authors. And the bible is not based on critical thinking. How can that be ‘believable’?

    Also who wrote it and when? How did they know what to write? Did they, in their time, really mean what we, in our time, understand them to be saying? Were they unbiased observers, or did they have an agenda that coloured their writing?

    Thank you and I hope we’ll have a good and civil conversation here. And let us avoid ‘ad hominems’ ok? 😀

  19. i had not yet read the bible when i was still a child but there and then i already believe in his existence. i feel it on the way nature takes its course, on the way you survive some fatal mistakes, on times when natural catastrophe ravage your neighborhood and you are still there standing, on the way the tree birds fly unmindful of what theywill eat the next day and many other things somebody in my inner me told me.

    when i had already a family and my wife bore our eldest daughter, i felt also his presence when a typhoon came in our place. my daughter, she is just barely a kid then just slept in my lap unmindful of the raging wind outside, sort of possessing a why bother attitude when somebody powerful enough was there to save us.

    i really pity those who do not believe in god. once i was also lured by the communist when i am still a student writer seeking some venues to bent my ire on social injustice but just did not went through. somebody in me, just like a whisper kept on telling the other way. communists were just plain communists. ruthless killers who murder their own siblings just to get what they want. they believe in fairness when caught below the pauper line but justifies power when given the chance to grab it.

    anyway, we could not blame them. they knew not the power and wrath of the lord. satan was aware of it and trembled on its coming. the devil might had hidden this knowledge to the atheist to abort the growing fear in them.

    god had created people unequal in many different ways just to show his unsurpassed intellect in the future.

    its just a matter of faith and believing that he is always there to fulfill a promise.

  20. @all atheists & the like >
    @jobo > burden of proof, eh?

    how many theists do you think there is compared to the number of atheists all in all? can you count?

    if the (# of theists > # of atheists), then don’t you think that it’s the non-believers who should be presenting evidences to refute the FACT THAT GOD IS REAL?

    can you argue with OBAMA that God exists? i don’t think so.

    atheists think they’re in a safer zone for rejecting GOD, or for some, a mere doubt, thinking they claim nothing … but in fact, you’re not!

    the burden of proof also lies on you, that’s why you guys made a campaign ad with a weak assertion (probably no god) because you can’t mess with REAL THINKERS who are believers as well.

    so, don’t try to act godly and mighty as if you are the one to give rules and order in this debate.

    just give us your best arguments and be ready to be debunk.

    “LAZY THINKERS don’t believe. REAL THINKERS believe.”

  21. @jobo > btw, this meaning might help you guys.

    BURDEN OF PROOF = Latin: necessitas probandi incumbit ei qui agit, which can be literally translated as “the necessity of proof lies with he who complains”. Therefore, it lies with the party making a new claim. A newer claim as opposed to the majority.

    If GOD-BELIEVERS are the majority, the proposition of doubt from the NON-BELIEVERS is the new claim.

    good luck. n_n

  22. Dear Jobo,

    What I liked about your comment is that you asked questions. And there is no better avenue in the world of blogging that you let them out than here. That is what Bro. Eli is for.

    FYI: For over 25 years, he has been entertaining live questions from all sorts of people and has been giving the answers from the Bible.

    So do ask Bro. Eli. Believe me, when he answers, and even without using the Bible as a basis, you will be convinced that there is a Being who exists, who made us to exist, and who made everything in this intelligently crafted world to exist for us.

    Peace be with you.

  23. to jobo:

    Can you explain what is the use of your appendix? Scientists and doctors don’t even know why such a body part exists in the human body. If that tiny part can not be explained and understood by man, how can you fathom the mystery of God? Do you fully understand your physical nature that you want to move on spiritual things?

    I see you disregard the bible much as you disregard the existence of God. So can you present a book that you think is more factual and correct and is being used by learned people on earth? Why not present it for scrutiny, and granting that such a book exists, why not suggest that the the next american president swear on it during his inauguration…

    If you are genuine, present your facts, don’t just sit down there and write a few lines. Maybe you don’t FULLY believe in your atheist principle anymore, after reading Bro. Eli’s post.

    Well, bahala na ang Dios sa iyo.

  24. @Ren Newman:
    Argumentum ad populum [your post].
    According to the rules of evidence, the burden of proof lies upon the claimer. 😀
    If you cant show to us that God exist, then atheism stands. [The way i see it and based on the entry of Bro. Eli, Bible and Faith is only what you have. Mas ma excite ako if you can show more than that]

    So God then is unknowable/mysterious? Then how come you are cock sure that it exist?

    I admit that there are things that science can’t explain. We may not know things right now but it will be explained. Not in this lifetime but it will be. Saying God as the explanation to things that can’t be explained only shows that your god is the god of gaps. and you have no basis on saying so.

    Next, why would we believe the Bible? Muslims have their Koran. Jews have their Torah. These books contradict each other. Which book is true?

    I suggest we follow books that are based on critical thinking, experiments, facts, observations. Not just a book written by unknown authors, with absurdities, contradictions, and factual errors. [just tell me if you want an example ok?]

    Let me end this by asking you a question. How can there be a loving and powerful God if evil and suffering exist? Your God is loving and powerful right? [tell me if you have other definition of God, i will try to disprove its existence]

    Thank You

    • let your stand be yours for awhile ….

      Thousands of evidence can prove that there’s God but only to those who are not bias and not poisoned by different philosophies and own ideologies.

      Bro. Eli may have long list of it but..

      will you accept them without any prejudice?

      answer truthfully that you will not be influenced by your self righteousness.

      Because answers are futile if without willingness to weigh truth especially so if under one-sidedness and partiality

  25. Dear Rigor,

    Evidence of great understanding is to teach. Why dont you answer nlng my questions? If you learned something from him then show it to us here.

    Thank you.

    • Jobo
      Ang laki ng galit mo sa sarili. kakaawa ka. You cannot even feel nor comprehend the existence of God.who’s controlling your existence then? how long you can stand without a support?where you will lean afterall?did you not ever experience falling, deppression? problems, being endangered? sinong tinawagan mo in all these times? don’t tell me never you experienced any of those, and i will tell you right now that you are a LIER.Good or bad existence of earth has a god, there is always a god, the evil their god is the of all evils, andon the other side the one true God whom you should be grateful of your existence on earth.What is your life’s purpose then afterall?

  26. to the pro atheists out there:

    you had missed the link between killing, genocide, murder, or whatever you may call it to the belief in the existence of one almighty god. hitler might believed in a god but not to the true god. he is a catholic actually, but not a christian. the perpetrators of 9/11 were hard core moslems, and the corrupt politicians in the philippines were not true christians.

    crusades, and you forgot to mention the inquisitions were done in the name of a false god and wrong biblical interpretations.

    anyway, i dont blame you for not believing god. sometimes you are much better than others who professed they knew god but were cruel in their wicked ways. you are just a product of a society contaminated by false belief just like in the days of noah. maybe, just maybe, what you might not believe or hate to accept is the existence of a false god. because if you would know the true god, his almighty power, his unfathomed intellect, his glory, and all the things he prepared for those who believed, that would be the time you will ponder in his existence.

    and come to think of this: satan trembled in the mere mention of his name. would you believe that, the most evil one learned the existence of the true god. he knew the almighty very well. in fact he witnessed his anger, and thats what he feared the most. he was there in the creation of the heavens and the earth. when the christ mentioned god’s word to him, satan dared not answer. the devil never questioned the existence of god. the most sinful of all believe in god. where will you put the atheists then?

  27. @thelmo r inigo:
    Which God is true then? There are lots of gods. Other religion have their god/s and they consider their god/s as true. They also have faith in their God and they also have Holy Book/s or scriptures to prove the existence of their god/s. Also they consider your God as false. And you also consider the gods of other religion as false/incorrect. Which is true? Ofkors you would answer that your God is true right? 😀

    Remember, with respect to other religion, your God dont exist.

  28. @jobo > sorry but not necessarily so.


    this is not argumentum ad populum since i haven’t started arguing yet. it’s not part of my argument, and i’m not appealing my case to be true just because many believe so, then it is so.

    it seems that you really don’t know these terms in practice and you’re just bluffing that you know the definitions of it. hahah.

    you see, i’m just pointing out a simple thing here. you failed to accept that the BURDEN OF PROOF is not just on the side of the God-believers since the newer claim is on he who says that “there is probably no God” — that’s your side, dude! n_n

  29. to jobo;

    i am very happy with you my friend. you are on the first step of seeking the truth. i am also a catholic in my youth. an acolyte actually but in the midst of my growing up, i questioned the authenticity of the church i am serving. why are there so many idols. why is name of god not included in the name of the church when the almighty supposedly owned the earth and the whole universe. why are the priests kneeling to idols. why do we pray repeatedly. and so on.

    at one time, i ventured to read the bible in the altar. it was full of dust (the idols were luckier, they were pampered by the devotees everyday). the priest just read it once a week, anyway. utter some mysterious words and no more. just like an echo deafening in the dark. i happened to read a verse by jesus commanding his followers not to pray repeatedly. and that was it. when i reached my teen years, i literally abhored the church, and my parents could do nothing about it. i quit attending “holy sacraments”.

    in my college days, my campus writer colleagues noticed my way of writing. they said they were full of hatred as if something burned in my heart. they advised me to attend some bible studies. read the bible they say. it would sooth your heart. i attended one anyway, attempted myght be the right word and cringed at those moments.upon seeing their bible i hated it. i am irked by the way they recite verses. (they were just like the priests, reciting something and doing the other way.) am i not a son of god, i told to myself. am i an atheist. youth activism then is lurking its ugly head, and communists were inviting me to join their fold. it was the seventees. dekada sitenta, history would say.

    you are a good thinker, jobo. i admire you for that. a nice analyst actually. luther king also did it. even rizal (he was shot as a result). sometimes, i thought to myself, we are luckier than others. multitudes perished in the inquisition by thinking the other way and questioning the existence of a papal god.

    you are on the right path, ie. seeking the existence of a true god.

  30. These aetheists sure know a lot about God and religion. I sure hope they don’t plan to argue this way when the Time comes.

    Did it occur to them that when you name something, it means it exists? You can’t call a pen a pen if the idea, material or immaterial, never existed. So when they attest there is no God, it’s already giving away a fact – that they’re reality escapists.

    So kind folk, please don’t call them stupid when they’re not because these people are definitely not. They’re here in this blog. They know why they’re and what they’re talking about. Let them and every person be accountable for what they say and believe in.

  31. Also, isn’t it a wonder how they painstakingly wrack their brains for evidence on God’s non-existence when at the end of it all, they’re still talking about God? And if you ask an atheist what they believe in, all they’ll say is “I believe there is no God.” I’m confused. Still God?

  32. It has been a while since I have participated in Bro. Eli’s blog site, and I am much pleased that Bro.Eli is giving some time to enlighten us with these issues that these atheists are spreading. Any logical thinking person would not entertain in their thoughts the notion that there is no God, and thinking that majority of these people are so called learned. But human learning and reason is obviously not enough to make these people realize the error of their ways. Let us pray that God’s words through Bro. Eli reach these people to enlighten them in their wrong beliefs.

    There is a very alarming movement that is currently gaining some unprecedented popularity in youtube which is the so called “BLASPHEMY CHALLENGE” where in order to answer this challenge is to make a video of your self denouncing the God’s Holy spirit and saying that they don’t believe in God and heaven and even saying “see you in hell” as parting words.

    Let us pray for these blind people that God’s word through the only sensible preacher of our time reach them so they might have a chance to repent from this evil and stupid practice.

  33. Thorvald, according to your amazing way of thinking, I must admit God exists; and also UFOs, ghosts, leprechauns, elfs unicorns…

    I have nothing against belief in god(s), as long as people who do believe don’t try to impose their views on those of us who don’t. The problem with religious people usually arises when they try to proclaim the absoulute truth of their beliefs.

    If God truly existed and were as benevolent as is usually claimed, then I shouldn’t worry, should I? He would certainly understand my atheism, in his magnanimous way.

    But of course it’s useless to argument with people who found reasoning upon blind faith. Blind faith sometimes leads to correct answers. Like a clock not working: it still says the right time twice a day.

  34. Hi guys. Well…while surfing the net I stumbled upon this site and was intrigued by the title of this post (hmmmm very catchy, I might say) and have entirely read the article.

    Well, I just don’t get it…no offense but is Mr. Soriano intention is to show that atheism is an irrational position? You see, if Christians or believers wants to disprove atheism, he must show that atheism is an irrational position.

    Now, for an atheist (like me) Bible polemics is fun…but it’s really not a very useful argument to use to disprove atheism. Most atheists might even scoff to this…and while atheists like me may read it for a while, he may not even try to make a rubuttal about this. Believe me, this is quite to amateurish.

    To face atheism we expect a Christian to be more inclide to philosophy and the sciences…not Bible polemics.

    Now speaking of strategy, atheists like me find the use of infamous persons like Pol-Pot, Stalin and Hitler useless since they didn’t address the atheist position. You see, these people didn’t wage war or killed those people in the name of theology. They did it because of some socio-economic ideology. Remember, terrorists can kill in the name of God or politics. If you read Mr. Pape’s article about terrorism, we can see that killing are not only motivated by religious cause. That’s the same with these guys. They kill not because of their non-belief but because of their ideology.

    So I hope I have given you guys a clearer view of the atheist position…provided that you won’t delete my simple comment.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

    John the Atheist

  35. Even the English propoents of “Atheistic” or “Agnostic” movements never realize the etymological meaning of the word “god.”

    Congratulations to the Brethren, once again this blogsite of Bro. Eli topped among them all – THE MOST POPUPAR WEBSITE OF THE YEAR.

  36. To Jobo (sure, will not be able to explain his existence)

    We’re inviting you to attend one of Bro. Eli’s Bible Exposition and bring out
    your reasons.

    Let’s see. Test the spirit, Lost. Confront this group face to face. And I assure
    you… TRUTH WILL OUT. Are you man enough to face the challenge?
    Get out from your abode of unreality.



  37. To Jobo:

    Good day.

    Can you please specifically point the VERSES that you claim are ” contradictions, factual errors, absurdities and inconsistencies”?

    And we will prove to you, Biblically also, that THERE ARE NO ” contradictions, factual errors, absurdities and inconsistencies”? in the Book


    As it is clearly stated in the Book of Daniel 12:4, 9-10

    4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

    9 And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.

    10 Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.


    Salamat po sa Dios.


  38. to pinoy atheist:

    i just dont understand why you named pol pot and stalin on your comments even saying they just kill for ideology. where do theism and atheism connect with them.
    actually they dont kill for that so called ideology. murder, onslaught, genocides, what you may call it, were just product from human greed and want of power. even the early greeks wage war to win land and raped their victim’s women. the crusades followed the whims of their pope to kill in the name of a papal deity but foremost in their mind was to acquire land and taste the native maidens in the “holy land”.
    what i understand with atheism is ones hatred to a reigning ruler. they do not want themselves to be governed. they want to be free. if that would be the logic of all, there will be chaos in the street.
    there is no freedom without the law. keep that in mind.
    all elements on earth, ie if you believe in science, follows certain rules to exist. you may not accept it but somebody controlled them.
    scientists were dumbfounded why human cells start to degenerate at a certain point of time as if somebody commands them. even planets follow certain path to create order in the universe.
    just come to think of it.

  39. Thanks be to God, bro Eli for your verynice website…you are realy Messenger of God at this time for all of us…and for the people searching for truth…we will support you. We love you bro Eli…take care always.

  40. to bobo…..i mean jobo

    you posted this phrase,”Argumentum ad populum [your post].
    According to the rules of evidence, the burden of proof lies upon the claimer”.What’s so ironic is aside from the clear logical statements from the bible Bro.Eli used you didn’t see the wisdom in them,you didn’t even present a single argument proving your claim….or i guess you can’t just prove that there’s no God.
    That is the problem of atheism….this thing can’t explain anything about God and His existence but it immediately arrives to claim that God doesn’t exist.How pathetic!

  41. The main reason why atheists have committed atrocities is because they fear no God. No one will punish them for doing evil and at the same time no one will reward them for doing good. They fail to realize that human kindness has its source and a reason to exist.

    It is therefore logical to say that Atheists are fools as mentioned in the bible. They have done evil for they fail to acknowledge the source of all goodness.

  42. I don’t mind at all being called a fool or an idiot by believers for not believing in something that entirely lacks logic. You have been decieved for so long, yet you still use this useless old foolishness as your shields. You should all open your eyes, idiots. The people who don’t believe in god are evil??? My god, I guess you are all americans, ignorant uneducated imbeciles. Tell me, what caused most of the great wars of the middle ages? Religion. Your Holy Fathers. What about the inquisitions? Christianity is one of the greatest diseases of history, along with communism and nacional socialism. You take away people’s lives by raising them to live under meaningless obligations and take away their free will.
    And just out of curiosity, have you ever thought about the fact that this nonsense is just one of the many religions in the world, and if it wasn’t for a roman emperor struggling to keep the empire together, your beliefs ( which you claim to be universal and undisputable ) would be just one of the minor useless religions in the mist of history? Or can you tell me why are you so sure there is one god only, and not many, like in the greek mythology or taoist ( or shinto, hindu, etc. ) religion?
    Atheists are not the enemies of the world, they are people who have enough iq to see through the lies and unneccessary things in the world. And if you blame people for not believing in the same ideals as yourselves, then you are on the same level as Hitler and Stalin.
    Also, before you start a holy war against me, I am not an atheist, I don’t believe in not believing, I quiet simply don’t waste my time on minor things like these, but this nonsene written here almost made my head explode.
    Go and read the bible, a book written by people who would nowdays be called scichofreniacs and be locked up in an institution because they hear flaming bushes talking to them.
    Good luck, I hope you all live a long, wasted life.

  43. Dear Jobo:

    “I admit that there are things that science can’t explain. We may not know things right now but it will be explained. Not in this lifetime but it will be.”

    I’m a bit curious with your statement above… so you believe in another lifetime?
    Isn’t that a bit too — unatheistic? 🙂

    I’m not much into arguments, definitely not as intelligent as you, but there are things that go beyond what can be thought or explained.. things that are JUST THERE.. that is why there is word such as “faith”. Anyway… another striking statement for me:

    “Let me end this by asking you a question. How can there be a loving and powerful God if evil and suffering exist? Your God is loving and powerful right? [tell me if you have other definition of God, i will try to disprove its existence]”

    How can we know love if we do not know suffering?

    What is love? Why do we love?
    How do we know that we suffer when we suffer, that we love when we love?
    Where do these all come from?

    Can philosophy or some-such-stuff answer these questions?
    Life, is after all, more complicated that what we see or hear or feel.

    I have a definition of God for you: HE is justice. He does not control us. HE let’s us believe what we want, do what we want, so that we can triumph over our imperfections. He’s like a dad, who is loving but not controlling. He is there to help when we need it, to give us a boost when we need an upper, to show us wisdom when we’re having a hard time making those big decisions. But our choices, are ours. We suffer and we glory in their consequences. That is His love: that He gave us freedom to think and to choose.

    If He can wants to control every single little thing, do you think you’d be an atheist?

    Thank GOD for people like you. You prove His existence.

  44. Dear Jobo:

    “I admit that there are things that science can’t explain. We may not know things right now but it will be explained. Not in this lifetime but it will be.”

    I’m a bit curious with your statement above… so you believe in another lifetime?
    Isn’t that a bit too — unatheistic? 🙂

    I’m not much into arguments, definitely not as intelligent as you, but there are things that go beyond what can be thought or explained.. things that are JUST THERE.. that is why there is word such as “faith”. Anyway… another striking statement for me:

    “Let me end this by asking you a question. How can there be a loving and powerful God if evil and suffering exist? Your God is loving and powerful right? [tell me if you have other definition of God, i will try to disprove its existence]”

    How can we know love if we do not know suffering?

    What is love? Why do we love?
    How do we know that we suffer when we suffer, that we love when we love?
    Where do these all come from?

    Can philosophy or some-such-stuff answer these questions?
    Life, is after all, more complicated that what we see or hear or feel.

    I have a definition of God for you: HE is justice. He does not control us. HE let’s us believe what we want, do what we want, so that we can triumph over our imperfections. He’s like a dad, who is loving but not controlling. He is there to help when we need it, to give us a boost when we need an upper, to show us wisdom when we’re having a hard time making those big decisions. But our choices, are ours. We suffer and we glory in their consequences. That is His love: that He gave us freedom to think and to choose.

    If He wants to control every single little thing, do you think you’d be an atheist?

    Thank GOD for people like you. You prove His existence.

  45. to all atheist.. it is very wise to accept that there is God, and unwise to think/believe otherwise.. If we are only thinking, Gods commandment is for the good of the followers, and the world will be in peace and harmony. And if you obey Gods comandments, He has a promise that you will be saved. and, granting without accepting that there is no God, then nothing will ever happen to you if you obey His laws, and if there is God indeed, then you will be saved. if you analyze risk factors, it is better that you believe in God even if there is non (as atheist point of view) rather than not believing in Him if there is.

    also, to the athiest disclaiming the accuracy of the bible, state how the bible is inaccurate so that bro. eli will be able to enlighten your mind. remind you that the bible is not the word of GOd, It is a book which contains various words including words of GOd, words of the devils, word of snakes, etc.. so definitely there are contradictions in the bible between words of GOd and his adversay (devil)

    • Your God is not the only God claimed on the earth. What happens to Pascal’s wager when you go before Zeus?

      And I disagree with God’s commandment sufficiently bringing about peace and harmony. Look at this very Blog with a bible passage claiming Atheists are fools. That’s not very harmonious. And consider the OT, there’s plenty of God approved, self righteous, bloodletting in that collection.

    • To bruno;

      I am tired to hear people rationalizing such MAJOR blunders. You said God’s commandments are for the good of his followers. Isnt’ good for everyone? I can sense your god has a bias. I want to point out to this pharse ,”for the good”. Well, let us analyze to see if that so. If God’s commandments are for the good then is it evilness to disobey it?

      I will give you an instance in your bible that would explain this:

      Kill Women Who Are Not Virgins On Their Wedding Night

      But if this charge is true (that she wasn’t a virgin on her wedding night), and evidence of the girls virginity is not found, they shall bring the girl to the entrance of her fathers house and there her townsman shall STONE HER TO DEATH, because she committed a crime against Israel by her unchasteness in her father’s house. Thus shall you purge the evil from your midst. (Deuteronomy 22:20-21 NAB)

      So this is the commandement of your God if your wife is not a virgin. Didn’t he also SAy “thou shall not kill?”

      He obeyed his commandment, HE must be stoned to death.

      Why not start your knowing your OWN BELIEF.!

      • to Jeof ,

        hehehe, you are totally mixed up, first of all i said “If we are only thinking, Gods commandment is for the good of the followers, and the world will be in peace and harmony”
        –> i did not say that it is for the good of the followers ONLY!”.. you are interpreting the words wrongly.

        second, what you have stated in your comment about the virgins in israel, it is a commandment for the israelites and not for us, you are mixing situations in your head thats why you are confused, there are commandments in the bible intended for us and there are not.. if all the commandments in the bible are to be interpreted the way you interpret is, you might as well make an ark just like noah when there will be heavy rains, but thats not how the bible works, after the time of the israelites God has made a new covenant because just like what it was written in “ebrews chapters and 8, the new covenant made the first old”, so what you are citing is not a part of CHristian doctrines which we are following..

        anyway, you can ask bro eli regarding all your doubts and im sure he can answer it.. just have an open mind.. even great mathematician like pascal (which i think is more intelligent than us) has a pilosophy like this:

        Pascal’s Wager (or Pascal’s Gambit) is a suggestion posed by the French philosopher Blaise Pascal that even though the existence of God cannot be determined through reason, a person should wager as though God exists, because living life accordingly has everything to gain, and nothing to lose. It was set out in note 233 of his Pensées, a posthumously published collection of notes made by Pascal in his last years as he worked on a treatise on Christian apologetics.

  46. First, when considering the atrocities committed by these nonreligious regimes in the last century I believe one must consider a few things. Those being:

    Humans are on exponential growth curve; therefore, there were more people alive during the twentieth century than the centuries before.

    And there was an increased technological development in the way of dispatching people, not only in weaponry but network and transport.

    Hence, when bad things happen, there is more to go around.

    Second, I saw nothing in your post that actually linked the denial of the existence of God with an escapism of reality. Quoting bible passages and pointing out some Atheists that were bad people clinches nothing. There are and have been plenty of professing Christians that have done what society and even your good book deems as wrong. Of course you can pick and choose and play the true Scottsman if you wish but so could I, if I felt like being disingenuous.

  47. It is actually the height of ignorance to assume the existence of a god. You believe because your mommy and daddy told you to, or because you were weak and found solace in an authoritarian regime (the church). Santa Clause doesn’t exist, neither does the Easter Bunny, nor does the tooth fairy. If you actually sit and think about it, how every culture comes up with a religion, you soon realize it is simply a means to manipulate and control a society. But believe what you will.

  48. ha ha, I’m loving these comments. why do people have to fight against view points that aren’t their own? there will always be doubters, and there will always be the faithful. it seems much more logical to just accept each other, and enjoy our separate viewpoints. when you put down another group, you’re only making yourself feel superior. when you’re right, someone else must be wrong. this is a delusion, in fact we are all part of a greater whole. there is no right path, and there is no wrong doctrine. all religious texts point to the same god, except no one wants to admit it. “mine is the correct answer, and yours is wrong”.

    until people learn to accept one another, society will always be in conflict. there will be no moment in the future where everyone is a christian, and there will be no point when everyone is an athiest. this isn’t a compromise, it’s not giving up, it’s acceptance. and acceptance is love.

  49. I’m sorry, I just wanted to say one more thing to Bro. Eli:

    you brought up an argument here, but you’re making your point with nothing but quotes. that’s hardly evidence of anything, other than what someone else has said. I could do the same and pick out as many quotes that refute god. which wouldn’t prove anything, or do any good.

    why is it that christians are fighting so hard against atheism? if you truly believe in it and have faith, it shouldn’t matter what other people say or believe. I really hope I’m not offending anyone here, I’m just curious in hearing from a different point of view.

  50. The argument you have presented is called a Logical Fallacy. The types you have used are called “Appeal To Authority”, “Appeal to Belief”, “Appeal to Popularity” and “Appeal to Consequence of a Belief”…or in this case, a non-belief and so many more I cannot begin to dissect them all.

    A logical fallacy is defined as false reasoning. You tried to appeal to logic and failed because you don’t seem to understand the concepts behind various types of reasoning. Please visit my blog to find out more about logical fallacies and skeptical thought.

    In case it isn’t obvious, I am an atheist. It isn’t very “christian” of you to compare people you have never met or even talked to to mass murderers like Stalin and Hitler. Simply because I follow the scientific evidence, which does not point to the existence of ANY god, doesn’t mean that I have no ethics or morals.

    I don’t kill people. Not because I’m afraid of retribution from your god but because I don’t want to. Human beings have their own intrinsic value even if I don’t agree with some of them.

    I tell the truth because it’s just easier. I have honest business dealings because if I don’t, I lose customers.

    I don’t have to believe in a god to be a good person. Neither do you.

    • Understanding the mere existence of God cannot be more proved by the fact that you exist at all. Nowhere in our great universe, the creation of God, is life. But this planet has life in its voracity of existence and abundance. Life… is of God. Man has yet to find life anywhere… and he won’t. Science and the biblical accounts match. There is no contradiction. You don’t kill people because God gave you inherent wisdom. If you will… like instincts. All good things are from God. However, you do have the ability, through choice, to kill another. Knowing that it is wrong, is from God. Your last statement was “I don’t have to believe in a god to be a good person. Neither do you.” This is where you contradict yourself. If you are a “Good” person. You inherently do the will of God.

      Romans 2: 14For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves:

      15Which shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another;)

      This gives those whom have not heard the law a way to salvation.

  51. I am going to say something, but no matter what you read, I want you to keep reading, if you can.

    I am agnostic.

    Reading this post, I find it ridiculous and maddening, as I’m sure you’d find anything pro-atheism ridiculous and maddening. The fact is, anyone who believes something as strongly as everyone here does has a tendency to ignore any argument against it, or become enraged by it, etc. Argument about religion never gets anywhere, in my experience. I’m writing this post to clear up a few misconceptions, in my opinion, and to state what I believe so that you can have a better understanding of why I believe it. I’m not looking for an argument, I’m just trying to foster some mutual understanding.

    Now, God’s existence is not falsifiable; That is, you can’t prove God doesn’t exist. This is why it is not included in any sort of scientific inquiry: Science needs falsifiable ideas, so it’s at least possible to dismiss. This does not mean he doesn’t exist, just that, while exploring how the universe works, we gain nothing by saying God exists.

    I believe that God’s existence is not provable, true or false, and the classical religions are impossible for me to agree with. I don’t want to imagine a God imperfect enough to have to meddle with his creation after it’s creation. Any God I believe in set up the universe and it’s laws, then set it running. No answered prayers, no miracles.

    A lot of you seem to think that this worldview is depressing; Admittedly, permanent death is a distressing idea. I, however, find this beautiful; If this universe exists from merely simple, unchanging laws, with all it’s infinite complexity so accurately described, it really is a thing of beauty. The mere fact that we are alive is breathtaking… it’s enough that the garden is beautiful, without imagining there to be fairies at the bottom of it. In fact, the garden is more beautiful: we no longer attribute it’s beauty to some all-powerful force.

    Some would say that this complexity, this “fine tuning” of our universe, is the sure sign that God exists. I think that any universe that can sustain life is already necessarily complex, so seeing the complexity does not necessitate any fine tuning. It is complex only because we are here to see it. If you run enough universes, you’ll eventually get one that works.

    I’ve said before that I don’t know if God exists, but I don’t think he’s actively meddling with the universe… that would be fairly un-Godlike. He’d be extrauniversal, after all, which by definition means that he has no effect on the universe. This leads to my conclusion: God may or may not exist, but he certainly doesn’t matter any more. I owe him my gratitude, but not my worship.

    I see classical religion as, honestly, a subtle psychosis. It doesn’t massively affect lives, but it can make them worse. If you believe in an infinite afterlife, there’s less of a reason to do stuff now. I see this as horrible: if these people wait, they’ll never get to do it. Ever. Parents tell children that deceased grandparents are in heaven; This seems cruel to me. They’re gone. That shouldn’t be horrific, though: they lived a fine life, human nature includes death, the biological cycle of the planet requires it. Any amount of life is valuable enough to trade for eventual death.

    This leads me to why I think religion is still important in society, despite the bad that I see as coming with it. It gives people who need it a comforting explanation for pain and death, while providing a moral backbone. Most people in the world still need that, to make life seem more livable. I have come to see life as wonderful even with pain and permanent death, and I have a moral structure built around my humanity alone that is as strong as any of yours, but I recognize that some people can’t do that, and that’s OK. I hope that some day, as a species, we can drop the crutch that religion has provided us so kindly since the earliest days of civilization, but I know it won’t be soon.

    I hope I have provided you some insight as to why people like me believe what we believe, even if you don’t agree with it. We believe it as strongly as you don’t, and look with the same sadness on you. Unfortunately, the living will never know who’s right. I just have to believe what I think is true, right now.

  52. to jobo

    let your stand be yours for awhile ….

    Thousands of evidence can prove that there’s God but only to those who are not bias and not poisoned by different philosophies and own ideologies.

    Bro. Eli may have long list of it but..

    will you accept them without any prejudice?

    answer truthfully that you will not be influenced by your self righteousness.

    Because answers are futile if without willingness to weigh truth especially so if under one-sidedness and partiality

    • @Clytie

      What if i can show to you that most (if not all) of these so called evidences are either logically invalid or not sound? Would you at least convert yourself to agnosticism? If ever you will present evidences, I will accept them without prejudices and I will base my conclusions/criticisms to these so called evidences with science, logic, and reason. I hope that these so called evidences are all based on logic, science, and reason (but I already doubt it aint as you can see the blog post above).

      I tell you I have already read and studied almost all of the arguments/evidences for your God. Most of the proponents of these arguments are even respected philosophers and scientists like William Lane Craig (a famous Christian apologists). And I can even show to you that these arguments fail. What more if your so called evidences come from Bro. Eli?

  53. David Provost wrote: “Science and the biblical accounts match. There is no contradiction.”

    I beg to disagree. The bible says that the earth is just a couple of thousand years old while science disagree with that. And science have evidences that can show that our earth is NOT a couple of thousand years while the bible do not have evidences. The bible is just based on faith, which is believing w/o evidence.

    David Provost wrote: “Your last statement was “I don’t have to believe in a god to be a good person. Neither do you.” This is where you contradict yourself. If you are a “Good” person. You inherently do the will of God.”

    There is no contradiction here. You are saying that this statement contradicts based on your faulty premise that “All good things are from God.” All good things do not come from God or a deity. That premise is just baseless.

    Man can be good without God. Your god is not the only yardstick of morality. There are philosophies therefore your God is superfluous. Moral argument for god’s existence is one of the weakest argument.

    • What the heck are you saying bro? Science would never be compatible with religion, especially with christianity. See my refutation against genesis 1 posted above. I can see a lot more christian charlatans here. A disgrace to education.

  54. Hi Atheists..especially to Maria.. what are those scientific evidences that does not point to the existence of any God? I need facts not theories..

    I also have a question that keeps bothering me.. I was in the verge of believing that all humans came from monkeys/apes as Darwin “theorized”… The Theory of Evolution as what we call, when I suddenly thought of something.. if apes/monkeys have evolved to become humans, why is it that there are still apes and monkeys in the present time?

    Scientists believe that crocodiles have evolved from some sort of pre-historic amphibians.. which believed to have descended from psuedosuchians who walked on their hind legs, and lived during the late Triassic period.. there may be truth in it and it is evident that there are no such pre-historic creatures anymore as evolution have changed the crocodiles’ features and appearance. The result: “modern day crocs”..

    Now, if primates have evolved to become to humans… why are there still so many species of primates in the present time? Can any intelligent scientist reading this blog explain to me this? Why oh Why that of all creatures that are deemed to have evolved from pre-historic creatures (which are now gone, because of evolution of course!).. why is it that primates did not take the same course as the other creatures? Facts pls.. not theories.

    • Hello, again. Though a quick glance at the current comments did not yield my earlier post, that does not mean it never made it here. Anyway, this has no relation to that, and this is a direct response to the post above…

      A common tradition in the sciences is to place the burden of proof on those claiming the existence of something. This makes more sense: it’s very hard to prove that there are no flying pigs, so if people went around saying “prove flying pigs don’t exist”, we’d never be able to. We gain more understanding by making these people prove that they do exist, and this saves us all some time trying to prove stuff. (A fun sidenote, it is often very much more difficult to prove something doesn’t exist, than to prove it does. This holds for both mathematics and the sciences.)

      I chose that example because of how silly it is, because it makes it easier to understand why we place the burden of proof where we do. It was not to draw some sort of comparison between how likely flying pigs are, and how likely God is. In fact, I sat here for a while to find something that would convey my point just as well, without appearing to draw that comparison, and failed. Please, don’t think I meant that!

      The interesting thing about God is that it is impossible to prove He exists, and impossible to prove He doesn’t. There’s some great circumstantial evidence both ways, but nothing conclusive. Such is the nature of God. This is why it is a common opinion that God doesn’t belong in the sciences, because He is not provable, and that ruins the scientific method. Besides, the sciences are there to discover the mechanism of God’s work (the universe) without dealing directly with God.

      As for your concerns about evolution, these are common (though incorrect) problems people have with the theory.

      First, you put theory in quotes, which would imply (maybe) that you think the word gives evolution less credibility. In the sciences, the word “theory” is a technical term, with a different meaning than in normal speech. For a physicist, “velocity” means speed and direction, but most people would just see speed. For a scientist, “massive” means something has a lot of mass, but most people would just see “big”. Likewise, if something is a theory, it means that explains visible evidence very well, and has been verified in a laboratory repeatedly. Evolution shares the “theory” category with Quantum Theory and the Theory of Relativity, without which we would not be able to use lasers (found in every CD/DVD drive, and elsewhere), and we would not be able to explain differences in time between two clocks moving at different speeds. A scientific theory is as strong as any scientific law!

      Second, you noted that if humans evolved from apes, why do we still see apes today? First of all, one of the greatest spurs for evolutionary change is a change in the environment. Knowing that, it is entirely plausible for one species of ape, living across a large area, to split when one half of this area undergoes some sort of change (drought, volcano eruption, ice age, …). This is the easiest explanation I can give, but there are tons of other ways for this to happen in a system as complex and subtle as a global ecosystem. Basically, evolution acts on a species level, and not all of a species will change in the same way. This is when branching occurs! All birds undoubtedly came from the same ancestor, as they all have complex feathers, but these all branched and filled their own environmental niche. Yet, they coexist, because evolution does not require a whole species to change as one.

      Evolution is itself a complicated theory, and the timescales involved are just about too large for the human brain to handle without some serious work. And yes, it isn’t perfect. But it is darned accurate for very nearly all observed ecohistory, and it is elegant in it’s simplicity. However, understanding it on the whole is very nearly as difficult as understanding Relativity as a whole. The result is very much worth it, but, unfortunately, many people give up before they really understand it and proceed to make false arguments against it. This is fine! Not everyone can be expected to know everything about every scientific theory! But it’s important to try and provide evidence against these arguments, so that maybe we can educate the world just a little more.

    • well.. you’re question arises from the wrong notion of evolution so you really don’t need a scientist to answer it. you just need to read more about the theory of evolution(FYI, scientists today considered it as a fact).

      the wrong notion of evolution which is what you’ve said earlier:
      “if apes/monkeys have evolved to become humans, why is it that there are still apes and monkeys in the present time?”

      correct notion of evolution:
      “evolution is change in the genetic material of a population of organisms through successive generations. Although the changes produced in a single generation are normally small, the accumulation of these differences over time can cause substantial changes in a population, a process that can result in the emergence of new species. Similarities among species suggest that ALL KNOWN SPECIES DESCENDED FROM A COMMON ANCESTOR (or ancestral gene pool) through this process of gradual divergence.” – from wikipedia

      • kiel, aaron and jeof—

        are you guys ignorant of the fact that wikipedia is not so trustful site if you are a REAL researcher???

      • “species suggest …”

        is it an absolute fact?? just “suggest”…

        IF YOU THINK you are Intelligent.. Why not make your own discoveries so you can do sensible contentions

    • @Genesis

      Hmm, I am neither an atheist, nor do I admit I can fully answer your questions regarding evolution. You may want to visit this blog called Pharyngula though – they should be more than happy to answer your inquiries.

    • You have brought a light weight question my dear maria, a doodle to answer. You would understand more carefully if you are somehow informed about the principles of the theory of evolution. chimpanzees are our cousins. We are the different kind of apes which had evolved from millions of years ago. And today’s “chimpanzees” are the different kind of “species” which had evolved millions of years ago. Therefore we did not evolve from chimpanzee, but from another type of species. Today’s chimpanzees are the product of evolution from “another” species. Do you now understand why there are still chimpanzees today? Your question is comparable with the question, “Why there are zebras and not only horses?” It is evolution.

      • joef??

        do you know the definition of FACT and THEORY????


        logic here please>><<

      • JOEF!!

        You brought a light weight answer!! a DOODLE TO a reply.

        PLs convert me…

        what kind of ape are we?

        after chimpanzee what do you think would be the next theory?

        why there were no and there are no kinds.. any kind.. has lived… had lived… and been living for more than thousands of age?? how much more millions

        what was the life span of the “”KIND OF APE”” that evolved as humans??

        AND what’s the life span of chimpanzee and humans?

        How did you know we evolved from millions if the life span was not even more than a thousand??

      • JOEF>>>

        “Why there are zebras and not only horses?” It is evolution.

        you call it FAMILY not evolution!

      • clytie — and a few others — please, go and read, say, the Wikipedia article on evolution with a clear and open mind. Nobody could ask any more of you, and I certainly can’t. This goes for anyone here who wants to learn something today; Wikipedia articles are available in almost all major languages.

        I’m not expecting you to suddenly agree with evolution just from reading about it — that would be presumptuous. However, by reading about it, you can begin to form strong and cohesive arguments against it, thus starting actual scientific debate. This debate is the core of science, it’s why we have such strong theories! They’re subjected to long and difficult debate involving some of the brightest minds in the world. By becoming a part of this debate, you can help solve the bits of evolution you disagree with, and make the theory stronger for it!

        There are strong and valid arguments against evolution, which attack some of the finer points of biological history which evolution fails to account for in a wholly satisfactory manner. Go and find them, and spark some actual debate! The arguments you’ve used here show only a very elementary knowledge of evolutionary theory, and are likely to get you ignored by anyone who actually looks for debate.

        For your first point: This statement shows your own ignorance of the meanings of fact and theory, in the context of evolution (that is, the context of scientific study). Not many scientists would go so far as to call something fact, unless it was directly observed with trusted equipment. They want to be accurate, so they will only call something fact if they know, absolutely know, with absolutely no possibility of being wrong, that something is always true. This does not happen often. Theory, on the other hand, designates and idea that matches very closely the observed evidence. Is it guaranteed to be true? Of course not, no idea can ever be guaranteed to be true. However, it appears to be true based on the evidence that we see. A Theory is very much stronger than you give credit!

        We are no longer apes, not in the classical sense of the word, any more than zebras are horses. We appear similar, but have diverged enough to warrant a different genus and species.

        Chimpanzee has always been the theory. It is the best fit for currently available evidence. As far as I remember, we had no idea before this how we came about, apart from religious accounts (which, for many reasons I’ve accounted before, have no place in scientific study. But that doesn’t mean they have no place in personal lives!).

        Evolution does not take place over the timespan of one single organism’s life. It happens over generations: a child born with some small difference that makes life easier for him, who gives that gene to his children, and so on… over millions of years. A shorter lifespan would actually increase the rate of evolution, as the generations turn over faster.

        As for your last comment, I really don’t know how to take it. It seems you agree that zebras and horses appear related; evolution (in this case) just provides the “how” for this relation.

        Again, I urge you to go and read more about what it is you are arguing against. You might learn enough about it that you begin to agree with it, or, more likely, you will learn enough to argue better against it. Both options will help the scientific community better than how you argue against it now, by either sparking real debate or by removing trivial debate.

  55. And to you Mr. Eli. I wish to see you and behold you displaying again your primitive argument. You remind me of the defensive Mr. O’reilly debating the evolutionary biologist Mr. Richard Dawkins. For all of you who agree with mr.Eli there. Do you understand why Hitler, Stalin, and others have been the causes of mass murderers? The noble Mr.Eli here said it is because they are atheists. That is a complete nonsense. Anyway, Hitler was a roman catholic. Hitler himself said, “I, as before, a catholic will always remain so.”, and,”By defending myself against the jews i am working for the name of the Lord.”

    Either way, it does not matter whether Hitler was an atheist or a christian, What matter is his reasons for his hideous deeds.

    These atheists did not kill for atheists, they did so because they wanted to maintain power as when the orthodox christians took over europe and massacred the mothers, butcher the boys, burned millions of people and witches at stake and imprisoned millions of innocent people. Witches NEVER exist, you fools!!

  56. Mr.Eli. My wish for you for this coming year is that your God may finally bestow you the ability to think and reason.

    Do more research. Research facts to be reasonable. Research your bible to be an atheist.
    “Many people would rather die than think, in fact, most do.
    -Bertrand Russell

    • “Many people would rather die than think, in fact, most do.
      -Bertrand Russell

      what did you mean by this?? are you for this??

      ” …would rather die than think..” THIS QUOTE IS FOR MISERABLE

      then.. do the same thing

  57. Hitler, Stalin, and Polpot were atheists, but they did not do terrible deeds “in the name of atheism.”

    Stalin and Polpot perpetrated terrible crimes against humanity in the name of their political agenda, i.e. communism. They did not say to their victims, “you deserve to die because you believe in God. Convert to our atheism, or perish.” No, they said, “you deserve to die because you are not communist. Covert to our political ideologies, or perish.” Pretty much like religion, don’t you think?

    And Hitler? Hitler was an atheist. But his irrational belief in the superiority of his race? Their fanatical, unquestioning, close-minded approach to “reality”? The Nazis may have been atheists, but their ridiculous idealogies, political and otherwise, were VERY close to religion.

    Stop treating atheism as if it were a religion, because it isn’t. People don’t commit murders “in the name of atheism” or atheistic beliefs.

    The advantage of atheism is that atheists rely on reason. On facts. On REALITY. So when people disagree on one thing, all they need to do is go back to their research, their experimentation, their studying. Eventually, when the truth is discovered, all previous disagreements will dissolve, and minds will once more converge IN PEACE.

    On the other hand, look at your religions. So petty, so self-serving. If they disagree on something, what do they do? They bicker. They argue. They fight. Worst comes to worst, they kill each other, bomb each other. Schisms will form where once there was unity, schisms that will foster generations upon generations of hatred, prejudice, and bigotry, and murder. And because their beliefs and opinions are not founded on observable FACT, they cannot simply go back to their research, experimentation, and studying, as reasonable people do. And because of this, they can never settle their disagreements. Schisms will stay schisms, until one sect is destroyed or the other.

    Religion DIVIDES humanity. That’s why we have so many religions who can’t agree with each other, or they pretend to agree while deep inside they whisper, “ah, these guys are worshiping the wrong God, they’ll go to hell for sure.” Such arrogance.

    Please, PLEASE, religious people. Use your minds. If God truly exists, and he is as good and as just and as loving as you say he is, I am pretty certain he gave you a mind for a good reason. And that is not to blindly obey everything a religious leader will tell you. Remember, religious leaders are HUMANS, and are prone to selfishness, prejudice, hatred, bias, stupidity. DO NOT make the mistake of being led around like blind sheep.

  58. There are numerous logical problems inherent in the atheists belief system. Consider these examples.

    Their declaration “There is no God.” Some atheists explicitly state that there is no God, and all atheists believe it. This rumor is ancient and the naïve continue to believe it. Yet this assertion is bankrupt and cannot be logically defended by any from their position. To be a Atheist one would have to be omniscient, knowing all things, having a perfect knowledge of the universe, to say they absolutely know God does not exist. For one to do this they would have to personally inspected all places in the present known universe and in all time, having explored everywhere seen and unseen. Things of matter or things invisible, to say unequivocally God does not exist. Can any atheist seriously hold to his position of no God with the logical inconsistency challenging his position?

    He then would have to have a perfect knowledge of all things past present and future. Theirs is not a statement made on facts, since one would actually have to be God to claim this. So such a statement is based only on assumption not on the facts. A person would have to be God in order to say there is no God, therefore God would exist. It would be them. That’s not too comforting a thought.

    There are a numerous reasons why atheism is inadequate as a rational world view. This can quickly be exposed for the charade it is. By asking the atheist the question, are there some things that he knows that you do not? Most will admit to this. Can there also be some things that I know that you may not? He would logically have to admit this also. After all we all have different education and life experiences. So isn’t it possible that millions of people who claim to know God may in fact know him by experience and knowledge while you do not? After all, when you went to school you studied different subjects than me and I studied different ones than you! you would be more knowledgeable on some that I may not. So we see this reasoning already at work in our society and culture.

    The point is clearly made and the only response he can take is to try to avoid seeming just as narrow minded and dogmatic as you are, is to admit it is possible. After all, things are supposed to make sense!

    Atheism cannot adequately explain the existence of the world. Like all things, the world in which we live cries out for an explanation. Why is it here? The whole existence of the universe argues for a designer, an architect that is creative and into different shapes, sizes, colors, details, and fashioning everything as unique. There is order and design, much like an artist paints a picture. This takes not only intelligence, but a superior supernatural intelligence for the size, quantity and functioning of the known universe. Even non believers like Julian Huxley have calculated the odds of a pure chance of life evolving are to 1,000 to the millionth power. That is a 1 followed by 3 million zeros. There are not many options either the universe itself is eternal or that the universe had a beginning. To go the latter means he must have an explanation for what caused it.

  59. No matter how strenuously some may try to deny it, atheism is a belief system. It requires just as much faith (believing) to embrace that God does not exist, even more belief than a Christian would need to believe he does exist. Atheism has made a secular belief system (religion/philosophy) of having no God and their focus is usually nature. God’s creation has replaced the one who made it. An atheist must assume that personal unique intricate living organisms arose from impersonal disorderly chaos. Something had to come from nothing. They have no explanation for a beginning of when or why. There is no purpose in what we see and call creation. Atheism assumes that the potential gives rise to the actual. Reality shows that something actualized the potential itself. All Potentials have an actualizer. Scrap iron from a junk yard does not form itself into an airplane or a building without some thing that is able to put it to order. All designs have a designer, and the universe has proven to be incredibly designed. Even the minutest organism is more complex than the space shuttle.

    “Can you prove for certain that Christianity, the Bible is true?”

    The answer to this question is, “Yes, Christianity can be absolutely be proven true.” This, does not mean that everyone will accept the evidence, no matter how much there is or convincing it is.

    In our courts of law when a judge employs a jury, he or she tells them to decide based on probability, based on the evidence presented. It cannot be certainty since none have viewed the crime. If jury decisions were delayed until 100% certainty existed, no verdict could be rendered. Decisions are based on a combination of faith related to fact.

    Anything we buy we trust the manufacturer in what he says for the guarantee. But God who is the creator of all some seem to trust less than man. But he has proven his record through prophecy unlike any other person or book written.

    • Atheism may be a belief. But as I said in my own post, atheists do not kill in the name of religion, as religious people do. When atheists disagree on one thing, they study, they research, they experiment. Eventually one theory is discarded, or previously conflicting theories are all proven to have merit, and converge. There is no violence.

      Religious people, when they disagree, fall to bickering, blaming, hatred, and eventually murder. When they disagree, one of their immediate responses is to look down on the other, to accuse him of blasphemy and heresy. And when they divide, convergence may not happen anymore (e.g. Catholics vs. Protestants), because their beliefs are based on irrational ideas, not fact.

      Can you prove Christianity is true? The Bible is true?

      God is NOT Christianity. God is NOT the Bible. Christianity and the Bible are man-made. Man-made institutions. They are tools man created to understand God better. Questioning the Bible, or Christianity, is not questioning God.

      The Bible was written by man. Yes, I’ve heard the “it was written by God, because the people who wrote it were divinely inspired.” But when it comes right down to it, divinely-inspired or no, they were still people. Imperfect. Prone to biases, prejudices, stupidity. They could have heard the world of God, but they could have interpreted it, translated it, in their own, limited, imperfect human way. Why do you think there are so many inconsistencies in the Bible? Because the people who wrote it were imperfect. Why do you think there are so many religions today? Because the people who “heard God” had different interpretations of what was revealed to them.

  60. Atheists have no right to disprove God by using the Bible. In the first place, the Bible has its own language and thought that Atheists would never understand as it was not meant for them, NEVER! When Atheists read that Jesus was teaching the early followers to eat his flesh and drink his blood, they at an instance assumed that Jesus was promoting cannibalism, to think that in other verses Jesus and the apostles meant spiritual symbolism for the “flesh” and “blood”, and not the literal meaning of it. Atheists are not aware that the Bible, while it is a compilation of God’s laws, is also literature, history, etc.. that uses “figures of speech” just as an artistic poet would express his thoughts through words.

    • True, the Bible does have its own unique language. But Christians are guilty of picking and choosing which Biblical passages are to be taken metaphorically, and which are to be taken literally.

      When something is too tough to do, or too crazy, or just downright immoral, Christians either never discuss it, or they assign it to the “metaphor” category. Or they call it poetry.

      I guess God saying you can sell your own children as slaves is poetry.

      Here is an excerpt from the Bible, St. Paul’s first letter to Timothy 2: 11 – 15
      “A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent. For Adam was formed first, then Eve. And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner. But women will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith, love and holiness with propriety.”

      One minute St. Paul is fighting for women’s rights, and the next he is saying women should bow down to man’s authority because it was Eve’s, and therefore by association women’s fault that we have original sin.

      How can you take such a passage metaphorically, or out of context? I guess you can, if you are keen on engaging in some serious rationalization.

  61. The ‘catholic’ and ‘christian’ pagan three-headed ‘god’ is of mankind’s ‘imag’intion…….

    There is Only ONE True Living G-D, Father(Creator) of ALL…….

    And The ONE and Only True Living G-D, Father(Creator) of ALL, HE has no ‘god’ for HE IS The ONE and Only True G-D, and HE has no Father for HE IS Father(Creator) of ALL…….

    The Messiah testified that He has a G-D and Father(Creator) and that His G-D and Father(Creator) was also The G-D and Father of His Brethren…….

    All Thanks, Praise and Glory Be Unto The ONE and Only True Living G-D, Father(Creator) of ALL…….

    Father Help! and HE does…….

    • If a christian who says that other christians are not really christians would wish for them to vanish, there would not be any christians left.

  62. I just wonder why Atheists are so much enthusiastic to disprove God and attack only the Biblical and Christian belief system? I haven’t seen anyone so boldly scrutinizing other religious books like the Qur’an.. in the first place.. Muslims are the second largest denomination in the world and are god believers too, except that their god has a different name, sets of prophets and doctrinal laws.

    Could it be that Atheists are afraid that an attempt to do so will spark strong condemnation in the Muslim world, eventually resulting to a Jihad to wipe all Atheists on earth?
    Just try Atheists! Haha. Muslims have their way of defending their faith that is based on Qur’an. Al Qaeda believes in Allah too, remember. If Atheists are brave enough to tell the world that “There is No God, We can pRove It!”, then it wouldn’t be fair enough to target Christians only since there are even much larger god-believing denominations in the world that you can convert, as you hope so.

    Your belief system lacks “balls”…. and your little and superficial reading of the Bible has lead your minds to assume that you’ve really understood what you have read where if fact you do not. You don’t want to believe in God because you cannot see him, so do not believe in the air too as it cannot be seen!..

    Your reading and view of the Scriptures is like a pianist who reads a nineteenth century composition, plays it, and then telling the composer is wrong. The Bible is not for you to use against those who believe in it as it has its own character and definition of thoughts. You take “the creation” to be literally in 6 days when the Bible is telling in other verses that the “day of the Lord IS LIKE a thousand years”.. to mean that a day to God means not a 24-hour period like we have here on earth but a “vast span of time”.. Besides, planets have different days.. one day on earth may mean hundred or thousand days on other planets-known and unknown to men.

    You assumed that when the Bible speaks of “four corners of the earth”, which definitely has a figurative meaning (North, South, East and West).. it is already against science as it teaches a “flat earth”. It is clear that you have not searched deeply into the Scriptures where you could find passages stating like “the circle of the earth”!

    No doubt that ATheists are strong believers of Science that they already forgot to learn ART.
    Bible has an art..the art to use powerful words and phrases in different figures of speech with definitions that need to be searched in other parts of it. Atheists task is to read a passage, and then readily assume based on their own thinking when in fact the Bible has its own.

    • To all-knowing Genesis:

      I just wonder why Atheists are so much enthusiastic to disprove God and attack only the Biblical and Christian belief system? I haven’t seen anyone so boldly scrutinizing other religious books like the Qur’an.. in the first place.. Muslims are the second largest denomination in the world and are god believers too, except that their god has a different name, sets of prophets and doctrinal laws.

      Could it be that Atheists are afraid that an attempt to do so will spark strong condemnation in the Muslim world, eventually resulting to a Jihad to wipe all Atheists on earth?
      Just try Atheists! Haha. Muslims have their way of defending their faith that is based on Qur’an. Al Qaeda believes in Allah too, remember. If Atheists are brave enough to tell the world that “There is No God, We can pRove It!”, then it wouldn’t be fair enough to target Christians only since there are even much larger god-believing denominations in the world that you can convert, as you hope so.

      You seem to be very much fond of violent struggle huh. Certainly, Islam is the second largest religion, but why aren’t we arguing against them? Have you ever tried to argue against their beliefs or your beliefs?
      Pls, do not forget you firmly hold yourself as a christian, then why do we argue against your belief by arguing against Moslems’ beliefs system or against Quran? Are you suggesting us that we should argue against you by targeting the Moslems? Sounds pointless to me. Many Atheists are BOLDLY scrutinizing Islam’s beliefs, you are merely ignorant of it because you are focusing yourself mainly on your belief. Take Richard Dawkins for instance, he Argued against a Muslim by saying in a debate that Islam is WICKED! He called Christianity as nonsense delusion and Islam as WICKED! And why are you demanding us to the target the weaker than the strongest? We admit that debating a muslim is quite difficult, not primarily because they are threatening, but because they are very close-minded more than you are. The primary reason of Atheists from arguing against your belief and from proving it is absurd is not because we only want to say we know the truth or we want to treat your religion with contempt, but it is because we want Christians to understand the real world, and learn how to think for themselves by presenting them justifiable evidence and proven facts! We primarily target Christians because they have the greatest number of population, and they are capable of being converted that is they may somehow have doubts and and have an inclination to know. Whereas Muslims are not only close-minded, but they are incapable of being converted. Why? Do you know the penalty for renouncing Islam? It is DEATH, dude. So even though if a Muslim is convinced about an atheist’s argument, he still cannot follow his will to learn what is true, because his life is far more important than his freedom. Do you now understand Mr. All-knowing Genesis?

    • I do not claim myself as a scientist, i like literature very much. I am the editor -in-chief from our school, but we must not forget that “truth” is not based on beauty and sublime, but on sheer scrutiny and evidence. I can say that you are very much fond of ART that you became recklessly negligent about SCIENCE. I know it is hard to understand science, but I understand that truth is hard to grasp.

    • To Genesis:

      I would like to rectify your ignorant words: Scientists are not BELIEVERS of science; Scientists are the ones who have that kind of mind that is capable of rationality and capable of accepting what is true.

      If I see a black snake, would I disagree that it is black? Scientists are the ones who accept that the snake is black. Not the ones who believe in a talking snake.

    • Once Christianity began there have been offshoots. People believe what they want to believe. Starting up their own version of religion. Mohammad was one such offshoot. The karan is an effort to change the biblical writtings. Do they believe in a God? sure.. as do most all professed “christians” but even as God said, there are many Gods and many lords. but there is only one true God. That is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  63. Honestly, I am a Christian, but If I would meet someone nice which happens to be an Atheist, I will accept him as a friend. Sometimes, you cannot blame why these people became Atheist. Most of them grew up on some sort of religious practices. However, such religious practices caused these people to doubt instead of believe. And why not? The Bible so long ago prophesied that there would arise false preachers/prophets who would use the word of God in bad faith to deceive many.

    Undoubtedly, these Atheists are intelligent enough to discern first that their religion (mostly Bible reading ones) is false, then because of the the many out-of-this-world doctrines out of wrong Biblical interpretations, more doubts are being created, leading them to wilfully deny the existence of God. It is a sad reality though.

    Have a Happy New Year Everyone! Even to the Atheists!

    • Methinks that you are not much fond of the phrase “War with words,” instead you are fond of “War with balls.” It seems to me that you are an American. No wonder if you are.

  64. People here can’t understand what the difference between the word “theory” (used in layman’s term) and Scientific Theory. You say that the Theory of Evolution is just a theory (used in layman’s term). Using that logic, then you are also saying that Gravity is just a theory (used in layman’s term) since the law of Gravity is composed of different theories. So please, there’s wikipedia or Study first because you are, as always (like Eli), killing the straw man.

  65. @So what Makes Eli any different from these other false preachers. “I am the way to the truth.” Almost every mainstream religion I have read up on said the same thing.

    Well, I’m not going to bother arguing with you regarding atheism. I’m not an atheist for one (I’m a deist), and based on the assortment of false assumptions you have conjured up regarding atheism, you’re not going to listen to anybody who’s contrary to the voices in your head.

  66. RE: Quote by Genesis:
    “Even non believers like Julian Huxley have calculated the odds of a pure chance of life evolving are to 1,000 to the millionth power.”

    Ah, yet another religious argument that someone wrote about and believers jumped on without ever verifying its truthfulness.

    Here’s Huxley’s statement in it’s original context.

    “A little calculation demonstrates how incredibly improbable the results of natural selection can be when enough time is available. Following Professor Muller, we can ask what would have been the odds against a higher animal, such as a horse, being produced by chance alone: that is to say by the accidental accumulation of the necessary favorable mutations, without the intervention of selection.” (Evolution in Action, 1953, p. 45)

    (The mathematical figure you quote is actually based on it happening “without the intervention of selection”)

    The calculated result is 1 x 10,000^1,000,000 (p. 46). But this number does not have anything to do with natural selection–as he says, this calculation is for the odds of producing a horse without natural selection.

    Creationists are shamefully abusing this quote when they use it to claim that it refers to the odds with natural selection–that is claiming the exact opposite of what Huxley wrote. Instead, Huxley continues after this calculation to show how “thanks to the workings of natural selection and the properties of living substance which make natural selection inevitable” (p. 46) “rare and abnormal events” become “common and normal” (p. 47) and “all objections to a selectionist explanation of evolution that are based on the improbability of its results fall to the ground” (p. 48).

  67. i can’t help but notice how he used a lot of verses from the ancient holy book to point out that nonbelievers did a lot of bad stuff because of their non belief. these stuff doesn’t even supposed to count as an argument. i don’t think i need to say more in that regard.

    and, he may be right about some atheists being the ruthless killers that they are, but you see… unlike the Holy Inquisition, The Crusades, Burnings at the stakes and even the 9/11 terrorist attack, these nonbelievers committed their vile deeds not because of their non belief…

    • Do you believe that if they did believe in the one true God, they would be doing evil? It is because of their non-belief in our God that allows the evil in their heart to be manifest.

      • An atheist myself, I noticed that I did wrong when I was too confident in my own perception of things, and didn’t bother to consider the point of view, and the emotions of other people. I’m sure you have experienced the same thing.

        People who are too sure of their own righteousness are also those who commit the worst atrocities. Because they feel justified. Brother Dave, you seem to be very sure that you cannot do anything wrong if you believe in God; but this is presumptuous.

        Everybody sins; good Christians notice their sins and confess, and then try to become better persons and better Christians. Good atheists notice their errors and are filled with remorse, and then they try to become better persons.

        It isn’t hard for me to acknowledge that all men, or at the very least the immense majority, do evil things from time to time. Some commit murder, others lie to their parents, others hold unjustified grudges, others just aren’t as charitable as they should. No matter the scale, I think all people here have done something wrong at a point in their life.

        …Instead of blaming a category of persons for everything evil, it’s best to be a good person yourself and lead by example.

  68. Prisons are not filled with atheists but with believers in a *very* disproportionate amount — all statistics show it. And Hitler was a Catholic Christian. So what, you’ll say?

    Truth is, instead of insulting us non-believers, you could try to understand that most of us, like most Christians, are law-abiding citizens who love our friends and family.

    Sure, there’s the occasional loud-mouthed atheist who goes around claiming religion is evil (crusades, inquisition, Hitler again, anti-Semitism, Galileo, etc). Like a mirror reflection of brother Eli.

    Meanwhile, the rest of us should just accept that different people make different choices and that, as long as we all love one another, respect society and the law, and accept our respective beliefs, we’ll all be happier than if we keep fighting towards an illusory victory.

    • To say that a person believes in God does not necessarily equate to being Christian. If the person is in prison, they have broken mans laws. Most “Christians” in prison are Catholics. Since they worship idols, they are not true Christians anyway. God has his own laws. We are asked to follow both. Yes there are similarities like do not steal, do not murder and such. But there are other laws not really in the “laws of man” like love your enemy. Women should wear modest clothing, no jewelry and do not cut their hair. These are some laws of God are more important to us than the laws of man. We accept our differences but pray that before it’s too late, you will see the light of the most high and he will fill your soul with his spirit.

    • Good atheists notice their errors and are filled with remorse, and then they try to become better persons. First and foremost, remorse is your conscience telling you what you did was wrong. Everyone sins.. and yes me too. But because my Lord God knows my heart and that the sin was not a sin unto death, He will forgive me. God puts his laws in every ones hearts. It is why you feel so guilty when you sin against His laws. It is when you no longer feel the guilt, or remorse, is when the holy spirit has left you.

  69. It is only from true ignorance that prompts such a response Charles. All things seen of this world were created by things unseen. Hebrews 11:3 (King James Version)

    3Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

    Romans 1:20 (King James Version)

    20For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

  70. Think about this; when did man realize the earth was round? First it has been proved that the first account of the earth being round was Eratosthenes of Cyrene (Ancient Greek: Ἐρατοσθένης, IPA: [eratostʰénɛːs]; English: /ɛrəˈtɒsθəniːz/; c. 276 BC[1] – c. 195 BC[2]) was a Greek mathematician, elegiac poet, athlete, geographer, astronomer, and music theorist.
    However, Isaiah in the bible as inspired by the word of God wrote this:
    Isaiah 40:22 (King James Version)

    22It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:

    When did he live?
    Isaiah the prophet lived in Jerusalem which was the chief area of his ministry. He wrote the Book of Isaiah over a period of time during this ministry. This time period is recorded as being during the reigns of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah. That is between c. 740 BC until c.700 BC.
    If you’ve gotten confused, remember the bigger number 740 is 450 years earlier than the greek Eratosthenes.

    There are many scientific realities we now know as fact, but were all written in the bible first.

  71. Truth speaks, “your g-d is that which, what or whom you desire to serve above all else”.

    As for “atheists” who deny that a g-d exists?

    They have a religion that is personified indeed and Truth!

    For atheists see their g-d each and every time they view their own reflection in a mirror ;-(

    Yet while there is breath there is hope!

    For Miracles do happen…….

    Father Help! and HE does…….

  72. Is truth something that should be reserved for just the few?
    Who should decide when truth should be brought forth and placed into the light?

  73. You should not be preaching to Atheist, we already discovered the universal glorious of all truths, THAT THERE IS NO GOD(S). You should be trying to convert other god believers that your god is better than theirs. I’m sorry that you are terrified of giving in to your christian skeptism that lies within you. Take baby steps and examine each skeptic claim and eventually the glory of the almighty truths of truth will show you and bath you in the “THERE ARE NO GOD(S)” light and save you from your personal torment. Let he who knows the universal thruth of NO GOD(S) and he will be blessed in the folds of brotherhood.

  74. Lack of belief in God is not always about an escape. The fact is there are many reasons why people who would love to believe there is a powerful and merciful God of love do not believe so. Among the biggest problems people have with disbelief is unanswered prayer. Not the ones asking for fancy cars and houses, but people asking for help in marriage, jobs, kids or other practical things and watching their lives get worse. It happens all the time.

    Add to this the fact that modern religion is steeped in paganism. Do you keep Christmas? Christmas is not Jesus’s birthday, and to keep a pagan birthdate of Mithra the sun god is an afront to him. Easter and bunnies, chocolate eggs, are also an affront that is kept with the paint job of the resurrection on it. Sunday is not the sabbath, it is the pagan day to worship the sun. I could go on and on, and a real Christian would bear this in mind. A pagan leader founded most of modern Christianity.

    Add to that also is the fact that ice cold, uncompassionate attitudes in churches, greedy ministers who extort their people are among things that are instrumental in turning people away.

    Without a God being, life is ultimately a death sentence and people who really stop to thinka bout it dont want a death sentence. That’s also why the myth of hell (indeed, it is a myth, read the book of Revelation) is so affective in getting people to church, a nice way to scare them.

    There are many reasons why people feel the way they do, alot of them may want guidance or help.

    • All things happen to all. God does not make it rain on just the evil. His will, will be done. In the end, There are many Gods and many Lords on this earth… But there is only one true God and Lord. If you are a member of a church that worships idols like the catholic church, you are praying to a false god. So the fact that your prayer was not answered is because your god does not really exist. The Catholic Church since it’s beginning has been worshiping idols leading the people by false doctrine. It is truly sad. Do we celebrate Christmas, and the so called birthday of Jesus Christ? No we do not. We do not celebrate the easter bunny, but we do come together at the last supper. There is no sabbath since the Christian dispensation. There is a hell. I pray to the one and only God that I am worthy of his mercy and not take part in the second death.

      • If there is a hell, please explain to me why God needs two resurrections as mentioned in the book of revelation, and and how a just God can doncemn people to an ETERNITY of roasting and this is not unimaginable cruelty. If that’s the true God I’m better off without him.

      • Gene, God is infinitely merciful. Giving every chance for all mankind to be saved.. There will be an end to mankind. Many like the muslims, will not believe in Jesus Christ and want their own churches to continue. Christ will return and the dead in Christ will arise first. After that two working in the fields, one will be gone and the other left. This is those that are alive in Christ.. This will be the beginning of the 1000 years of the rein of Christ and his Saints. Not from heaven but from the clouds. During this period all mankind will know that He is Christ and will be given a final chance to believe. Satin will be chained to the pit for this period. He cannot be held responsible for mans evil doings. Gods gift of eternal love in paradise is mirrored by an eternal torment in the pits of hell.

  75. “religion” is of “the father of lies”, he who is the god of this wicked, evil world!

    “Come Out of her, MY people!”

    Simply, Faith will not create a religion!

    For Faith IS Family!

    The Family of GOD(Creator,Father,Great Spirit), “of WHOM the whole Family in Heaven and earth is named”!

    Father Help! and HE does…….

  76. Everybody here seems to quote the Bible as if it is a dictionary or a manual or something. How valid the Bible can be???

    Can somebody post some evidence why this book should be regarded as it is? If you validate the bible by quoting the bible itself, isn’t that cheating??

    There was a time when the bible didn’t existed, and there were “souls” everywhere. Are they doomed to suffer in hell, because they do not have the “guidelines” to follow??


    Eli Soriano posted evil persons, who have done evil horrible things but not directly because they do not believe in god. They all did it for political agenda.
    On the other hand, there are religious leaders who murdered in multitudes all in the name of God.

    He said:
    “Thou shalt not kill.” ( Exo.20:13)

    — God ordered killing in multitudes, and is responsible for all mass murder in the Old Testament, and that includes the innocents and babies.
    “However, in the cities of the nations the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes. 17 Completely destroy[a] them—the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites—as the LORD your God has commanded you. ”
    Deuteronomy 20:16-18

    • Quite obvious that religion has had it’s way with you ;-(

      And religion is anti-Truth!

      For Truth testifies, “there is yet A Spirit that reveals all things”!

      And Truth reveals that all pagan catholic/christian “biblical” translations are biased and perverted in accordance with the religious dogma of the translators!

      So it is that because of the preverseness that is religion “The Way of Truth is evil spoken of” ;-(

      And Truth IS, Faith will not create a religion!

      For Faith IS Family, The Family of The Holy, Set Apart Spirit “of WHOM the whole Family in Heaven and ON EARTH is named”!

      So it is that those born again of The Holy, Set Apart Spirit are but “aliens and pilgrims while on the earth” for their “citizenship is in Heaven”!

      And they realize how “poor and needy” they truly are……

      Father Help! and HE does…….

    • If there is a hell, please explain to me why God needs two resurrections as mentioned in the book of revelation, and and how a just God can doncemn people to an ETERNITY of roasting and this is not unimaginable cruelty. If that’s the true God I’m better off without him.

      Oh, so god let people live for who knows how long in the world with no guidance, then condemned them to hell for disobedience. Wow. With a mind like that how could he create a single planet, let alone universes.

      • Quite obvious that religion has had it’s way with you ;-(

        Simply sad for you all who but serve time in the prison that is this wicked world ;-(

        Yet while there is breath there is Hope!

        For Miracles do happen……..

        Hope is there would be those who see The Light that is The Messiah for only then will come out of the darkness that is the systems of religion, all of which are of this wicked world!

        Faith will not create a religion!

        For Faith IS Family!

        Father Help! and HE does…….

      • @ gene: are you an atheist? In your statements, two things are very obvious: you believe the Bible that talked about hell, and eternity; and secondly, you hate GOD, not you “don’t believe” in GOD.

    • @ redbaks: your argument is very illogical.

      Quoting the Bible is showing that what you are saying, that is taken from the Bible has evidence, unlike what other pastors of today, who are inventing verses or twisting some thoughts to deceive their members. It is not validating the book, but showing you the reference.

      Validity of the Bible? There’s a lot of evidences. I’ll give you one: let’s not talk of the past, which we haven’t seen, or we’ll just end up in endless argument because none of us had seen, like evolution where no man lived millions of years to storytell it. The Bible prophesied of that many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased (Dan 12:4). It also prophesied in Mat 24:1-24 that there will be famines, pestilences and earthquakes in diverse places, plus the false christs will appear. All these things happen in our time. Who among those ancient people will ever think of this with precision?

      Those who existed before the bible are not doomed to hell (Romans 2:11-16). Where did you get that idea? GOD has so many ways to save people, even if they were not able to affiliate in the Church. HE is not like our government who claim “ignorance of the law excuses no one”. That’s stupid!

      Political agenda or whatever, if you really believe GOD, or at least listen to your conscience, you will not kill other people, for whatever reason. Religious leaders who kill don’t actually believe in GOD, they just say it in their mouth, and atheists are too narrow-minded to believe already what comes out of the mouth. They lack psychological skills. That’s what is explained in Psalms 14:1 or 53:1.

      GOD is the executive, the legislative and the judiciary. HE commanded humans not to kill. Does HE have to follow HIS own commandment? Oh, this is very basic redBaks. Has not the MAKER power over HIS creation (Romans 9:20-23)? I have all the right to destroy the racing car I made. Who are you to tell me that I’m cruel?

      In all your statements, it’s obvious that you believe what is written in the Bible; you showed that by posting the verses. Secondly, it’s obvious you just hate GOD, and not just believe in HIM.

      I don’t think that you are so ridiculous that you will use something that you do not believe, to prove that SOMEONE you do not believe to exist. I know you guys are “scientific” and “rational” peeps.

      May the LORD GOD enlighten all the darkened minds.

  77. to all agnostics and aetheist, it won’t hurt if you just shut the hell up, if there is a god and you continue doing what you do then you’re probably screwed bigtime.

  78. In time, these people that tagged themselves as atheists, agnostics will call upon God trembling with fear. I just hope that this early they’ll spare sometime reading and understanding this sensible blog post.

    I hope also that the good Lord spare them mercy and lead them to understanding.

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