From Dust to Man: A Scientific Proof

They alleged that the creation of Adam is an ‘anti-scientific nonsense’, and God did not create Adam from a handful of dust, like the Bible says. To my readers, see how these blatant liars are ‘wrestling’ the words of the Bible. Their allegation and their pre-conceived idea are not written in the Bible. Nowhere in the Bible can you find a verse that Adam was created by God from a handful of dust. What is written is recorded in Genesis 2:7, which says:

“And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”

While it is true that God created man from the dust of the ground, the phrase “handful of dust” is absent in the verse! It is conceived it the minds of these perverts. Be that as it may, the information in the Bible is scientific! Granting, without accepting, that there is such a thing as a ‘handful of dust’, whose hands will be the measuring hands for the dust that God will use in the formation of Adam? People who cremate the dead have an idea of how much dust will be left of the human body after cremation. I am sure it is not a sack of dust; but very close to a handful — depending on the hands that holds them. And why is it scientific? God made man from the dust; and when his body dies it decomposes and turns again to dust.

(Genesis 3:19) “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.”


What are the scientific proof that man’s body came from the dust of the ground, as the Bible says? The human body is made up of materials and minerals found on the surface of the ground, and not from the core of the earth. Oxygen, being the most abundant element on the earth’s crust or on the ground, makes up 65 percent of the human body, and carbon, also abundant on the top soil of the ground, is 18 percent, and hydrogen is 10 percent. The 59 elements found in the human body are all found on the earths crust. This is amazing because what the Bible says perfectly match the scientific composition of a human body.


The ignorance of these ‘imaginary people’ in what the Bible says betrays their alleged intelligence and knowledge in science. Of course, the human body is not made up only of dust, but God mixed the dust to water to produce clay.

(Job 10:9) “Remember, I beseech thee, that thou hast made me as the clay; and wilt thou bring me into dust again?”

(Romans 9:20-21) “Nay but, O man, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus? Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honor, and another unto dishonor?”

The mixture is clay, understandably contains more water than dust. Who says that the information in the Bible is scientifically nonsense? They are the one’s that are nonsensical, and not the Bible!

The exact proportion of the minerals and materials, if maintained, make up a healthy human body ( Excesses in these materials will cause disorders and diseases. Excess of aluminum, for example, and iron, will be toxic for the human body. The proportions of the abundance of the 59 elements on the earths crust, is amazingly represented in its presence in the human body. Who says that the Bible is not scientific? These ‘imaginary and anti-scientific people’!

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  1. The Man/M(inister)E(li)S(oriano)senger of God in our era makes science more interesting!

    It is also through Bro. Eli that I have appreciated how wonderful and vast is God’s love for us. Imagine, even if we’re from dusts, once we choose to be Jesus’ servants, God gives us the privilege to be His heirs/heiress.

    Indeed, the Bible is scientific. Nevertheless, where science fails, prayers prevail.

    • I agreewith “A Friend_Christian says”. Bro. Eli has been an instrument of God’s Message thru the Bible ‘s relation to Science..Thanks be to GOD!!Glory to GOD !!

    • It’s very unfortunate that so many on this site lack the basic knowledge/understanding of the scientific method…let alone Science in general. Mr. Soriano has tried to blur the lines between Chemistry and Biology enough to make a correlation between biblical text and scientific fact.

      Please take the time to do some research (even just a little) on Abiogenesis and compare that with information regarding Evolution through Natural Selection. If you’re intellectually honest enough you will see HOW and WHY we share a similar chemical make-up with almost every other thing (living and nonliving) on this delicate planet.

      I’m not posting this to insult anyone…just to inform everyone. So before any of you blindly attacks this post from a foxhole of fanaticism consider setting your vested emotions aside and seek out the “facts” not the subjective spewing of religious dogma.

      • Unfortunately, they will just shrug their shoulders Devon. They are too blinded to search for the truth because they thought Eli is a messenger from God and all the things says are correct.

      • I’ve studied abiogenesis. It is required in a closed system and requires faith to be accepted. Abiogenesis is not scientific, it is a poor substitute, at best, for any real explanation of how live began. DO NOT suppose yourself to have the answer, lest you mark yourself a fool.

        Further, Darwin’s THEORY of natural selection certainly applies within a species. But the Cambrian layer of the fossil record – of which Darwin had no knowledge – gives strong evidence that forcing his theory upon all the species as a collective whole was wrong. Darwin was wrong.

        On top of that, he had no apparatus for the studying the contents of the human cell. He had no idea of the micro mechanics of cell maintenance and reproduction including the processes of DNA/RNA, amino acids, and proteins. If he had, he would likely have pointed to the possibility – as any good scientist would – of an intelligent designer – WITHOUT CALLING IT RELIGION.

        Darwin admitted in his text that, “If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down.”

        And stating that all biology is related because we share common composition is on the level of saying that because all books are ink on paper they are written by the same author.

        Science tries too hard to sell its theories as fact, even when the theory is out-weighed by scientific law. The big bang theory, for instance, go directly against the first and second laws of thermodynamics. WHY??? It’s because the atheistic faction of the scientific community is too proud of its own work to consider the existence of ID.

        But my biggest complaint stems from the simple fact that science has no apparatus nor methodology for studying the supernatural – including the existence of heaven, hell, God, and our very souls – yet takes the most arrogant position of declaring none of it exists. Shame on you. Stop it. You’re creating confusion.

        Your best response is to say, “we have no comment”, and move back into the business of the material world.

        Does anyone agree with me?

      • devon and jake are carelessly posting irrationalities here.

        Abiogenesis is a hypothesis. Only a stupid person will use such as a argument. Even a theory must be used with great care, if we understand what a theory means.

        Evolution is only a theory, which implies that, it is in doubt. – Richard Dawkins

        Dawkins explained clearly the definition of a theory.

        All atheists are arguing that religious people are fanatics. That is a stupid argument. Why? Not all who joined a religious denomination are born in that group, and others were even agnostics. This displays critical thinking; of course, not in all cases.

        I can rather say that atheism is fanaticism, because they are blinded by science that cannot explain anything with absolute certainty.

      • Ok, science has it’s issues. Great, get over it. Why is there the perceived need to push religious belief as ‘scientific’ if science is so messed up? Science isn’t perfect – far from it – scientists will be the first to tell you this, so why try to make religious belief scientific?

        What is so wrong with hypotheses and theories anyway? It’s better than not thinking about it at all. Why can’t we accept that there are plenty of theories and leave it at that?

        Many scientists and atheists do get emotional and totally adamant in their ‘scientific’ beliefs; many, such as myself, do their best to refrain from absolutism. It’s the same with religious belief. If religious people weren’t so intent on having their beliefs accepted as ‘scientific’, they would not make themselves a target. Why can’t beliefs simply be accepted for what they are? Does it really make you feel any better by labelling your beliefs as ‘scientific’? If you need to label your beliefs in this way, where does this leave your ‘faith’?

        As for Jezreel (below), darling, “All atheists are arguing that religious people are fanatics”? Such generalisations is how these discussions heat up in the first place, please refrain from using them. Yes, some atheists do think that, but others do not. Furthermore, your comment implies that agnostics are religious? Please check your definitions. Agnostics do not believe that God exists and do not believe that god doesn’t exist. If anything, their beliefs are less ‘religious’ than those of atheists.

        If my comment has offended anyone, get over it, you’re clearly being too sensitive.

      • @ Forescywa: Please take note of your mistakes.

        1. No one here is pushing that religious belief is scientific. I don’t know where you got that. It’s correct to say that science is Biblical; wrong to say that the Bible is scientific. The post above is just showing that the Bible doesn’t contradict factual science. I think you have problem with comprehension. I suggest that you just keep you mouth shut as opening it shows what kind of person you are. So careless.
        No offense, just correcting you.

        2. There’s nothing wrong with hypotheses and theories. If you just tried to understand my post, I asserted that you cannot use those as evidences or basis of arguments because both are not yet proven in all aspects.

        3. Heb 11:1 >> ,,,faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
        Even if I show you all scientific, archaeological and medical proofs of Biblical authenticity, there should still be that element of faith, as Mr. Dawkins explained about the “belief” in evolution, wherein faith is also necessary because none has seen everything yet with our naked eyes.

        4. These generalizations don’t heat up discussions: it’s the careless posting of pseudo-scientific people having the delusion of mental superiority. If anyone feels he is an exception, he is always welcome to say that; why get so concerned?
        About that agnostics issue, I apologize but it’s a typo by me. There should be “… agnostics before”. Anyway, the thought is directed to that. Some are agnostics before they joined a certain religious denomination.

        Nothing to worry; I’m not offended. I’m used to peeps of your kind; sacrificing comprehension with show off.

      • Hi JezZ,
        Your response reveals several things to me. Firstly, that you misunderstood me as much as you feel I have misunderstood you, to the extent that I feel we going are completely talking past eachother so I’m not going to bother responding to the actual content of your response. Secondly, despite your assertion, your tone to me implies that in fact I did offend you, so I’m sorry (although, again I feel it may have something to do with your misinterpretation of my comment). In keeping with this, I’m going to let you in on a little secret, if you really don’t want to offend someone, don’t tell them to shut their mouths, on the other hand, if you do intend to offend someone, at least have the balls to do it up front and in the open.
        Finally, I’ll just say this, that if you think you have argued against people who think in the same manner as me, this is either further proof that you have misunderstood me, or you live in an extremely strange part of the world. Personally I feel it is the former. Here’s another little secret, no science student I’ve ever met has understood the way I think about science and religion, in fact the only two people who do understand my philosophies concerning science and religion are my mother, and my deeply religious best friend. So thanks, but don’t ever pretend to know me because you clearly don’t and never will. Cheers.
        By the way, feel free to respond to this, but don’t expect a reply because I don’t think I’ll find it worth the effort.

      • As simple as this: Honestly, I’m not offended. I tell others to shut their mouth for so many reasons. An example is your case.

        You find it difficult to make others understand as only two peeps can understand you, as you have said. So anyone here has the right to tell you to shut your mouth as no one benefits from your opinions. Because you think no one understands you. I can do it in the open, as I have done it before. Offended or not, what’s the problem? Why are you so worried on being offended? Intelligent people may be offended, but then shows the ability to analyze things and decide acceptance. I don’t why it’s an issue on you. Poor peep.

        Don’t tell me I’m sensitive. You are; it’s obvious. Good thing you decided to shut it up.

      • Jez, your high and mighty attitude is laughable. I’d love to see you say those things to someones face. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for you to just be civil. It’s pathetic.

      • it’s not hard for me to be civil, Ida. I don’t where you got those ideas of yours. You’re illogically arguing here so better leave also. Anyway, thanks for your opinions; they’re just opinions.

      • Gen 1:24 And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so.

        The living creatures on this planet/ earth what ever you want to call it was brought forth by the earth, then Gen 2:7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

        Question? People that doubt that God exist and says the Bible is just wrote by men. How is this possible that a man with no scientific knowledge what so ever and no idea of Biology could even try to think that the human body is made up of the same elemants that what the each is made of, ground, dust what ever.

        It is proven fact that they share similar elemants and stuff. How long did it take scientest to figure out what the flesh of men are made of and remember they have the right equipment to do so.

        That is why i believe that God must have given the word to them. 2Ti 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
        2Ti 3:17 That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.

        Jer 1:9 Then the LORD put forth his hand, and touched my mouth. And the LORD said unto me, Behold, I have put my words in thy mouth.

        Eze 7:1 Moreover the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,

        Gal 1:12 For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ.

        Jer 30:2 Thus speaketh the LORD God of Israel, saying, Write thee all the words that I have spoken unto thee in a book.

    • Hhhmmm…. seems that water was left out of the equation there? The human body is about 70% water, no? The Bible is inspired words of men, not inerrant. Too many inconsistencies to list here, but you can do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

      • Reply to Mike who quoted:

        “Hhhmmm…. seems that water was left out of the equation there? The human body is about 70% water, no? The Bible is inspired words of men, not inerrant. Too many inconsistencies to list here, but you can do your own research and come to your own conclusions.”

        Hi there Mike, thank you for dropping and commenting to Bro. Eli’s blog. First, I would like to correct your statement that the Bible is inspired words of “men” – actually it is inspired words of “God”.

        2Timonthy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

        I wish you can state those inconsistencies you are thinking so that we can, with Bro. Eli’s help of course, discuss the matter to clarify things.

        I have no problem when you say that “the human body is about 70% of water”, its true. But when you said it was left out in the equation given above by Bro. Eli, you are very wrong. I hope you also do your own research about this matter because we did. The equation above is the body composition in view of mass, wherein the 70% water is composed of :hydrogen is about ~11% and the rest is oxygen. (ref:

        I therefore conclude that the article is Biblical and Scientific.

      • Mike,

        If you are thinking (emphasized by your Hhhmmm…), the chemical element of water is H2O.

        Based from the diagram presented, the human body, mixed with other elements is made up of 10% hydrogen and 65% oxygen.

        It was also reiterated by Bro. Eli “Of course, the human body is not made up only of dust, but God mixed the dust to water to produce clay!” supported by Job in 10:9 “Remember, I beseech thee, that thou hast made me as the clay; and wilt thou bring me into dust again?”

        For your own sake, should you be testing and analyzing blogs just press CTRL + F keys to help you find words.

      • form (fôrm)
        a. The shape and structure of an object.
        b. The body or outward appearance of a person or an animal considered separately from the face or head; figure.

        Gen 2:7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

        God Formed the Human body with dust of the ground, i believe it was the shape and outside of the body the form of us. It does not say that God created man with dust. It might have been just the form.

        Gen 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
        Gen 1:2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

        Here we also see that God first made the earth without form. And then He made its form.

        It can be that we were first made of water and the God gave us a form.

        Gen 1:20 And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.

        Gen 2:6 But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground.
        Gen 2:7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

        read the verse before Gen 2:7 mist went up from the earth( remember that God has seperated dry land and called it the earth) and watered the whole face of the ground. this is the ground with God made man and formed it by the dust of the ground..

      • @Mike:

        Water is not left out, because “clay” is made of more water than dust:
        From H2560; properly a bubbling up, that is, of water, a wave; of earth, mire or clay (cement); also a heap; hence a chomer or dry measure: – clay, heap, homer, mire, motion, mortar.

        -Strong’s Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries

        Job 33:6 Behold, I am according to thy wish in God’s stead: I also am formed out of the clay.

        Isa 45:9 Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker! Let the potsherd strive with the potsherds of the earth. Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, What makest thou? or thy work, He hath no hands?

  2. Such overwhelming enlightenment!

    Once again, Bro. ELi has made writing history!

    No one ever has expounded topics like these!

    Thank God for YOU Bro. Eli Soriano!!!!!!!

    You and your loved ones are always in the prayers of our righteous brethren!!!

    We love and miss you dearly!!!

  3. exact science goes hand in hand with the Bible. any “scientific” claim that contradicts the Bible is not an exact scientific fact. I can say this with might, Bro Eli is backing me up 🙂

    • i love how you said it: very well.

      for if science and the Bible do not meet, the world will be in shambles-as it has been for those who never believed and will be to those who will refuse to believe. In fact a true science, in its purest sense, is the the very thing that unravels the realities of the Bible…

      KUDOS to you bro eli…

  4. We thank you LORD for having a preacher like Bro. Eli.
    We are grateful for your loving kindness and understanding, you remember us that we are dust and yet you loved us so much.

    That, you gave your only begotten son, in order for us to have everlasting life and a chance to be with you in paradise. Truely your ways are magnificent and full of care.

  5. This blog of Bro. Eli exemplifies the scientific accuracy of Biblical Account about God’s creation of man. This is just an addition to tons of reason why we should completely trust in the Bible. The scientific, historical and prophetic accurray of this best selling book gave it a genuine seal that the Bible or the Holy Scriptures really is the “the” inspired word of God!

  6. I was really amazed and enlightened how Bro. Eli revealed to us the real pronouncment of the bible in this topic. A lot of people are erred and are mislead because of the stupidity and villousnes of these people who malign the purity of God’s words. Now that there is Bro. Eli who sent by God to wrestle wicked craftmanship of these people to save those who are on the claws of these vile ” imaginary people”.

  7. Scripture: “You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have Eternal Life; and these things are they that testify of Me”.
    John 5:39

    Based in these CHRIST teaching of Assurance our hope rooted! Not from senseless perverts that even the present world knowledge testifies of their undefiled follies and lies against their most absurd claim.

    More Power to THE BEST BLOGGER!

    GOD Bless in CHRIST!

    • well you are a classified agnostic! But anyway thank you for such a rude irresponsible act from you… “the course of God’s truth is unstoppable” may this line sink into one of your nerve endings!

      We thank God for giving us Bro Eli and Bro Daniel. We miss you so much here in the Philippines, am one of those brethren who was not able to see you in person, but I believe someday soon God willing, I lay my hope in God’s hands. May the great God of Israel bless and keep you always!

    • You Buwaya, Crocodileman..,,,you are the one loaded of nonesense….Believe the Bible so that your life be a sensible one……you really cannot show anything that proves on where a first man came except by the word of GOD that written in the Bible…always visit the, it really makes you sensinble

    • to buwayahman,

      open up your mind to understand to what the writer pointing,he doestn even says two component with same ingredients cause the other,it was just a supporting solid evidence to come up the things being logical,

      be wise enough to understand the complexity of the reality and dont stick to a belief which you have acquired from fallen people tried to be wise with thier own ignorance as a tools to scape punishment inenvitably come reward to thier lustfull life…

      Bro eli & Bro daniel truly sent of God!
      To God be the Glory!

  8. Thank GOD 4 someone like you BRO.ELI!!Im so blessed to have you in my life!GOD is good after a long journey in this world i found you!!!!

  9. Surely Bro. Eli Soriano gave justice to this article: “FROM DUST TO MAN: A scientific proof”. If anyone is going to oppose him about this article, then there is only one thing I can say to that person, “YOU ARE STUPID”. Why did I say this, because it is clearly explained, in a step-by-step manner (with scientific back-up).

    Our Bro. Eli Soriano is really a man of God (and I can prove this with the help of GOD Almighty). He does not seek his own glory but the glory of GOD. He is always submissive to the will of God. A real treasure not only to us (members of the Church of God International) but also (permit me to say this, because this is true), to the whole world.

    Listen to his words of wisdom, read straight from the Bible, without deceit, and PURE OF TRUE LOVE.


  10. Man’s creation as mentioned in the bible is more credible than Darwin’s theory of evolution which up to this generation has remained a theory. If you believe in God, it is easy to understand the bible’s account with a little scientific examination of man’s elemental body composition as explained by Bro Eli, the Messenger and Preacher endowed by the ALMIGHTY to understand the mysteries contained in the Holy Scripture. MARK4:11-…Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of GOD ; but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables. Just look at the old primates in the jungles or at the zoo. My granfparents saw them many years ago and most of them had given birth, but without any indication at all of any. slightest change of getting similar looks than man. The best way to understand that man was created out of the earth’s dust is to believe first in God, read the bible and get the guidance of GOD thru HIS Messenger Bro Eli, spend more time in his blog and or listen to him during bible expositions, Prayer Meetings, Thanksgivings, and Worship services and EVERYTHING WILL BE ADDED UNTO YOU. Go on Bro Eli, we need you. GLORY TO GOD.

    • Rhina, you have a very poor conception of what the term “theory” means. Also there is NO scientific evidence in this article. The only evidence he has shown is that we are made up of elements (the very same THAT MAKE UP EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE). Also their is no “perfect match to scientific composition” as it is never stated in the bible what this composition is. How you, Bro. Eli, can spread such filth and call it the truth is dispicable

      • God made the animals and man out of the dust of the earth.That is why we share the same elements..duh…the difference between the animals and us is the breath of Life he breathe into us.. God did not do this with all creation but man. This is why we are different spiriutally. We have a soul.

      • @Dayna
        Everything shares the same elements, the elements that are made under huge pressures of collapsing balls of hydrogen and helium. The true elements of life. Also who is to say that only we have a “soul” (if you can give a definition and PROOF of what a soul is, that would be very much appreciated). Also spirituality? Yes we are spiritual people, we used to worship the sun, the elements, the moon, the stars and even other animals. Who’s to say that that the Egyptians with their worship of cats (amongst other creatures) are wrong?

  11. on 05 Jun 2007 at 5:15 am10 Buwayahman
    What a load of nonsene. Just because two things have the same ingridients, it doesn’t mean that one caused the other.




    • surely he can’t justify that! you see, one cannot justify fully if he in his own self denying the very fact that there is a great God who made all things bright and wonderful, bro Eli had lay down the foundation of this truth with God’s help and still he said “a load of nonsense” what a moron!

      • You cannot justify where the first man came from using an out-dated, man-made, evidence lacking story book written by a bunch of hallucigenic followers of a magician

  12. God is the greatest scientist.

    O LORD, how manifold are thy works! in wisdom hast thou made them all: the earth is full of thy riches.

    Psalms 104:24
    King James Version

  13. Thanks be to GOD for the modern prophet that he provided us.
    I know someday that the truth will prevail
    and those stupid non GOD fearing human will turn into dust.

  14. Gerj,

    Your questions have no relationship to my argument. Maybe your persistent bible-reading has caused more ignorance in your part.

    • Granting that i am an ignorant bible dependent mr. buayaman can you give me a complete criticism on the writings of the bible and the coincidence that you’ve said, cite some of those things and please support your criticisms with facts or any reliable references that you can provide..i am waiting for your response. .

    • Mr. Buaya did not directly answer my request instead he gave another comment on the matters on seeking the truth without the influence of a particular person… now can you cite some disadvantages and advantages on not believing the bible?? because i sense that you are not believing the bible…..if you found that there are more advantages than disadvantages then i will conform with your ideas..please avoid pre concieved ideas if you are skeptical.

  15. GLORY AND HONOR TO YOU ALMIGHTY GOD. May the PEACE OF THE LORD be unto you Bro Eli, Bro Daniel, ministers, workers, brethrens in the CHURCH OF GOD, and fellow bloggers, to include you buwayahman. Your post buwayahman is not an argument, it is an unsensible commentary without any basis nor support, thus should be disregarded. It is your not reading the bible or your not understanding it buwayahman that makes you ignorant of the scientific messages and information from GOD, passed on to us thru HIS vocal, clear, straightforward, sensible, and biblical Preacher and Messenger, Bro Eli. Thank you Bro Eli and Bro Daniel for your continuous spreading of GOD’s TRUTH, notwithstanding the threats and attempts to kill you and silence you at all cost thru the conspiracy of the leaders of the false churches and some corrupt Philippine government officials. We are always praying for you.

  16. to buwayahman,
    i don’t know why u can’t see the glaring truth abt d facts of science dat is said in d bible.i think u want to argue just for d heck of it.u’r mind is so close dat u can’t accept anything other than wat u deem of as true.
    i just hope dat u can be wiser dan wat u are now.i can’t blame u coz it was said in d bible dat only d wise will understand d bible. Daniel 12:10
    wat kind of life do u have now dat makes u warry of d bible?
    i want u think ………maybe u are doing things now dat u know in ur conscience (if ever u have one)is not right????…….

    God can see u……..if anything has happened to u or to ur family or love one,it’s not His fault….

    I hope that u would reconsider abt ur views of the Bible…….

  17. Nothing was proven here. All we have is the illusion of a scientific argument, designed to tell people what they allready want to hear. By the logic in this article, I can scientifically prove that the Inuit belief that -all the animals came from the dissevered fingers of the SeaGod’s daughter- is true. Observe! Human fingers share genetic code and elemental properties with the other animals of the earth! Proof!

    The truth about it is that all these “Scientific” arguments for God are made by people who do not know what Science is. Science is objective study and observation of the natural world (not supernatural, or we would be forced to explore EVERY religion’s explanation). It is NOT scientific to begin with the conclusion “THE JUDEO-CHRISTIAN GOD EXISTS, THE BIBLE IS UNQUESTIONABLY CORRECT” and then go about looking for things that support that.

    True science has been done for hundreds of years, in hundreds of different fields, in hundreds of different ways… and all branches categorically support the theory of Evolution. Not the mythology of an ancient Hebrew Culture long since lost.

    But to have faith in the BIBLE is to, by definition, not have the ability to think objectivly about it, or to even see why that is so important. So in conclusion, it is fine to believe the Bible if it is a more comforting idea than the conclusions of true science… but after hundreds of years of killing and Dark Ages in the name of Christ, and hundreds of years of medical, technological and life improvements from objective Science…

    if man is to have a future that is bright, he cannot wallow in the darkness of his past.

    • @objectlesson

      From being a catholic, you decided to be an agnostic. I pity you. Your membership in a false religion caused to to be skeptical of the truth in the Word of God. Try to do more research. Read the 66 Books – 39 books from the Old Testament and 27 Books from the New Testament. After you’re done reading the 66 Books, i dare you oppose what’s writteh there, from a scientific point of view.

      I dare all agnostics and atheists!

      • First of all things, Atheist-ism and Agnosticism are NOT a form of religion. It’s like saying “smoking cigarettes” is NOT a habit.

        The reason how I became an atheist is I read the bible, cover to cover. I saw the horrific, blood-thirsty deeds god has done and it made me lose faith in him for he is clearly, at best, a dark entity in the human imagination. I then looked at reasoning and science and I discovered that man can be moral without any divine laws, divine worship of any kind.

      • If anything, Objectlesson is a protestant. Observing the lord in your own way.

        Catholics are by the book.

        You will do well to remember the difference, lest you look silly on the most important of playing fields: an internet discussion.

    • to abjectlesson:
      how can you say that the theory of evolution is a science, in fact there are no evidence in evolution, …there is still that missing link, and that missing link will always be infinite, it just poisons our faith.

      • That is a gross mis-conception. There is no “missing link” because it has taken millions of years to get where we are from our original forms (linked to a shrew-like creature with the absence of full wings but evidence that they once did have wings). The missing links are being found on a regular basis. Contrary to common believe the typical “evolution of man” images are another mis-conception as we did not start as gorillas and work our way through the primate family until we ended up as humans but originated from the same group as what has evolved into gorillas/chimpanzees/orangutans

  18. Here’s the fundamental problem: Creationists and Scientists are both arguing their point trying to win… as if playing a game with a checkered board. But the Scientists are playing Chess while the Creationists are playing Checkers. The rules don’t apply to one another and so, even though there’s lots of battle, no one gets anywhere.

    The Christians hold faith as the paragon of righteousness, while the Scientists hold faith as a blindness upon judgement.

    The problem with Christians and all who follow the Old Testament creation story, have been taught that
    1. The Bible cannot be wrong. and
    2. Any thought of doubt, any argument against the Bible, is the Devil at work and you should fight any such thought without hesitation.

    Thus many of us Christians are utterly incapable of viewing the Bible or Science objectively. It cannot be done. and that is the rift that has spurred so much bitter fighting.

  19. Sorry, but there is NOTHING WAS PROVED in this article. Based on this article’s logic, I could just as easily claim to have “scientific proof” of the Inuit creation story where all animals came from the dissevered fingers of the daughter of the Sea God. Look! All animals have genetic coding similar to that found in all human cells! And they have almost identical elementary compositions! Proof!

    Bro Eli is being far from scientific. He is starting with a Conclusion in mind: that GOD is the only answer, and then looking for ways to twist reasoning to support that conclusion.

    Unfortunately, science HAS been done properly for centuries, for the most part separate from human fallability (unlike interpretations of the Bible) and every branch of science has come -on it’s own- to the same conclusion: Humans are just another twig of a huge evolutionary tree.

    • For the benefit of readers of this blog, I will summarize and expose the fallacies of a dangerous THEORY on EVOLUTION.

      Your ideas are dangerous, oxford study. The idea of evolution is the most dangerous idea that was

      ever concocted by the arch enemy of everything that is good. WAR, MURDER, LUST, RAPE,

      GENOCIDE, everything evil that man has done are the fruits of EVOLUTION THEORY.

      Also, I will summarize and expose the fallacies of a dangerous THEORY on EVOLUTION for the benefit of family members and friends of

      oxfordstudy who might end up VICTIMS OF A DANGEROUS THEORY CALLED EVOLUTION… unless they have “evolved” as superior

      human beings in terms of physique and intellect like Hitler’s Nazis or Darwin’s survivors in his notion of “survival of the fittest”… get a glimpse,
      oxfordstudy, why evolution theory is a dangerous idea that have caused GENOCIDE, WAR, MURDER, EVIL.

      • You have given no evidence or proof or even the “summary” of how evolution (please learn what a “theory” is as you seem to be lacking the true defintion of the word) has caused all these of which you speak.You wrote a whole comment speaking of this horrible theory that has caused all these horrendous acts saying you will summarise how it has done this….yet i see nothing of the sort….just mind-less ramblings that I would relate to the rants of your stereotypical homeless conspiracy theorist. Congratulations

      • ….please search what “thoery” says in a dictionary. Tell me is it what you commonly refer to as a theory? No it’s not because you are using a delusional definition and need a better grasp on the english language.

  20. 2 Days ago I posted a comment refuting the “scientific” claims made in this article in a frank and constructive manner.

    Apparently my argument was deemed dangerous enough to warrant its removal from the post.

    This makes it sound like there’s something to hide.

    I assume this post will also be removed, so on this Christmas Day, I would ask for one gift: a renewal of FREE SPEECH.

    • You are LYING… stop lying to everyone, yourself, and the world…. READ aagain and UNDERSTAND… MAN IS MADE FROM DUST… you cant deny that truth my friend… DO NOT DENY IT… you will only continue to lose…

    • Your ideas are dangerous, oxford study. The idea of evolution is the most dangerous idea that was

      ever concocted by the arch enemy of everything that is good. WAR, MURDER, LUST, RAPE,

      GENOCIDE, everything evil that man has done are the fruits of EVOLUTION THEORY.

    • look!!! there is no question about your arguments i agree with your premises……but here is an argument that i want you to examine!!! If man is completely the master of his own thinking then why is it that he has no idea of where he would go after death??? second base on your comments i can see that man’s lifetime would not be enough to answer questions about the truth….would you let yourself die in questioning?? will you spend your lifetime questioning about the truth despite that there is an offered answers to your questions? if we let ourselves die in wondering then i will say that your existence in this world is a big question..

      • We know where we go after death….into the ground in a coffin or into the atmosphere after being cremated. Thinking means you have experienced consciousness…what happens after this is exactly what happened before you came into this world…..NOTHINGNESS…for eternity, sorry to break it to you but you get one life…one chance. After your heart stops the eletrical signals between your brain and your muscle and nerve endings stops and you lose conciousness, you ever been in a coma? If you have then you know what death is like

  21. The LORD God formed man of the dust of the groud, not God. By the way, the scripture does not say “a” man. It says man. Preachers added the “a”. They say, it was Ad’am and Ad’am was a man.

    Genesis 5:1 This is the book of the generations of Ad’am. In the day that God created MAN, in the likeness of God made He him; Male and female created He them; and blessed them, and called THEIR NAME AD’AM. The male and the female were called Ad’am.
    Looks like we need a little education on learning how to read a sentence.
    Ignorance is a lack of knowledge, education and experience. Many people are ignorant to the word “dust”.
    How much knowledge do any of you have to the word”dust”?Have you ever looked the word up?
    Dust is anything easily supended through the air. It is worthless, useless and no good for nothing. Dust is no merit. Does this sound like a human body being formed? This is not a body being formed.
    Now think about this for a while. What is worthless,useless, no good for nothing and has no merit? Dust is anything easily suspended through the air? I’ll give you timt to figure that one out.

    I have a book comming out called Man of Dust. It explains everything.

  22. “What a load of nonsene. Just because two things have the same ingridients, it doesn’t mean that one caused the other.”

    But if two creatures have 99% similar DNA then that means one evolved from the other? Looks like, if you are an evolution-believer, you don’t like your own logic at all because that’s the EXACT argument you are dismissing as utter crap!

    At least Christians have another ingredient to their stance, making it an entirely DIFFERENT argument. Namely; the fact that it was written in scripture, said by our GOD, thousands of years before we had the technology to prove it, NOW add in the fact that the elements in the dust God said He formed man out of MATCHES the elements in the human body. That’s a three-point connection, not a two-point.

    You see? There’s more than just, “One’s like the other! They are related!” That’s the evolution argument, NOT the Christian one.

    • Guess what? I wrote a book 15 years ago…people still read it but it makes it no less or more PROOF to our existance or reason for being here, it’s just what GOD told me. He’s different from your christian GOD though. Don’t ask me to introduce you though, he lives in the clouds but he is still the all-knowing creator

  23. to: oxfordstudy,
    Good day,
    I hope that God will favor you with his call,that you may be content enough to thank him and lucky enough to receive his words. I hope you will have open eyes, ears, heart and mind to accept the truth when it slaps you in the face. Do you belong to any religion?what is it,i am curious…

  24. to: Objectlesson;
    I can see your point and somehow understand you. You got my attention when you spoke of the “killing in the name of Christ”.
    I understand your concern.Now for you to understand my concern,I recommend that you listen to Mr.Soriano talk about the people who believes that in killing they serve god (according to him these people are hypocrites and merely pretending to know God).
    Objective Science invented those killing devices,Mister, while God’s people are admonished heavily against killing their fellow.
    You have a choice,believe that Christians can’t think objectivelly about the Bible and ignore the obvious connection of Biblical truths (C/o Mr.Soriano) and your objective Science; or throw away your religious prejudices and realize how Science proves that there is God and He made you out of the dust of the Earth.
    By the way,can you ask anybody near you what ‘libag'(Tagalog) is and what it is made of/ what it looks like?

  25. Lot of info and knowledge.

    Others dont believe,after chopping john the baptist head wants to command Someone to turn water to wine.

    Other the one that said go down in the cross and save us still didnt believe.

    Others want a logical explanation that can be seen by naked eye, that every material can be seen.

    How did the pharoah in egypt know GOD and how they fear GOD?

    After all the signs and wonders,unbeliever became believer.

    Or in our time whipping of word of GOD will not convinced others,whipping of rod will narrow it down their options when they will going to see the sign,stars falling and others before that.

  26. A literalist eh? Sadly, you’re missing so much by reducing the bible to a text book of history or science. It’s a spiritual book whose meaning escapes you. It’s easier for you to believe that Jesus walked on water than it is to understanding the meaning of those words, which can only be revealed to you by God. Much like the Pharisees, you error and teach your erros to others and no one wins the prize.

    • If the bible really is the true word of GOD, I believe you are the only TRUE interpreteur as you seem to have grasped its true meaning. (As much as it may sound like it…this comment is not a sarcasm filled)

  27. I am proud and thankful to Our Father In Heaven that I live in the era of Brother Eli Soriano,the truest Defender of God’s Word in the Holy Bible at this particular time and that for so many years of listening him in tv,before I will close my eyes permanently,i am praying that Bro. Eli shall baptize me and include me as a permanent member of Church Of God..Please send a presiding Minister to find more lost and neglicted souls in Mindanao..May the Lord God bless you always Brother Eli.

    • Please send a leader who is willing to strictly separate the church and the state so all the governments decisions will not be hindered by the greedy, child-molest priests of the Christianity.

      • the child molest priest you are saying is not a priest of christianity…you dont know what is crhistianity means dude

  28. It seems to me that there’s a lot of bickering between the atheists and theists here. While I disagree with what atheists believe (or DON’T believe, I should say), I do love them. God loves them. Many of you Christians who have posted on here are hurting God’s cause more than you are helping it. Calling atheists ‘idiots’ or their beliefs ‘a load of crap’ will do nothing to shine the Light of Jesus Christ into their lives.
    You were once a sinner too, once ignorant of God’s greatness and grace, so what makes you better than those who do not yet know Him? Has God elevated you to a higher status because He chose to show you His mercy earlier than He showed it to those around you?
    Please, please, PLEASE… you can disagree with them, but you have to love them. “Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates his brother is still in the darkness.” 1 John 2:9
    I love you all.

    • No one seems to be able to handle the truth of your comment, or unable to see that they themselves are spreading the word of the devil and not GOD

  29. to:thefreshBabulal…You should read your Bible more often because there is such thing as a FOOL in the Bible or Idiots as you may call it. And it was said by saint paul with “authority”. ask bro.eli and im sure that he will lovingly give you the verse. Chao!!!!

    • Affirmative!!! Yes it’s true, I smell one hypocrite here… no offense! You know there are truly greedy pastors! crap teachings from ambitious preachers who only knew 3 verses in the scriptures, who are wealthy, and who in their cunning ways never even had sweat their thighs to serve their members and feed them ! but in all manner had diverted God’s truth all these time! Shame on these hypocrites! Offensive as it may seem, but isn’t it true?
      Jesus Christ in His time on earth used words like “hypocrites” to the scribes and Pharisees, Christ, had never been subtle in His preaching’s, that’s why they killed Him, they hated Christ “I hope u can figure it out Mr.”
      Mr. , read your Bible! So that you won’t be fooled by these foolish pastors, who can’t even say the word “stupid” well, I supposed they can’t, coz it means cost-cutting right? In what sense? Tights? The 10 % topic? Etc…
      Anyways, I hope, u keep on listening to bro Eli’s preaching. . .

      thank God for this blog bro Eli, to God be the Glory!

  30. and one more thing hating is diferrent from enlighting. Christ when He preached the Gospel he utter words that were not pleasing to others that’s why those evil people who heared Him were anxious to kill Him. Like stephen who walked according to Gods will was stone to death by those people who do not want the truth who turn the truth of God into lies. And i think deep in your heart you know that this man is telling the truth with all love and respect in Gods words.

  31. to:oxnard

    Hello!! the topic that b.eli is discussing here is the authenticity of Gods words scientifically. It discuss about how the word of God co-relate with science and how science proved that the Bible or the word of God is true. Faith is something we hope for something that is not seen, something that is spiritual. When you hope for something what does that mean? it means hoping for something that is not within your reached that is not tangible. Do you know the story of an apostle who did not believe that Christ was resurrected? I think you do, He did not believe that Christ was resurrected so Christ made him believe by letting him insert his finger to the hole of christ hands and then He believe. Christ said to him blessed is you for you have believed but it is more blessed those who believed that were not able to see. so you are very much misled of saying that ( It’s easier for you to believe that Jesus walked on water than it is to understanding the meaning of those words, which can only be revealed to you by God) yes only God can reveal you the meaning of His words but how? Do you want to Know the answer? then ask the only sensible preacher of our time( Bro. ELI SORIANO) and im pretty sure you will be enlighten.

  32. Clearly another case of ignorance and pseudo-science all rolled into one. The text in hebrew mentions that man (Adam) was taken from dust (adamah). Which is simply a pun in hebrew. The text in Genesis and its writer never pretended to be a writer of science. There was never such a claim but to use science in such a way is disgusting.

  33. So what if we are made of similar components as the earth?

    This doesn’t change the fact (or rather, fallacy) that God just “made” Adam. How?

  34. Lets all thank God for this enlightening, downright revelatory post from one of his most faithful disciples! All I can say is

    Cool story, Bro Eli

    Praise the Lord

  35. Uh, sorry to say that there is no Scientific anything in this post.
    To the person that said Evolution’s proof is the same as the shit in this post — You don’t understand the DNA evidence — we can see animals evolved because we can trace the genetic drift in their DNA, not because their DNA is ‘99% the same’.
    We can observe this happening in rapidly-reproducing life forms such as Viruses and Bacteria.
    Then theres Transitional fossils, Vestigal Organs, and a whole wealth of proof for Evolution that you’d need to be generally quite stupid to deny.

    Just because you interpret ‘dust from the earth’ to mean ‘Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, etc.’ doesn’t mean it’s proof. Far from it actually.

    Now if we’re talking about how life began, that’s not evolution, that’s Abiogenesis, which basically means the transition of non-life to life. It’s a relatively new field, but so far we’ve made a big leap of progress, like how Scientists created a vat of what the old earth was composed of, and RNA came out of it. It’s a very short jump from RNA to actual life (most viruses are just RNA in a membrane, basically speaking).

    • You need to go back to science lab, Norlick. Read on…

      One of the most often cited evidences for common descent and evolution is the belief that the similarity of structures (homology) among various animals proves that those structures arose from ancestral species. For example, the bones in the forelimbs/hands of mammals and other vertebrates are commonly referred to as such in science textbooks and evolution websites. Such similarities are claimed in a number of areas: DNA, embryonic development, bone structure, behavior, and others.

      However, homology in and of itself proves only that there are similarities. Any reason as to why these similarities exist is subject to the observer’s prior beliefs. Those who believe that evolution is the explanation for the descent of all life will see these similarities as evidence for that. In fact, it is important to note that the selection of what is a homology and what is convergent evolution (similar structures that arose independently) is often arbitrary, depending on the assumptions about when and how such structures/behaviors arose.

      On the other hand, creationists see similarity as the hallmark of our Creator. Designers often employ similar structures and techniques on various projects—even if the projects are in different fields. In a similar fashion, great design in one animal kind being carried over to other kinds is better explained by common design, since it is not arbitrarily restricted by supposed relation and times.

      In addition, God created many original kinds during Creation Week, and we would expect the various descendants of each created kind to share many similar traits. This would explain similarities in sheep and goats, for example, as they descended from one kind.

      part 1

    • Read on, Norlick.

      The most glaring problem with the belief that all life arose from a common ancestor is the lack of fossil evidence of the millions of transitional forms that should be evident if evolution had happened.

      It must be noted that this argument is often dismissed through two lines of reasoning: 1) the lack of a complete fossil record and 2) the problems inherent in identifying what is transitional. However, this does not diminish the problem, as some evolutionists suppose, since the types of changes evolution requires to give rise to the various animal kinds over millions of years would be expected to provide ample examples in virtually every layer of the geologic record. This is not the case.

      Instead, most of the geologic record is better explained by the catastrophic processes during the global Flood and the subsequent localized catastrophes after the Flood (e.g., that formed the Grand Canyon).

  36. Bro. Eli clearly laid down the supporting evidences which proves that man was really created by God from the dust of the ground and not from a handful of dust. For we can clearly see that no hand will be enough to use in measuring the amount of dust that the man will be formed in. And also, science strongly supports the authenticity of the words of God in the Bible which most of the anti-scientific nonsense group of people barely disagree.

    As a final thought, it is still much better to base your faith in the words of God in the Bible, for there are lot of false prophets, who continually propagate a multitude of nonsense information which corrupt the minds of the innocent people.

  37. Go!Go! Bro. Eli…’re so PANTAStik…….
    this article cannot overcome by other beliefs and prove that the Bible is the one prove the science not the science prove the Bible….

  38. was shocked at reading this, ive always believed in God but have had science trying to pull me in their direction and couldnt wrap my head around peoples theories.. now it all makes sence, strangely i accidently stumbled onto this page when i was doing science coursework. Now i just dont believe how amazing this discovery is though it makes more sence than anythin else scientist have said!

    • I’m glad you did, hello. Science has always been dominated by atheists and evolutionists. I graduated from the country’s top university but,whew! The science I learned simply discussed the evolution theory and the missing link! Why is our society deeply entangled in evolution and all types of wrong societal beliefs and pagan tradition?

      There are two forces that are at war in this world — Good and evil. For evil to triumph, kids and adults alike have been indoctrinated by the arch enemy of everything that is good. Such indoctrination of evil beliefs on evolution, atheism, satanism have been done through the
      educational system and through the proliferation of textbooks authored by so-called PHD degree holders in science or ay branch of knowledge. It is very rare to find a science textbook that does not affirm the ancestry of man from apes or monkeys. Other textbooks even claim that man came from a primordial bacteria that resulted from a huge blast or a big bang.

      Think… Read the Holy Bible. It is more scientific than any science book ever written.

  39. Wow, Another chewy chunk of bullsh!t for the extremely simple minded sheep to munch on for a while. Why you people take the bible to be the exact word of “God” is beyond comprehension. The verse mentioned here is a metaphor written with simple, easy to understand language meant to appeal to the mass population thousands of years ago who had little to no education. It was written by people who did not know what a molecule was, who believed the earth to be flat, and the universe to revolve around it. And yet here we are still trying to find evidence for rectifying this language as the only explanation to how we came about. Get to a science class and maybe you will find the true beauty that exists within all matter (including us) and hopefully you will be drawn to logic instead of meaningless claims as this one certainly is.

    • The Bible is written by people who believe the earth was flat? Really? Why then Isaias said otherwise, more than 2000 years ago?

      Isaias 40:22
      It is He who sits above the circle of the earth, And its inhabitants are like grasshoppers, Who stretches out the heavens like a curtain, And spreads them out like a tent to dwell in.

      It’s time to update your Biblical knowledge before you fall under Richard Dawkins’ Biblical rants to sell his books.

    • Here’s the science lesson that you need, Luke the atheist-evolutionist:

      The word evolution (sometimes called Darwinism) has a variety of definitions, from simply “change” to “the natural process by which all life derived from a single ancestor,” and is referred to alternately as “hypothesis,” “theory,” “law,” and “fact.” Because of its imprecise nature, the term is often used ambiguously to imply that the processes we can observe in the present (e.g., natural selection) “prove” that the processes we cannot observe in the past must have happened as well (e.g., the change of dinosaurs into birds). In fact, the term evolution can also be used to denote the philosophy of naturalism, which depends upon unobserved events in the past (including in astronomy, chemistry, and geology).

      In scientific terms, evolution generally means the change in genetic material between generations, which is also referred to as “descent with modification.” These changes are attributed to mutations, gene flow and drift, and natural selection, which are examples of observational science and can be shown to occur. However, the other aspect of evolution is the belief that all animals descended from one original ancestor. Evolutionists sometimes claim this “fact” is established in the fossil record, homology (similar structures), and genetic evidence. However, any evidence involving historical science (one-time events that cannot be retested) is subject to interpretational bias on the part of the scientist.

      Mutations and genetic drift are often cited as the source of heritable traits from one generation to the next. While mutations do cause changes in the genome and genetic drift changes the frequency of those traits, neither process is capable of changing one kind of animal into another. More often, mutations have either no noticeable impact or cause degeneration.

      When evolutionary scientists claim that evolution is a fact, they are relying upon a fallacy known as “bait and switch” (define a term one way, but use it in a completely different way later). Often the claim is that since one can observe natural selection, then descent from a common ancestor must also be true. However, this presupposes that the current processes we observe could cause the origin of completely novel structures (e.g., giving rise to lungs or complex brains). Such a claim is contrary to information theory and the laws of nature.

      Check out this great site:

  40. God is amazing and just aweful. Science had proved his existence over and over again, and the word of the bible has been proven also. From the nephilim to aliens a.k.a demons, to everything else. There is this song i listen to on youtube and in one of the videos there is a picture of a man kneeling in a desert and his flesh turning into dust and sand. It always humbles me greatly, that i am nothing but dirt, and only through god’s will do we have life.

    Everyone needs to get that fact straight, especially in this world where people make themselves god.

  41. this article is vey informative knowing the fact that here in Italy there are about 60% who don’t believe in the existence of God i.e the principle of Man’s creation, I was impressed of the intelligent and wise analization posted here, I know somewhere and somehow there is a man sent by God to brighten up our mind about the true God of the bible.

  42. As a civil engineeer , I have never read nor heard anything like this article in my geo – related subjects during my college days and even now , no one touches such topic on seminars i’ve attended. as engineers, we take greater weight on facts especially when it is supported by numbers / percentage. Human body as compare to soil composition . Very convincing scientific and Biblical analysis.

  43. To buwaya, norlick, oxfordstudy, and all atheists-evolutionists who claim their theory to be scientific:

    Please answer this: “Give an example of a genetic mutation or an evolutionary process which can be seen to increase the information in the genome.”

  44. Hey Norlick, on Vestigal Organs…

    Whatever body part you claim as Vestigal Organ, I dare you to have all those body parts removed and let’s see science in action, that is, by observation and experimentation, prove to us that you, as a human, indeed has Vestigal Organs.

    I dare all evolutionists!

  45. Hello friends and enemies of the Bible!

    Let me re-post my previous comment so that more readers may benefit.

    Science has always been dominated by atheists and evolutionists. I graduated from the

    country’s top university but,whew! The science I learned simply discussed the evolution

    theory and the missing link! Why is our society deeply entangled in evolution and all types

    of wrong societal beliefs and pagan tradition?

    There are two forces that are at war in this world — Good and evil. For evil to triumph, kids

    and adults alike have been indoctrinated by the arch enemy of everything that is good. Such

    indoctrination of evil beliefs on evolution, atheism, satanism have been done through the

    educational system and through the proliferation of textbooks authored by so-called PHD

    degree holders in science or ay branch of knowledge. It is very rare to find a science

    textbook that does not affirm the ancestry of man from apes or monkeys. Other textbooks

    even claim that man came from a primordial bacteria that resulted from a huge blast or a big


    Think… Read the Holy Bible. It is more scientific than any science book ever written.

  46. What a load of utter tripe…. I hope this is a parody.

    As someone who studied Physics at university and taught Science in secondary schools, the sort of logic written here makes me despair for the future of humanity.

    For a start, the pie charts quoted show totally different percentages – Oxygen is far more plentiful in the human body (due to its water content of course) while there is almost no carbon content in the first chart. Also silicon, which is extremely plentiful in the Earth’s crust (silicon dioxide – the main component of sand – makes up about 60% of the Earth’s crust), is only present in trace amounts in the human body. I could use the same pie charts to argue that there is no real link between the Earth’s Crust and the Human Body.

    And also, the reason why Evolution is an accepted fact in the scientific community is that there is very good consistent evidence for it – from studying rapid mutations and natural selection in insects and viruses to the dating and study of the fossils of earlier humans, and to the study of genes shared between us and other apes (about 98%) and other animals to lesser degrees. There is a good reason why many apes walk on their hind legs, have similar facial features, have similar structure to humans (particularly shoulders and arms), have high levels of intelligence, have almost the same DNA as humans etc… we are evolutionary cousins…

    For those of you who think that “believing” in evolution or physics is a barrier to Christian Faith, note that Francis Collins, former head of the Human Genome Project, and John Polkinghorne, an Anglican priest and noted Fellow of the Royal Society and particle physicist (whose work contributed to the discovery of the quark) are both open and commited Christians who also understand science.

    • 1. If you understand a bit of manufacturing science, you should know that in the production of any product, there are always rejects, and raw material composition can NEVER be the same as product composition.

      2. 98% similarity is an ancient idea. The difference is now more than 5% with chimps. Please be updated on scientific news.

      3. Mutation is a fact, horizontal variation is also a fact, but not vertical transformation! You cannot prove that. You can show here your best evidence, and I will show you, with GOD’s help, how misled you are. Having the majority believe in evolution doesn’t make that fairy tale correct.

      There is no contradiction between factual science and the Bible. Science is Biblical, although it cannot be otherwise, for sure. Contradiction exists only in the mind of close-minded chimp relatives, as the intellect has not “evolved” yet.

  47. Before I begin my critical and thorough analysis of Bro. Eli’s argumentation, I have to set a few facts straight. First and foremost let me state that I am a believer in God, but not the Christian God – The Jewish God. Second, let me point out that as a graduate philosophy student with a JD in environmental law my claims are in no way factual, but they have a right place as a counterargument to Bro. Eli’s proposition – because that is all it is, a proposition; not a proof. And I am going to show you the -logical- flaw in Bro. Eli’s argumentation. Thirdly, I am not here to discriminate or put anyone’s belief down; nor am I here to convert anyone to atheism or agnosticism or otherwise. I am merely here to tell you of the most basic logical flaw committed by Bro. Eli which most, if not all of you completely skipped over, and I am going to do it in a professional and intellectual way rather than merely bash the character (ad hominem attack) or the integrity of anyone who believes in God and His ways.

    Bro. Eli’s essential thesis in his argument consists of drawing a parallel between God creating man out of dust/earth because the ingredients in the human body are of similar composition to the earth. Essentially, his argument can be set up like this:

    Premise 1: Man is composed of oxygen, hydrogen, iron, etc.
    Premise 2: Earth is composed of similar, and partly identical elements.
    Premise 3: God exists.
    Premise 4: There is no other way for a human to be created other than out of dust.

    Conclusion: Therefore, God created man from dust.

    Let us take a close look at the argument.

    The first two premises are scientific fact and therefore can only be disputed on scientific grounds which is not the purpose of this critique, nor is it necessary in order to discover the flawed reasoning in Bro. Eli’s argument.

    The third premise is no doubt one of the most controversial topics in today’s theological discussions and has always been debated ever since history was written down. Nevertheless, even if we grant the proposition as a given, I will show you that the argument still does not follow.

    The key fallacy that Bro. Eli makes lies in premise 4. The mere fact that alternatives are taken out of consideration simply because elemental composition is the same both in the earth and human beings. This similarity does NOT guarantee that we spawned from the earth (or by a divine being for that matter). If you believe in evolution, which I assume many of you do not, you will understand that it makes logical sense that man was spawned from the earth, but the problem is how it actually came about- natural processes that took billions of years to create the first microorganism. The first microorganism could not have a composition that is different from its environment because that would violate a basic law of nature, viz. energy cannot be created or destroyed, and the transference of one sort of energy from the earth into another form of energy as a completely irrelevant composition in a microorganism is illogical and unnatural. So it is inevitable that we spawned from the earth, but it does not NECESSARILY follow that it was the work of a divine being, but rather there could be alternatives, such as Darwinism.

    So in essence, the exclusion of possible alternatives is Bro. Eli’s largest logical flaw. The parallel between man and earth composition WORKS, but the limitations that were put on it by Bro. Eli are what made the argument logically flawed.

    So one solution to this problem is the position that many of you adopt: Blind faith. And there is absolutely no problem with that. The problems start when one tries to prove religious belief, or in this case scripture, and back it up with logical reasoning. Thomas Aquinas failed in his cosmological argument, and Bro. Eli failed in his “scientific” attempt at a modified intelligent design argument. Nevertheless, every person is entitled to their opinion, I am just here to tell you not to believe everything you see and hear without looking at the bare facts of the argument without criticizing it first – something none of have done so far.

    Thank you.

    • I’m sorry Mr. Atty but you wasted so much time in school. In the first place, the Bible is not meant to be understood fully by educated people.

      Whenever I read an article, I use both critical and open-mindedness, because choosing only one will surely put me in a wrong direction.

      Bro. Eli is pointing in this article that it is not impossible that man came from dust, as against what atheists are pointing out. The existence of a CREATOR is not the main topic here, although it is implied.

      This would have been a very long article if all the alternatives you are pointing out were discussed. But again, it is not the purpose of the article. You spoke of so much philosophy that you missed the writer’s intention.

      No offense; just showing my love and care for my fellow creation by correcting him.

      • Had Bro. Eli stressed that this was a mere hypothesis of his, and NOT a “scientific proof” I would have been less reluctant to argue and more inclined to agree.

        However, although I do understand his adversarial position and the his need to maintain a rigid stance without deviation to show his devotion to the theory, Bro. Eli could have been a bit more lax in his article.

        It is mainly because of his adversarial stance that I undertook a philosophical counter.

      • I pity you Mr. Attorney but you are not comprehending the article right.

        This is obviously not a hypothesis as it is not meant to guess on anything; it’s showing a possibility (which is really a reality) atheists were not able to understand (or refusing to do so). If this was really a hypothesis, you are saying that you will agree? Are you an illogical lawyer? Why will you agree to a hypothesis? You’re no different with most evolutionists; they argue using a theory, and you Mr. Friedman is worse. People normally expect logical arguments from an attorney.

        These atheists are blaspheming GOD; reasonable enough to treat them as adversaries.

        Anyway, Bro. Eli has debated with many lawyers who built their own churches and they are all nuts. If you think your better, you can always contact Bro. Eli as he is 24/7 in webcast. it may enlighten the confusion you learned in school.

      • I love the fact that you resort to an ad hominem attack. The last resort of a failed argument.

  48. I’m pretty sure the numbers for both your crust composition AND your body composition are incorrect, but regardless, even if the compositions of living things on this planet on a chemical level is similar I would say that is more an argument for Abeogenisis rather than intelligent design. I’m not going to get into Sentax here or argue any point trying to win. All of you people think it’s about winning, you christians want to be right, we of science just want to search for the truth of things. If there is indeed a god he exists in no form human beings can comprehend and if he were to exist there would be implications if there being more of them, a race of gods much like the Greek gods. All I ask is that you THINK FOR YOUR SELVES! don’t let this man tell you how to live your life! Review the arguments we present as well as those your beloved pastors and preachers do. You say we are close-minded, but you won’t even give us the chance to help you understand. It isn’t about winning, it isn’t about being right, it’s about the truth.

    • Similarity of composition is impossible, if you understand a bit of manufacturing processes.

      Having the truth is being right. Please don’t be confused.

      Before I became a member of the Church of GOD, I was also not happy with what Bro. Eli is saying. Other members even hate him or curse him, and some who are atheists before even think the is stupid.

      What I’m trying to point out is, we are not letting Bro. Eli tell us how to live our life. Rather, after criticizing him, we just ended up to the truth he is wants everyone to understand. It’s opposite to what you are discussing, space. We don’t care on your “winning” issue. I don’t know where you picked that garbage up. Knowing the truth is winning!

  49. these two charts are completely different!
    The hydrogen and carbon in humans is not even mentioned in the crust chart and likewise, the silicon, calcium, iron and aluminium from the crust chart are not even mentioned in the human chart.

  50. First of all, I would like to say that this claim is false. There is no proof that man truly came out of dirt (or dust). He is clearly just trying to support the biblical claim with vaguely related proof. Second, the chart of the chemical composition of the earth’s crust is wrong. I’ve checked several credible information sites to prove it. The third is, if you Bro. Eli Soriano think that the bible is science, how do you explain the overwhelming majority of scientist who reject the concept of god and regard the bible and any other “holy” book as a fairy tale and false? Clearly if the bible is true, it would have helped us more than scientists who reject god do since the one of the many helpful products of science discovered by atheists is medicine.

    If you think you are all smarter for the things atheist scientists have done for humanity and think that EVERYTHING in the bible is true then I would suggest that you should not use medicine, since the majority of you believe that prayer can cure disease and heal amputees than scientific medicine and surgery. Don’t ask for any kind of protection from the law, have health insurance, and simply lock your doors since in the bible, god said that he will protect those who believe in him. (Divine Protection)

    If you want to know how evil god is, read your bible cover to cover only yourself.

    “The Bible is the greatest cure to Christianity.”
    – Mark Twain

    • Reasoning is not reasoning well.

      Numbers doesn’t make anyone correct. I rather believe a bum who talks of the truth than a million lawyers telling lies.

      The Bible could have helped us if people did follow it. Where is atheist’s medicine that you call helpful? All medicines have side effects, and humans still die. Maybe you don’t read the Bible so you are ignorant of the various medicines discussed therein.

      Your second paragraph is so ridiculous. You should not have suggested not to use medicine when you ain’t sure that the person you are talking to believes that there is no need for those products. You’re barking at the wrong tree. The Bible teaches that diseases are there for man to practice, so comes medicine. Prayer is the best in every problem but you should not challenge or put GOD in a trial by not taking medicine. Food is medicine plus the other medicinal plants out there, created for curing, without side effects. Are you reading the Bible or just making a stupid show?

      GOD is evil to those who ignorantly reading the Bible. When they don’t understand GOD’s actions, they immediately and carelessly think that it is an evil doing. In the first place will you tell a legislator or law giver that he is not following the law? The law is given to you subordinate, not for HIM. If HE doesn’t follow HIS law, which is intended not to HIM, then how can you say HE is violating the law? Aside from that, what is your basis of right and wrong? Is that the right of GOD, or the right from your brain?

      Atheism is so silly, a lot of pseudo-scientists are blinded by it.





  53. If what the Judeo christian bible says is true(and you believe this nonsense) that man is “formed from the dust of the earth”, why is the human body 70% water? Shouldn’t it be “100% pure unadalterated dust,or mud”? Have you ever thought about that? You believe wholeheartedly that man “was formed” from dust–how many other ancient civilizations have this absurd “creation theory”? There are many! Most of them are older than the hebrew civilization. This superstitious belief was pretty common among the ancients,and it is safe to assume that the hebrew bible writers just copied,embellished and added their own version to this absurd “man-from-dust” story– you are made from dust–will you disintegrate into fine brown powder if someone punches you? No! you bleed. Blood,now that’s a much more complex substance. Why didn’t the hebrew god,if he truly created man, make it clear to the ancient writers of the torah that “you are made up of living cells,DNA?

    • Gen. 2:6-7 “But there went up a mist from the earth, and WATERED the whole face of the ground AND the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground….”

    • DNA is in the Bible, frankie. Please read your Bible if you have it. Or maybe your intellect won’t allow you to grasp the idea.

      Also, you called them ancient writers. Then you will explain them DNA. Do you think they will understand your DNA? Ridiculous logic.

      Also, I will show you simple logic. If I want to make bread, I will combine wheat flour, eggs, sugar, etc. Common sense will tell you that a bread is not 100% wheat nor 100% sugar. It’s a mix, plus the rejects like falling sugar or wheat left on the table. In every manufacturing facility, there are always rejects. So the end product cannot be 100% composed of the same raw material.

      Man was created from water and dust. Of course, it cannot be composed of 100% of either! If the crust has 25.7% silicon, it won’t follow, absolutely, that the end product will also have 25.7% silicon. So simple frankie!

      May the LORD GOD enlighten your confusion.

      • What you have said, by directly attacking someone else’s intelligence, makes you seem like a gigantic biggot. “I have the lord so therefor I am better”.

        Should I tear strips off of you because I know how to build a computer from resistors, transistors, diodes, capacitors and integrated logic circuits? No.

        Mend your ways. “Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates his brother is still in the darkness.” 1 John 2:9

        The lord smiles warmly on the humble, not those who try to make themselves look better.

      • @ john fields: think before you post, please.

        1. I will attack anyone who blatantly attacks GOD. Romans 12:9 >> Let Love be genuine; hate what is evil, hold fast to what is good. If you don’t feel anger in evil, then you’re a hypocrite. Building a computer is not related to deities. That’s far flung logic example.

        2. You are using 1 Jn 2:9 wrongly. In the 1st place, I was not talking to my brother in faith but an arrogant atheist. Secondly, I’m not hating his person, but his evil deed.

        3. If I have the LORD, then I’m definitely better! Don’t you believe the same if the LORD is with you?

        4. If you can’t at least make the 1st letter of the word “LORD” uppercase, sorry, but I think you are so disrespectful. don’t use verses, it doesn’t suit you.

        Any opinion is very welcome but please put logic in posting. May the LORD GOD enlighten the hypocrites.

    • For people in this day and age, people who’d be living in the dark ages if not for the hard work and dedication of scientists, you’re just prissy little whiners about their book of myths not having an iota of truth in it. Where’s the DNA from a dust man? Dusty Rhodes ( I’ve changed his name to that ) doesn’t have any hope of procreation. It’s painfully laughable that anyone with an I.Q. over 85 would believe this ignorant, superstitious, middle eastern yokel’s explanation of life. And what gets me pissed off is these arrogant, delusional, imbeciles that place themselves above us for reasons they can never prove. They are also way off on the law when they think one cannot show any disrespect for their delusions, yet they do when it comes to any religion but their own. I don’t have to respect their beliefs, their religion, and can slam it every bit I care to. I mean, listen to that convicted convict Kent Hovind’s complete lies about evolution. They still don’t know we weren’t evolved from monkeys, but we did share a common ancestor. Then they ask why don’t monkeys keep evolving into humans as soon as I say the previous sentence. Humans as arrogant and ignorant as Ham and Hovind think we’re the end all of all life. As if all creatures should eventually be Human. Well, Ham thinks we were around when dinosaurs were. We’d have made tasty little morsels for them. But once they’re proven wrong, without doubt, these pathological narcissist will have to flip burgers for a living instead of living off taxpayers money. Frauds, thieves, liars, idiots, and deadbeats. I could make either one look like a whimpering child in a debate on creationism ( I own six books on creationism alone), and evolution. That’s another presumption that will eventually bring and end to their inanity. We atheist and agnostics weren’t raised in a cave by atheist. I was raised Christian, Raised six sons in the church, married to one woman, a conservative Christian for 33 years, read the Bible cover to cover in 1986, and about three times a week for twenty years, but how many books on evolution written by an expert evolutionist, or any of the New Atheism books have been read by the religious? Probably .001 or less. If I’m going to disrespect a load of crap, I’m going to make sure I know it. Remember about a year ago, a big news story hit the headlines? It was about a university,( can’t recall at the time, sorry), but it’s on the net and it showed that atheists out scored Catholics on a test about the Bible. It’s going to get worse. All they think is Scripture answers everything and we read. No contest. LOL

      • The I can conclude that Vladimir is so very stupid. He read the Bible so many times and understood nothing, then came here shouting out a lot of trashes.

        Checking out your words, that is the effect of atheism; a confused and delusional mind. Not believing in GOD is the worst thing that will ever happen to a sane mind.

        Can you show here your BEST evidence of evolution? I’m a scientist and I haven’t seen a single evidence of such trash. All are just pieces of information where evolutionists put their “faith” in.

    • Christians are by far the most presumptuous people on the planet. They know everything, they know the ethics of atheists and agnostics though the world statistics and polls would have fun with that nonfactual assumption. Please explain the case of serial killer BTK, ( or the religious history of most ) the president of his Lutheran church. Or the young man who entered a Buffalo N.Y. fitness center and shot and killed 4, or 5. Sorry I can’t recall which it was. But in his suicide note that he brought along his first line was, ” By the time you read this, I’ll be with Jesus, because I know it’s my beliefs and not my works that will be judged. The early Christians would strongly disagree. Explain an atheist Hollywood ( oh pray tell ), Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie donated more money and time to the victims of Katrina than the top 15 richest T.V. Evangelist combined. Your god is pure evil or completely impotent. So go to war with me you delusional twit. Btw, also explain the major failed prophecies. Damascus is fine rather than destroyed thousands of years ago. Jesus was never King of Israel,or ever known as Emanuel, and failed to return before the end of his generation. LOL. Let’s face it, you don’t one iota of evidence for the existence of any god, Jesus, Moses, etc. What you do have is a penchant for hate, lying, intolerance, myths, and one more on Noah. Even if the flood only reached 12,00 feet, they’d be starved for oxygen, not so much for the height, but there’d be no trees. The supply of our oxygen. And the animals remigration to their original homes, is imbecilic at a level of retardation. I saw how pissed you freaks were when Brad and Angelina were named as 2 of the top 15 greatest Americans by a couple major News magazines. You just can’t compliment a non- delusional monotheist How many do you have. Nada, Zilch, Zerooooooooooooooo. You’re welcome for informing you which with you guys will immediately be flushed out of your pea brains. Have you read a bible published before 1850? Or 1950. I think you’ll be surprised about the virgin birth( which Jesus never mentioned he was the son of one). And of all dogmas ( how ironic), The Assumption. Bye Hypocrite, as Thomas Jefferson was once quoted as saying, ” The Christian God is a three headed monster; cruel, vengeful, and capricious. One only needs to look at the caliber of people who say they serve him. They are always of two classes: fools and Hypocrites.” LOL. Boy, our Founding Fathers sure made it clear they wanted a Christian-Judeo God. All three words are not mentioned in our Constitution or Declaration of Independence. Get out of that one. LOL P.S. The Rapture as described by those two orangutans with a word processor. “I Got My Behind Ripped Off.” Yep, not in the Bible.

      • 1 Jn. 4:1 >> Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of GOD: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

        To assume that all religious leaders are of GOD is great stupidity lacking scientific understanding and method of research. If Brad Pitt and Jolie was able to help others, don’t expect pastors of the devil to do the same. Those pastors are actually syndicate leaders.

        But to generalize that all religions are the same, I call that insanity.

    • Take a course in grammar. But you only help prove atheist are more educated and intelligent on the whole. These facts are available anywhere. Personally, I don’t give a rat’s turd what you’re doing except that you don’t ramble around me. Give me one iota of scientific evidence that any god exist. I’ve seen that Bush quote, “I believe God Speaks through me.” LOL.That is the single greatest line promoting atheism. Just another pathological, evil, egocentric that is best at

      draft dodging, starting wars, and stealing. Of course the serial killer BTK, who was president of his Lutheran church doesn’t compare. Strange how you all are an example of hypocrisy when you all place yourselves above us, or anyone without any proof to back you up.LOL

      • Not all religious leaders are of GOD. You are asserting how stupid your level of understanding is. Majority of religious leaders in our time are of the devil.

        There goes again the famous words of atheists: education, scientific evidence… As if everything is already known by science and can be explained by science, well in fact science understands nothing! Science describes things, but understand none. Atheists put all their life in science. They have no measuring instrument nor a device to see or know GOD, so they conclude that GOD is an illusion. Is that scientific thinking? Is science today will be science in the next 50 years? The fact that scientific knowledge is increasing is because it is lacking so much.

        The delusion of mental superiority as possessed by almost all atheists is really a mere illusion worse than the effect of marijuana or shabu.


  55. That explanation is SCIENTIFIC? Really? Bro Eli finds it EASY to believe that humans can come from DUST but finds it IMPOSSIBLE that humans can evolve from ACTUAL LIVING THINGS. Hahaha!

    • That is solid fantasy, superlucky20. Only idiots will believe that they are relatives to monkeys.

      When a person dies, he goes back to dust. Is that hard to believe? If a human and a gorilla sits side by side, do they look like relatives? That’s so ridiculous. Kids won’t believe your story.

      • JezZ if you’re going to be as ignorant as to say humans and gorillas don’t look alike then why do you even bother coming to sites like this. Open your mind and you will see that we are very a-like (hint: have a look at the skeletons). Also stop using the out-dated ignorant thinking that humans have descended from gorillas, we are the descendants of the same family, do you and your brother/sisters/cousins look exactly the same? Didn’t think so

      • @ callum: please organize your words. It’s very illogically presented that I didn’t get a single point. Or maybe you have no point at all.

        Btw, I didn’t say humans came from gorillas. I suggest that you leave this discussion as it doesn’t suit your level of thinking.

  56. To those evolutionist, if you have the guts to prove your reasons…ask your own conscience if you have and i’m sure u are definitely out of this world with your stubborn reasoning.Eat some sugar to work your brain properly.

  57. I totally agree with this blog… bible is scientific… man came from dust…. as evidenced by the electrolytes in our body like the sodium, potassium… etc which are minerals also found in topsoil….

    • You mean the topsoil where all our food grows? ie the start of the food chain? So having minerals in us that started off in topsoil prooves that we are made from dust? I would have jumped to the conclusion of it being because the minerals are transported along the food chain from each trophic level to the next until it reaches us & goes into our system. Silly me.
      You are right about man coming from dust though….Star dust that is (too long to type on here but there’s plenty of information about it)

      • Silly logic, callum. You mean that we now have all those minerals because of food chain? Then what is the composition of the original human being? It’s like saying the paper did not come from wood, but rather, wood is injected into it so it’s composition now is mainly wood, plus the other chemicals. Or a robot is now composed of metals because it ate those metals. Your “jumping into conclusion” is a ridiculous move. I might believe you if man eats dust directly.

      • No JezZ, you seem to have a habit of ‘misunderstanding’ things. Besides, silly logic is thinking “we don’t no where all this stuff comes from so it must be a giant old man with a big white beard sitting on a throne looking down upon us”. One thing I’d like to say quickly is before the New Testament came along with stories and tales about a bloke named Jésus, where did the teachings of God come from? The spoken word of people who had “visions”. How come people who claim to have visions or claim to see the work of God (miracles etc.) don’t have their stories added to the Bible like back in the good ole days?

        Back on track, everything in our solar system is made from a composition of elements created in our heavy-element star (Sun, Apollo, Sol, Helios, whatever you want to call it), so therefore it makes sense to assume that us (being a part of this solar system) would be made up of the same elements. Which is why we don’t contain a ratio of what is in the SS to what is in our bodies, not this manufacturing loss that you speak of, there are many ways of creating something with no waste, at least in the way you are describing.

        Finally just have to add it is in no way similar to saying the wood is injecting the trees. I would prefer if you didn’t use your failure of following simple logic (with proof might I add) to make it out that I am making outlandish claims. A dose of intellect and a little research goes a long way. The original composition of a human being is made from products made inside of the mother, I would like to argue more but since you didn’t know this bit of knowledge I think I know where this discussion is heading, down the proverbial toilet

      • @ callum: Don’t accuse me of misunderstanding things. You are confused.

        1. Where did you get that “giant old man with a big white beard sitting on a throne”? It’s not in the Bible. Is it from a fairy tale? So atheists believe fairy tales?
        2. Teachings of people who spoke of GOD came from, of course, GOD. They all speak in unison about that GOD. You don’t just put anything spoken by anyone on the Bible. I don’t see problem with that.
        3. About your 2nd paragraph, no argument presented. If Someone will make human from dust, there will be waste as some elements are unnecessary and some in different amounts as the raw mat’l. With it coming from heavens, no problem with that.It just further proves that it is not impossible that man can come from dust.
        4. About your 3rd paragraph, it shows your arrogance. For sure, what you know is wrong. It’ll be better that you present it here so I can show you that you know wrong. The science that you know is a result of your big confusion.

  58. Sam says:
    June 5, 2011 at 3:24 pm

    If God didnt create man and man evolved from dust, where did the dust come from?


    If god DID create man (which he didn’t), where did God from?

    • What will it benefit us to know where GOD came from? Will we become rich? Will we have super powers by knowing that?

      And if in case you get the answer, will that be your reason to believe in GOD? If I can’t explain something now, that doesn’t mean that thing that I want to explain is already false.

      I can’t see the purpose and logic in nerf12’s question.

  59. Why dosnt doesnt this “god” ever show himself to the masses?…..and when something good happens how can we be sure it was this “gods” doing?… we not give enough credit to the spirit of man and HIS accomplishements?….

    Thank you for a timely response….

    • @ Kurt: GOD didn’t show Himself ever, for human flesh can be annihilated. If you remember the time GOD spoke wherein a cloud covered first John and co. They were “pushed” by the force of the Voice only. What more if His presence will be seen by naked eye?

      The “God” talking in the Old Testament with Moses is only an angel delivering GOD’s commandment. Otherwise, Moses will not be able to endure the force.

      Acts 7:35 >> This Moses whom they refused… the same did GOD send to be a ruler and a deliverer by the hand of the angel which appeared to him in a bush.

      All good things will come from GOD.

      James 1:17 >> Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and comes down from the FATHER of Lights…

      Even if some things happen that seems bad for us, like death of a loved one or an accident, it is still good, and we will be surprised of the end result based on GOD’s plan for those who love HIM.

      Romans 8:28 >> And we know that all things work together for good to them that love GOD…

      Just bear in mind that the life here on Earth is in vain, and that to have fairness, the everlasting life with GOD is necessary. Fairness refers to those who died from abortion, rape victims who are murdered afterwards, poor people left hungry in the streets, etc. Their hope is the everlasting life promised by GOD.

      Ecle. 12:13 >> Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear GOD, and keep His commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

      I suggest that you ask Bro. Eli for further questions because he explains things so well.

    • Hello Kurt, my apologies for this untimely response. We had the same question, but mine was more than a decade ago. Like you, I was searching for answers, I finally found the answers thru Bro. Eli in the late 1990’s on his TV program: “Ang Dating Daan”

      In Heb 11:1 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” We could not see Him but we could feel him, and when you have that evidence not seen, you have faith.

      It was elaborated further more by giving examples of good works done by faith in Heb 11:2-40, which are credits to men and women. “Demetrius had good report of all men” which can be read in 3Jn 1:12 he ended by further pressing on the issue that “our record is true.”

      Every good thing cometh from Him according to James 1:17 “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”

  60. i thank you for the infos ,, and yeah …Adams made of dust,, you can find all the things happened and will going to happen in the Holy book -Quran- and in truly believe in it.. you feel the god when you believe hes here !!.. and ull notice that he around u every moment even when u get in trouble he will help u as u ask him and pray that.. god is the most kindness …if you guys look into islam ull get into it.. honestly mmm lets say about titanic movie the ship when it drown the one who made it said – THE GOD HIMSELF CAN SINK THE SHIP – n the god showed him that everything is going as god want .. and theres alot of story guys just dont be blind and my teacher always tell me your brains is bigger than you imagine just dont live and thats it.. u gotta think … how the god is perfect when he made the things , Sky , HUMAN,earth,sea … everything .. and god always giving us chances to fix our mistakes ..and when we do bad things and we wont do it again .. god forgive us and the bad things we did .. its like we never did it.. we have white page.. i know i said such a lot things but believe me ppl the things i said its nothing compare with it…… just look and search .. and ill pray that the god makes you happy and live in happenes.. for info .. when u get a person into islam ,,YOU will get into heaven for sure.. so why we live in darkness and not true things and we know it .. thanks for who saw what i said ^^.. and good luck guys :]

  61. Still dosnt help, I do not read nor have I ever read the bible, I would like to believe in this god. I am an American who has a Filipina fiance, she wanted me to come here and ask some questions because she is a bit concerned of my lack of faith. I’m sure my questions are not new ones to you people….I need a layman answer to my questions and not all these metaphoric ones….you would think if this god would show himself in such a way that would’nt make that person seen mentally unstable…..what say you?

    • You can ask Bro Eli for clearer answers. You’ll not lose anything by asking. We apologize but we are not good in answering clearly, although we understand this in ourselves. Expression is another thing.

      • I have written a post here twice, when can this Eli give a satisfactory answer to my original question?…..It seems to me that all religion is for people to grasp to ANY idea to make themselves feel better about their current stuation, whatever it may be. I have also heard that when someone reaches the end of their life that if they accept God they will go to this heaven I’ve heard so much about, even someone who never was religious during his lifetime. This seems a little conveinent……and I dont understand your saying that flesh can be anihilated, what does that mean?… original question: Why hasnt this God ever shown himself to the masses?…

      • With Bro. Eli’s busy schedule, I don’t he’ll find time to answer in this thread. Only few will benefit on this thread if he answers all questions.

        I suggest you rather email him or join his everyday live Bible expositions where the whole world benefits from his on-the-spot answering of questions.

        Actually, we members can answer you but it will be a lot clearer if you directly ask Bro. Eli.

        May GOD enlighten you.

    • Why hasnt this God ever shown himself to the masses?…

      >because if He will die…Exodus 33:20 And he said, Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live.

      • Thats not the kind of deity I want to follow if you die if you ever saw him or it or whatever you call it….this religeon is not for me….Its all a joke, following something on blind faith makes you weak-minded if you all use it as a crutch to make yourself feel better about whatever your particular situation is…

  62. Reading bro. Eli’s Blog makes me feel so great. That i can’t express my feelings in a framework of words… even i put them all… “Thanks be to God!” He is really great and I’m thanking Him for all…

  63. I wish someone would explain what was meant by that flesh can be “annihilated” and that the earth is “vain”……and why do we have to give this “god” credit when the accomplishments done here on earth are by our hands, not this “god”….I have posted 3 times here now and no one can give me a straight answer, its all these metaphoric answers that as a non bible reader, I will not comprehend. I am college educated and a somewhat well-read, so I will understand if someone would just explain in laymans terms……..I

  64. Why the hell do I even bother?….I was told this Eli person was different, If he cant answer someone like me who has serious faith issues, then what good is he?…..I’ve never heard him speak, so his message whatever it is, it means nothing to me, I might as well just unsubscribe from this site…

    • so kurt doesn’t know bro. eli. actually, he is a very busy person so better look at some links.

      better know him first

      • Thats right “jezz”, I do not know this Brother Eli. You are telling me he is a busy person?….Giving people answers to questions of faith I would think are what he is all about, and now you tell me he’s to busy for me and my ONE question?…It sounds to me like he is like all the other religious types out there….pandering to peoples fears for money……tell me I’m wrong, can you?…..I would still like my original question answered without metaphor……a straight answer, its still there up a few posts. This will be my last attempt, after this, I quit trying with Brother Eli I’ve been told is different…

      • Kurt, you don’t understand my post, sorry. Bro Eli is busy, yes, by answering people’s question about faith around the world. I suggest you join in our live Bible expositions or webcasts instead of posting your questions in this thread. else you will never be answered.

        Put yourself in Bro Eli’s shoes. You are handling the world’s questions then a certain confused man asking question in the midst of hundreds of posts in numerous blog articles will demand an immediate answer? You should have realized this sooner. I myself commenting on stupid atheist posts find it difficult to answer just a few because I type slow. How much more an aged man like Bro. Eli. He can answer fast in verbal communications.

        The Members Church of GOD International has various coordinating centers around the world. Where is your location? We can find the address for you. Nothing to worry; you’ll surely be fed on the expo and most probably be given a FREE Bible copy. No one will hurt you there being an atheist.

        And mind you, our financial contributions / alms were never sufficient to pay for the expenses in a global evangelization Bro Eli is doing, so he gains NOTHING from us members. Perhaps you have an idea how much are those expenses in broadcast stations all over the world,satellites, internet, TV stations, etc. Majority of the members are poor. I wish a certain congressman or billionaire would join us, but there is none.

  65. I agree on that. I was not only convinced, but I believe on it. Why? The answer is on John 9:6 “When he had thus spoken, he spat on the ground, and made clay of the spittle, and he anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay,” Seeing what was missing on the blind man, using the same medium He used in creating the first man, He made the blind man see.


  66. Everyone talks in metaphore and riddles, why can’t any of you “religious” types answer in a plain language? I think its done that way on purpose because none of you have an answer to my original question I posted over a year ago…..and that question is for the last time….”Why doesn’t this God ever show himself/itself?…….Why must we ONLY go on blind faith?… would think if this diety would show himself that he could alleviate all of the problems facing mankind, but instead he has let people die by the millions, lets Muslims kill thousands in a religious context….this all is just a big lie that has been put upon mankind since time began…


    • … there really are people who are inept to think for themselves … people who sacrificed logic for faith …

  67. Hello Kurt and Jackquelyn, Thank you for dropping by at Bro. Eli’s blog.

    Your question and presumption as per as my understanding are:
    1. Why doesn’t this God ever show himself/itself?
    2. Why must we ONLY go on blind faith?
    3. By showing himself to mankind, all problem will be alleviated.

    My comments are:
    1. As per what I learned in Bro. Eli’s preaching, God show himself to those who seek Him.

    Deu_4:29 But if from thence thou shalt seek the LORD thy God, thou shalt find him, if thou seek him with all thy heart and with all thy soul.

    Amo 5:14 Seek good, and not evil, that ye may live: and so the LORD, the God of hosts, shall be with you, as ye have spoken.

    Pro 1:23 Turn you at my reproof: behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you.

    He look down from heaven to see if anyone seek Him.

    Psalm 53:2 God looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, that did seek God.

    Because there are people who seek Him not.

    Psalm 10:4 The wicked, through the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God: God is not in all his thoughts.

    Not only you will find God, He will live with you.

    1John 2:24 Let that therefore abide in you, which ye have heard from the beginning. If that which ye have heard from the beginning shall remain in you, ye also shall continue in the Son, and in the Father.

    1John 3:24 And he that keepeth his commandments dwelleth in him, and he in him. And hereby we know that he abideth in us, by the Spirit which he hath given us.

    So if you really want to see God and would like God to dwell in you, SEEK HIM and OBEY HIS COMMANDMENT, the Christ’s Law.

    Ecclesiates 12:13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

    2. Your # 2 question, following God’s law is not a blind faith. We see where our faith is going and lead us. It is just a notion that believing God that we cannot see by our own eyes is blind faith. We cannot see air and heat, but we feel them, and we are not blind and believe air and heat exist. The same with God.

    3. If No. 1 and no. 2 is followed, no. 3, the killings of others for the sake of religion will never exist. Again, the law of God is to love thy neighbor and not to kill your neighbor. It just that we must cleave to religion that is undefiled.

    Mathew 19:19 Honour thy father and thy mother: and, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

    James_1:27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

    Keep on seeking the Lord Almighty Kurt. And if you have time, please log on or to listen to Bro. Eli. Or you may like to tweet him at

    There are too many media to use to know the true word of God, Bro. Eli uses them all to spread the good news to all people. Thanks be to God!

    • Look, I appreciate your attempt to answer my question…..I am NOT a bible reader, never have been so you will have to NOT speak in pslams and metaphore…..OK?……please just answer my question in PLAIN ENGLISH, or I will not know what it is you speak….why is that so difficult?…its my Jacquelyn that said this Bro Eli asnswers for which I have always wanted answered……PLAIN ENGLISH PLEASE!!!!!!!….

      • Hello Kurt & Jackelyn,

        My apology in my late response, but I hope you will also understand that Christian God, the God of Abraham and Israel, is introduce in the Bible. You’d said you had never been a Bible reader, will you agree if you will take time to open and read the Bible? Read first Genesis if you agree.

        By literal, people cannot see God (using our material eyes), for God is spirit. Spirit is like air (you cannot see nor touch). So whether God show himself to masses, we cannot see Him. It is hard to understand “faith” to God if the person will not believe that there is God. Do you believe that He exists?

        Please visit to know where you can ask Bro. Eli in person through Worldwide Bible Exposition, that will be tomorrow, September 7, 2012 @ 6:30PM. Are you staying in the Philippines, if yes, you may would like to visit our ADD Convention Center tomorrow to place your question to Bro. Eli.

        ADD Convention Center, Brgy. Sampaloc, Apalit 2016, Pampanga, Philippines

      • Kurt;

        Haven’t you noticed that this “god” is presence(miracles, powers) is only felt during the time when early man is so superstitious and that there are thousands of gods and goddesses and all have different creation stories and a “hero” type personalities.

        But look at our generation, you don’t see any “gods” manifesting his powers for all the world to see. Why? Because these stories made by ancient people are no longer believable, sinve the introduction of modern science. Epilepsy before was considered a manifestation of a demon possessed, but that is not true today. Leprosy was a cursed during those days but not today.

        If there is a really a god, then I think this is the right and perfect moment to make his grand appearance. But all we see defending him are his middle man and those who take advantage of the ignorant.

        Why not make a change and show himself, don’t tell me it’s a coincidence when he appeared to be so active intervening in the lives of men, during the times also when men are so superstitious and almost ignorant of everything and even worships volcanoes and lightnings because they can’t grasp anything of it.

  68. It is amazing to think that we can trust a God who is real in all aspects and that one of his main source of touching lives can be proven through science.At school we learn it and it is frustrating to realize that the more try we try to increase our knowledge the more our Christian beliefs lessen.I hope that this breathtaking article has not only blessed me and let me rest assure but also all the other people out there in the world today who deny Jesus right as the Savior of the world and that he did love us all -from murderer to sinners.

    Thank you Jezz for your reasonable comments that I enjoy reading so much in my spare time.You’re my hero……………………

    • How can you prove that he loved all of us?……How do you prove any diety exists?…..therein lies my dilemma. I am a realist, I believe things I see and that has been proven by science. I need something tangible to believe, blind faith just doesn’t do it with me……I guess I will always have the doubt and will never be religious….and to Alvin, well said…

    • Much agreed Alvin….its kind of the way I think about things……..and to Jc, I will be coming back to the Philippines in the future. I am waiting for my wifes immgration papers to be approved so she can move to the US with me. I will be coming back to pick here up in the near (I hope) future because she has never flown and I dont want her alone in Guam, Hawaii and in Los Angeles until she gets to Phoenix. I will make it a point to make it to the convention center when I do return….

  69. To Mateopage and Jc, Kamusta Ka…

    I came to this site because my Filipina wife has concerns over my lack of faith, she asked me to come to ask some questions that I could get answered. Earlier as a young man I did go thru religious teachings and confirmation. I have yet to find my faith, because I just do not see the benefits of being religious. I am a good man, polite, dont drink, dont smoke, no drugs, never have a laid a hand in anger on a woman, never have cheated and I love my wife immensly. I am good to my fellow man. With all that said and me not being the religious type, I wont be accepted into this “heaven” I’ve heard so much about? I guess I need to have my “epiphany” I suppose. I still have a hard accepting religion based on blind faith. Yes I know I cannot see the air breath and I do know its there, but it seems I am going thru life just fine without a faith in god…..I am just not seeing the reasons to be religious, to go to church, to read the bible……why should I?….if God would show himself, then there could be no doubt in my mind, until then I will have doubts

    PS…I was living in the Philippines up until 2 months ago, I am now back in the US getting the paperwork together to bring my wife here to the US…

    Thank you….Salamat…

  70. Magandang araw (Good day) Kurt and Jackelyn,

    When you landed on this blogsite of Bro. Eli and try to search and ask, its already a sign that you are looking for something. There is someone you cannot see that is pushing you to do so. God see the heart of people, His creation. I believe you are a good man Kurt, I see it in your comments. You see, Faith is not like an item in a grocery that easy to buy, you will have it gradually through listening. Let me quote verses please, I hope its okay with you:

    Romans 10:14 How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?

    Romans 10:15 And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!

    Everyone would like to go to heaven (paradise) and we must know how. What is the ticket we need to have (we need to do) for us to be able to be there when time come. Is being ‘good’ husband to wife and to neighbors enough? If you will just give your spare time to open your Bible and read it (little by little) while listening to Bro. Eli in front of your television or internet tv, you will understand that “there is a reason” why you have to open your Bible and go to church with Jackelyn (in Church of God (MCGI)). It just that you will not know what is inside the wrapped box unless you have a guts to open it.

    There are MCGI Chapters there in US. You can email at to get the address. We encourage you to spend little time for this. maraming salamat.

  71. In reply to Alvin (Sept 15, 2012):

    One of the reason why we encourage people to open and read their Bible and to listen to Bro. Eli because of the Alvin’s like who believe not in God’s existence and trying hard to convert believers to be atheist like them. Alvin, you are barking the wrong tree. Early Christians were not superstitious people, you are talking maybe to pagans who worship icons and graven images as their gods and goddesses. Early Christians know how they were created (by God) and this is what we believed as well.

    No historical records ever say that leprosy and epilepsy were been told by Christians as curse and demon possession. Christians are different from others who believed what you have mentioned above. You know what, whatever we have know today is a manifestation of God’s power and knowledge for it was written thousand of years ago that knowledge will be increased. God really exists, don’t you think so?

    Dan 12:4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

    You said: If there is a really a god, then I think this is the right and perfect moment to make his grand appearance. But all we see defending him are his middle man and those who take advantage of the ignorant.

    Well, I thought of you in this verses written by Apostle Peter, let me quote:

    2Pe 3:3 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,
    2Pe 3:4 And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.

    This is for you Alvin, Apostles Peter replied to your doubt.

    2Pe 3:9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

    Alvin, if you do not want to be perished, please come to repentance. Leave your pride. Cleave to good. Listen to Bro. Eli Soriano.

  72. I am a religious person, however all of these writings trying to prove that the bible is true will kill religion. Before people get mad let me explain. To have a religion (this is any religion) one must believe in a higher being/beings that created all in this world and not question it, these writing will kill religion in the sense that if something is proven to be true then you can no longer willingly believe it you have to accept it at that point. At this point it is no longer religion you no longer believe in your god you simply accept the fact that he is real to believe in something is to put your faith in something that can’t be proven. Example time: (The laws of gravity no matter how much you want at the end of the day you must accept the fact that gravity is there and nothing you do will change that.) According to the Bible you must believe in god and accept his love to gain eternal life but if you can’t believe in him you will never achieve eternal life.

    • Sheepona,

      Hello there. Thank you for reading and commenting on this blog of Bro. Eli Soriano. Please keep on reading and visiting this site.

      I hope its okay with you if I reply on your comment above for I would like you just like others to investigate more on our faith, by listening to Bro. Eli. Do not worry we are not mad on your comments above. I only have few things to say:

      1. You said above, that all of these writing (I concluded you are mentioning this article) and/or trying to prove the truthfulness of the Bible will kill religion in the sense……..

      We, in Members of Church of God International, is taught to believe or have faith in God, and proving the truthfulness of the Bible by articles like these suggested that our faith have basis although not all are seen by our eyes. Our faith is not blinded, we believe in God for reasons, we heard His teaching through Bro. Eli, that’s why we believe. Religion having the Truth like this will shine while false religion will fade and be destroyed.

      Rom 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
      Rom 10:14 How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?
      Rom 10:15 And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!

      2. You sad you are a religious person, maybe because in your own belief, you believe without questions. You are accepting things even not proven, but there are things that can be proven in this life, both Biblical and Scientific. And it is Biblical to ask questions, because God through His messenger will answer us. (1 Samuel 9:9)

      3. Lastly, we must believe in God and follow His will.

      Ecclesiastes 12:13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

      There are people who do not have ability to believe, but they are not forsaken. They can also have eternal life.

  73. Whenever we can’t explain something we scream God……good job science, soon we will be fortunate enough to explain creation and its origin. Just as easy as explaining how photo or chemosynthesis works

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